guitar fights

okay but imagine the rangers ACTUALLY starting a band, and they turn out pretty good, and get some level of fame and zordon is just pissed like “YOU’RE MAKING IT HARDER TO CONCEAL YOUR IDENTITY” and he’s lookin to alpha for backup and alpha is just like “….they said i could play the triangle”

Lance is a pop punk prince okay

Lance listens to bowling for soup on repeat at 2 in the morning

Blasts green day at the breakfast table

“Fuck the system, Keith”

“Lance why do you have dark circles under your eyes the size of a goddamn planet”

“Because I’m a rebel, Keith”

“Because you stay up late playing air guitar”


i love how to the other members mingyu’s a total savage like look at this

and this

but to wonwoo he’s like

and like

but i think we can all agree that lee jihoon wins in the end

"he missed a whole wednesday once, didn't have a clue"

*sherlock tips a little bottle into johns coffee*
john: *drinks some*
john: *passes out*
sherlock: *starts a stopwatch*
sherlock: hmmmm
sherlock: well this is dull.
sherlock: *sighs*
sherlock: *checks stopwatch*
sherlock: jawn.
sherlock: wake up jawn. *pokes john*
sherlock: babe i’m bored get up.
sherlock: EHHHHHH

what sherlock does while john is asleep: -climbs onto the roof of 221b -almost falls off when he’s getting down -solves 8 cases -does johns make up -takes the make up off -sets the flat on fire for like 20 minutes -takes all the plates and mugs and everything out of the kitchen and completely rearranges it -goes out and buys an electric guitar -gets into a fight -plays the guitar as loud as possible -sits in silence for 6 hours -switches their mattresses -puts the kitchen back -decides he doesn’t like the guitar and returns it -tries to wake john up by poking him again -does a little boy’s math homework for 10 pounds -switches the mattresses -yells at mycroft -does johns hair -sulks until john wakes up
BoJack Horseman

That show is so good. I never expected it to be half as good, even quarter as good. You see the visuals and expect a fart-fest like Family Guy or something like that, but it’s a very well-done drama with some of the best-written characters in an animated show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen so many.

The humor is good, the setting is bizarre but thought-through, the characters, man, the characters. For the first time since Steven Universe I actually like more than one female character per show. I love all the characters. They are so archetypal without being cardboard stereotypes, they have so much life, so much honesty! 

It seems quite simple at first glance, but then you find out more and characters become more and well-rounded and flawed and real. There’s so much quotable stuff in there. A++ show. The third season seemed a little weaker, but the first two were superb.

It’s not a light show, but it’s got great humor and a lot of great messages.

Also consider: well-developed interesting characters, both male and female; at least one canon asexual character, a feminist character who isn’t a joke, almost no toilet humor, deep emotion, very interesting and life-like relationships, continuity, attention to detail and hardly any filler episodes (I’m looking at you, Steven Universe).

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It’s night in lego gotham, all the rogues are asleep except for joker who is lying in bed awake at the lair, thinking about how he’s going to convince batman to be honest for once and say those three little words

Then, suddenly, a batarang comes crashing through his bedroom window and plants itself into the opposite wall with a sharp “thunk”

Joker gets up and lazily examines the object thrown through his window when all of a sudden, music starts up outside.

Joker goes to the window and looks out

there on the asphalt, underneath a street light, is batman, playing a solo on his electric bat-guitar as “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore” by REOSpeedwagon plays from a giant bat-boombox:

Cause I can’t fight this feeling anymore
I’ve forgotten what I started fighting for
And if I have to crawl upon the floor
Come crushing through your door
Baby, I can’t fight this feeling anymore

My life has been such a whirlwind since I saw you
I’ve been running around in circles in my mind
And it always seems that I’m following you, girl
‘Cause you take me to the places
That alone I’d never find

The other rouges gather around the window, talking amongst themselves about how pathetically CUTE this was and AWW and how LUCKY joker is and j is just standing there absolutely dumbfounded, too stunned to even break a smile

When the lovably corny 80’s love ballad ends with fireworks shooting out into the air and batman dramatically sliding on his knees on the final strum all the rogues cheer and whistle, Harley nudging j in the shoulder to wake him from his shocked daze

He stares for a minute as batman looks up at him desperately and kind of defeated in a way cuz goddamit all of this better pay off it was really hard for him to put this together and admit everything even if he didn’t have to use his mouth to say it

And then joker breaths in and says softly but just loud enough for bats to hear “i hate you too”

And everyone cheers again and they lived happily ever after

Being Archie’s twin would include...

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  •  Best brother/twin ever 
  • He’s very supportive of you and cares for you deeply 
  • He’s a little naive about the world 
  • Which is why you’re protective of him 
  • He’s literally the sweetest guy you know even if he is a little naive and not the brightest 
  • Everyone loves Archie and that kind of leaves you in his shadow 
  • Now that it bugs you because you love your twin but everyone in Riverdale knows you as Archie’s twin and not as (y/n) 
  • Your dad does the best he can with making up for all that but even he sometimes pays more attention to Archie 
  • That’s just his thing he just really is that charismatic 
  • This makes you self sufficient and is nice because people don’t have the same expectations of you that they have of Archie 
  • You are into way different things than Archie but he does his best to like what you do and talk about it with you 
  • Like if you’re into D&D he’ll make a character and play with you even if you have to repeat the rules like ten times 
  • Or if you’re into a weird show he’ll sit and watch 
  • Always there for you 
  • When it’s his birthday(your birthday too) and the whole school gives him stuff he reminds everyone it’s your birthday too and gives you some of the gifts he gets so you’re not left out 
  • You can’t believe so many girls are into Archie 
  • You ask him how he gets all the girls to love him and he doesn’t know what you’re talking about 
  • “They’re just my friends. I don’t know?" 
  • You were there for him from day one in supporting his music 
  • You Helped buy his first guitar 
  • You guys don’t fight often. You’re both chill and really get along well. 
  • But when you do fight it lasts awhile. You don’t just make up and hour later even if Archie isn’t mad anymore and misses you. 
  • You fought about Grundy. You knew. You were the first to know. 
  • You saw he was getting taken advantage of and told him as much but he didn’t want to hear it. 
  • Archie didn’t talk to you for a week. Ignored you at school and silent treatment at home. 
  • He was upset that of all people his twin wasn’t supporting him. 
  • When he finally realizes that Grundy was taking advantage of him he apologizes to you for not listening and ignoring you. 
  • You two make up 
  • Archie is the sole reason you exercise 
  • He wakes you up every morning to run 
  • He’s a morning person and you’re def not 
  • But you go and feel better after 
  • Being Archie’s twin isn’t easy. You’re constantly in his shadow to the world but to Archie you shine brighter than he does.

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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)