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Dead Meadow 2/5/14


honey - special fuzz

“The Honey Special Fuzz. The Honey company came to life by ex-Teisco employees, when Kawai bought Teisco in 1967. The company went bankrupt in 1969. … So, what’s so "Special” about this fuzz? Well, it sports a fuzz circuit that is very similar to the Superfuzz. Not quite the same topology, it has that classic Superfuzz sound but lacks the Expander and Tone switch. It’s sound can be compared to a Superfuzz running flat out, without the mid-scoop. One could even say that it’s a precursor, date-wise, to the Superfuzz. The real kicker is the “Special” footswitch. It’s an auto-wah circuit! Yes, you read correct. Auto-wah. Completely analog, this baby sports 13 transistors, and 2 TDK inductors inside. The “Direct” switch even allows for use of the auto-wah part of the circuit to be used independently of the fuzz. You can use another pedal of you choice in front of it, and take advantage of the Special’s auto-wah. Astounding!“