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Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)

so i guess i really want to post more original content but here is a list of all the bujo pages in my bujo + others i see floating around and if you think i’ve missed out on any then please add them!

  • yearly calendar
  • monthly spread
  • weekly spread
  • about the owner
  • resolutions
  • idols page (list our your idols)
  • letters (if you start at the start of the year, i write a letter that sums up my hopes and dreams for the year)
  • birthdays (of people you know)
  • birthday wishlist
  • books to read
  • project tracker (projects that you’ve started or aim to start)
  • places to go
  • bucketlist for the year
  • school timetable
  • important school dates
  • un do list (things you want to stop doing)
  • key
  • money tracker (monthly, weekly or yearly)
  • books that have been read (include dates)
  • tv shows to watch
  • tv shows which have been watched
  • movies to watch
  • movies which have been watched
  • recipes (for special days e.g. valentines, christmas, halloween etc.)
  • packing lists
  • goals lists
  • exam planners (a summary of your exams if they’re all in a certain time period like the end of the year)
  • plans (if you’re hanging out with friends/going on a date/enjoying family time a plan and possible recount are really cute)
  • typography pages
  • mood tracker
  • doodle pages
  • habit trackers (weekly, monthly, fortnightly, yearly)
  • present ideas (for other people’s birthdays/anniversaries/holidays0
  • if you have a hobby e.g. knitting then knitting spreads (so planning your knitting with stitches and such, or something like guitar chords)
  • fun fact pages
  • positivity pages (fill with all the good things you like)
  • rant pages (just rant on them - don’t worry about making them look nice)
  • self reflections (taking some time to just write about your feelings - mindfullness)
  • list of favourite things
  • game challenges (so having a topic e.g. animals and going through the alphabet and naming one animal for each letter - this is a really good time killer if you have nothing to do, prepare a few beforehand)
  • quotes pages
  • self care pages (list of self care techniques as well as recipes for facemasks etc.)
  • how to pages (e.g. how to draw a fish)
  • to catch up pages (things you should watch or listen to when you have more time - things without deadlines)
  • song lyrics pages (just write song lyrics or typograph them)

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Can you explain to me why you like Auston Matthews? Cause I really dont see it? Hes so annoying and sounds like he has an IQ of a potato!

Smart potato you got there, it’s got really good ice vision

*strums my guitar while looking soulfully into the distance*

You see, once upon a time there was a young potato unearthed in the desert where few root vegetables have come before. And this was a unique potato, a potato with passion and drive and a love for his sport that knew no boundaries. This potato was gonna play in the National Hockey League damn it, even though this was a league of white radishes and there really weren’t a lot of potatoes that made it. And very few from the desert.

But this potato worked hard and gave it his all and ended up being selected first overall and then went on to set records in his rookie season and wow all the radishes. And through it all this potato stayed humble and good and kind. And back at home, all the potatoes in the desert watched him and felt pride that this was their potato, and all the young potatoes felt like they could do what this potato had done, even in a world where everyone just really prefers radishes for some reason.

Also this potato is like….really really good at hockey.

~We’re the boys form the beaches of Brighton, Prospect Park and the Navy Yard Pier~

Some Brooklyn boys for day 14 of @newsiestober! I took some inspiration from the 1992 film for the background :D

Me 3 years ago: I’m going to learn how to play the guitar!!!! It’ll be fun!

Me 3 years later, fingers calloused and scabrous, trying for the 52nd time in 6 hours to play this god damn dominant 7th sharp 13th suspended harmonic bullfuck chord:

new danny phantom AU

the series finale is actually just the plot of the very first Spongebob Movie instead of phantom planet

Vlad steals Pariah Dark’s crown and frames Jack for it. It’s to Danny, Sam, and Tucker to go to whatever place in the ghost zone is the equivalent to Shell City in order to get the crown back and stop Vlad from mind controlling Amity Park

instead of Goofy Goober’s, its the Nasty Burger