guitar fights

okay but imagine the rangers ACTUALLY starting a band, and they turn out pretty good, and get some level of fame and zordon is just pissed like “YOU’RE MAKING IT HARDER TO CONCEAL YOUR IDENTITY” and he’s lookin to alpha for backup and alpha is just like “….they said i could play the triangle”


Marine Frank™ [requested by: @marinefrank]

i love how to the other members mingyu’s a total savage like look at this

and this

but to wonwoo he’s like

and like

but i think we can all agree that lee jihoon wins in the end

Lance is a pop punk prince okay

Lance listens to bowling for soup on repeat at 2 in the morning

Blasts green day at the breakfast table

“Fuck the system, Keith”

“Lance why do you have dark circles under your eyes the size of a goddamn planet”

“Because I’m a rebel, Keith”

“Because you stay up late playing air guitar”


Great Comet Experience - August 9th, 2:00 Matinee

I’m hopping on the bandwagon here to share with you guys some of the stuff that happened today. It was almost a complete surprise that we were going to the show today. I’m making a separate post for stage door whoops. This probably won’t be in order.

Spoilers ofc

- Lucas’ “whoooOOOOAAAA” was like 30 seconds long and got a full minute of applause + one guy yelling “do it again!” and tbh I think he considered it
- During Sonya Alone, Andrey is sitting on the side of the stairs and Natasha carries the letter she’s writing to Mary about breaking everything off around the stage until she reaches him
- During No One Else, Natasha sang the line “we were angels once, don’t you remember?” to this woman and she nodded back to Natasha and the audience loved it
- The guy who had to give Anatole’s letter to Natasha had no idea he had to get up so he’s trying to reach across to give her the letter while Helene and an ensemble member were furiously trying to get him up
- those strobe lights are crazy jeez I thought they wouldn’t be on as long as they were
- Anatole is basically crying like a little kid on Helene’s lap during Find Anatole
- The audience loved Lucas Steele a lot (and so did I)
- my mom thought he couldn’t sing and she realized she was horribly mistaken once act 2 came around
- the Russian music playing when you walk in is my jam
- Ingrid’s Sonya Alone is so emotional and honestly I wish someone could have recorded it because it was SO GOOD
- The part in Natasha & Pierre where Pierre says “she began to cry” he wasn’t kidding Denee broke down sobbing for the rest of the verse
- I refused to listen to a couple songs until I saw the show live (I didn’t want to spoil everything) and Charming wOW AMBER GRAY IS INCREDIBLE
- Anatole looks in mirrors. a lot.
- during the crazy part of the Abduction, I thought Heath (he was on a platform in front of me) was kinda normal until he suddenly yanked his hair out of its ponytail and started headbanging into everyone’s laps
- Natasha and PIerre look right at each other for the “I see nothing but the candle in the mirror” part of Letters but they’re not talking to each other
- Courtney Bassett (Mary) can siNG JEEZ
- Everyone was mildly uncomfortable when Bolkonsky was on stage
- I literally couldn’t see Balaga at all during his own song where did he go probably the mezzanine
- One of the ensemble members completely blocked my view of Lucas when he was doing the jacket swooshy thing at the end of Balaga
- Heath was having trouble I think doing the squat things during the Abduction but one of the accordion players came over and she was like “isn’t he great folks aren’t they all great?!”
- I feel like Lucas was a little off on the “peteRSBURG“ thing today but heck what do I know I’m not in the show (I wish tho)
- anything Lucas did the audience loved and they were usually laughing at him
- one of the accordion players came to my section before the show to throw the dumplings but she missed once and hit the sound guy
- Hearing Oak sing compared to the rapping from Hamilton was so nice he has a nice voice. He also did a little giggle after the whole crazy part in the Abduction
- Natasha kinda stands at the top of the stage at the “sofa” for all of Find Anatole until Marya tells her that Anatole’s married and it’s kinda creepy to watch
- Anatole kept doing this hand thing where he would kinda pose with one up and one down and it got messier and messier during Pierre & Anatole as he was slowly having a breakdown and it was kinda cool to watch the whole breakdown and fight scene
- During the Duel, Pierre puts the gun up to his head and starts walking while Anatole is frantically shouting “Pierre, hold your fire!” He eventually points it at Dolokhov ofc
- I think Oak’s mic might’ve gone out while he was doing the talking bit during Natasha & Pierre but that might’ve been done on purpose idk help me out y’all

EDIT: I forgot some stuff!
- Anatole shouts, “Everyone, raise a glass!” and while he’s doing the “whooOOOAAA” he’s trying to get everyone to raise shot glasses at the tables but one guy only had a water bottle so Lucas tried to get him to raise that instead but the guy wasn’t really having it
- Oak got so. much. applause. as soon as he stepped on stage with the accordion it just kept going
- I think it was during Sonya & Natasha, but I could be wrong. Anyways, Andrey was standing at the back of the orchestra with another ensemble dude and he was like peeking out from behind a pillar with his guitar watching the girls fight
- Lucas got so many laughs, especially for that part in Letters where he says, “Just say yes….” He was definitely playing to the audience the whole time it was great
- Dolokhov and Helene started making out I think during the Duel before Pierre got mad
- After Dolokhov shot at PIerre, Pierre kinda just stood there hunched over for a while before popping up and going “whew” to the audience
- The girl Bolkonsky was all over during The Private and Intimate Life… was so uncomfortable but she was laughing the whole time
- She kinda started brushing herself off when he walked away though
- During Natasha & the Bolkonskys, there’s a long pause while Mary and Natasha hold stools over their heads to try and sit with the people at the tables but they were having a really hard time getting through cause this poor man moved to the side for Mary, but he had to move back over for Natasha and he just had no space and he was really confused
- During Letters, everyone enters the stage through the huge doors but Andrey comes in last and stands at the top while Pierre “reads” his letter to him

Here’s a link to my stage door experience!

BoJack Horseman

That show is so good. I never expected it to be half as good, even quarter as good. You see the visuals and expect a fart-fest like Family Guy or something like that, but it’s a very well-done drama with some of the best-written characters in an animated show I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen so many.

The humor is good, the setting is bizarre but thought-through, the characters, man, the characters. For the first time since Steven Universe I actually like more than one female character per show. I love all the characters. They are so archetypal without being cardboard stereotypes, they have so much life, so much honesty! 

It seems quite simple at first glance, but then you find out more and characters become more and well-rounded and flawed and real. There’s so much quotable stuff in there. A++ show. The third season seemed a little weaker, but the first two were superb.

It’s not a light show, but it’s got great humor and a lot of great messages.

Also consider: well-developed interesting characters, both male and female; at least one canon asexual character, a feminist character who isn’t a joke, almost no toilet humor, deep emotion, very interesting and life-like relationships, continuity, attention to detail and hardly any filler episodes (I’m looking at you, Steven Universe).

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SVT  -  crush jihoon

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summary- staying up all night to complete an essay isn’t easy, especially when you have #1 crush™ Lee Jihoon by your side ღ

genre; fluffity fluff fluff fluff too much fluff like a pillow……capisce

a/n: oh my gos sometimes im so soft for all the boys especially this one jeejssjhjs also thank you to @kpop-lifeeeee for requesting! you asked for puns and now you’re gonna get puns

man im a good 0.6 feet taller than him if he mistakes me for mingyu and hits me with a guitar i am fighting back i do not care hOLD ME BACK 



-high school

-what an amazing

-im not going to complete the rest of that sentence because 

-h i g h    s c h o o l     i s     s h i t  

-well…not for everyone

-yeah actually for everyone

-including you!

-what made this slightly better 

-was the fact that you had a crush on this kid called jihoon

-small adorable and so cute

-did i mention small adorable and cute yeah i just did 

-just wanna one cement that in ya brains

-so yeah 

-jihoon=cute adorable small kid

-but apart from being cute

-he was savage af too

-so one time this kid was picking on him

-and so he just

-”you know i thought it was impossible to see someone with little brain capacity…to actually be able to talk to me….but i guess you proved that wrong”

-”what did you say?”

-”im going to say this very slowly so you can understand……you’re dumb”




-if anyone gets that reference i love you


-you somehow found a friend in Jihoon

-in science class you two were put together on a table

-and you two instantly connected


-comic books are a fundamental way to keep a friendship 

-and to start one too

-everything was going great actually!

-out of class you two would high five each other

-the high fives would become more complex as the days rolled over

-the teachers got really tired of it

-”mr lee and miss y/l/n please get  t o  c l a s s   a l r e a d y”

-ah the good thing about being friends with Jihoon is that 

-the little crush you got on him became bigger

-bad news it looks like he had eyes for another girl


-that was about to change though,,,,,



-oh yes

-so because you and jihoon were sitting next to each other

-it was only right to make you two a pair

-the science essay you were given was on cars and catalytic converters and particles and how not to run in the middle of a road on a motorway even though you were so close to doing that anyways and stuff

-something you both hated

-w h y    c o u l d n ‘ t   y o u    t w o   g e t    t h e   e s s a y   o n   s u g a r   

-because every time jihoon looked at you 

-he was sure that you were giving him a hypothetical form of diabetes cause boIIII

-you were so sweet to him and he thought you looked sweet too


-so out of the blue he asked if you two could work on it at your place

-so of course you said yeah

-you had to get your parents out the house

-luckily they were on a holiday 


-so the day came

-but….he was a little late


-5 hours late

-you didn’t mind though

-”just a question why are you so late???”

-”oh yeah i was doing the essay”

-”lee jihoon say w h a t”

-”yeah…i know you wanted to do this together…but we technically did……well the notes yeah but…yeah”

-you noticed that he was saying yeah a lot

-was he….nervous? for something?

-who fuckin knew

-yeah i do 

-lemme say this slowly




-like proper crush

-like you

-so yeah

-you two went up to your room

-and you were just sitting at your desk

-when mr lee

-pulled up a chair

-sat beside you

-and placed his head on your shoulder

-looking over your work

-but then again

-”hey your hair smells nice”

-”hmm? oh thanks??”

-and all of a sudden he just started to nuzzle into your neck like a cat would and he was smiling



-conflicted but blushing like mad

-like you know how people in anime..when they’re embarrassed or something sometimes their head comically explode?

-that was you half the time he was there

-in retaliation to his little nuzzle thing

-your other hand reached up and just stroked his face


-jihoon=cat confirmed

-and out of the blue he just held it there with his hand

-it was so quiet 

-but peaceful and nice

-after a while he walked over to your bed and sat down

-”why don’t you take a break?”

-”yeah in a minute lemme just finish this sentence…i’m nearly done anyways so i might as well complete it..”

-cue the cutest fucking pout in history

-it was like he needed to tell you something but you know

-you weren’t the studious type but whenever you had the urge to do something 

-you were going to fucking complete it 

-and so you did

-by 11 you were finished and wanted to die!! YAY

-when you finished you flopped onto your bed

-but when you did

-jihoon moved over to where you were

-placing your head on his lap

-you on the outside: Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ!

-you on the inside: Σ(✧ω✧ノ)ノ!

-oh boy were you taken back by this little action

-you didn’t question any of his actions actually

-it was….spontaneous

-so you just let it slide

-”hey wanna hear a really bad pun?”


-”did you hear what the grater said to the mozzarella after going on a date?”

-”what did it say?”

-”I know it’s cheesy but I feel grate.”

-”wow that was bad…i have an even worse one.”

-”alright the stage is yours!”

-”roses are red..”


-”violet’s aren’t blue”

-wait what

-”they’re fucking violet…as in the colour violet…”

-oh ok back on

-”i don’t know where this is going so here i go i like you…? a lot…?”

-n a n i 

-n a n I

-n a N I 

-n A N I 

-N A N I 

-N A N I 

-ok calm down y/n this must be a cute lil joke

-”…..was there a punchline to that pun…is it there….or am i just not getting the joke overall?”

-”….it wasn’t a joke”

-N A N I 

-”it wasn’t?”

-you sit up to look at him

-and damn

-he being serious

-y/n just say it if he said it

-ok you were just going to straight up say hey i like you can i kiss you now but no 

-you classy 

-you sassy too


-”alright i have one more…”

-”hit me”

-”why did i cross the road?”

-”i dunno why did you cross the road”

-”to get to the person who stole my heart”

-“oh ok”

-”knock knock”

-”who’s there”

-”hi can i have my heart back”


-a smile appeared on his lips 

-he hid his face and fell back

-you just laughed because 1. you just confessed that you liked him too

-and 2. you didn’t know where that came from but that was SMOO T H 

-when will i ever do that to me crush


-he really couldn’t get over how smooth you were

-like damn


-he then replied with a brazen

-”if you want your heart back then come over here”

-now….he was being the greasy smooth one 

-so you moved up


-you moved closer

-”and again come on”

-smart fuckin mouth

-you did again

-you were quiet closer to him

-and your cheeks just radiated light and colour

-as in you looked like you just put a fuck tonne of blusher and highlighter on your cheeks

-”liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit closer?”

-oh come on you were pretty much face to face and your torsos were nearly in contact how closer do you want y/n to be?!

-you moved just that little bit closer

-and all you could hear was jihoon saying


-then bam

-wam bam hot diggidy damn 

-he just

-pulled you closer





-wow smooth 

-the kiss was pretty long

-and after you realised what he was doing you kissed back

-aww high school sweethearts

-you’re now dating a super high school level smart mouth who actually loves you bless up 

“you know you could of just asked for a kiss?”

“yeah but where’s the fun in that?”

“i don’t–”

“fine can i have another kiss?”

“no first you gotta give me my hEA R T    B A CK”

“N E V E R”