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Over tumbling and sprightly guitar picking, Styles details the tumult and potency of young love, fleshing out his lead vocals with simple harmonies and startling background runs. He shows off his impressive range on the song’s final chorus, straining expertly to sing, “Sweet creature, sweet creature/ When I run out of rope, you bring me home.”

Going to be taking a few simple character commissions!

Please read this post in its ENTIRETY before contacting. 

USD Paypal Only

Email communication only, do not send me a message or ask on tumblr for a commission, I will redirect you to my email. 

Priced Per Single Character, Extra Characters Cost The Same As Individual Characters Unless Significantly Obstructed or very small and simple.  Up to 4 characters in one image, please.  (EX: a small, simple creature sitting on characters head or shoulder, a character standing behind another character. In these cases, extra cost can be discussed. )

If you would like a prop, please ask me about it and we can discuss price!  Simple props like a microphone/stool/simple weapon likely will not cost any extra, but a more complex prop like an electric guitar or saxophone, highly detailed gun, or ornate furniture will likely cost extra starting at around 5$.  

If you would like a ref sheet, I will organize any drawings you would like into a ref sheet starting at $5 depending on complexity and detail.  The cost of extra props/details can be discussed.  

People, animals, anthro/furry, etc are all OK.  If you can give me a reference, I can do it. These are NOT design commissions, though. Please either have a reference or a very good idea of what your character looks like.  This is not the place to have me iterating and experimenting your design ideas.  If you wish to make large changes and completely alter the WIP from what you previously wanted, I may ask for additional compensation for my time as these are flat rate and not intended to be design work. 

For any special case not mentioned above, ask me!

Super complex characters may be subject to higher prices. (Ex: Extremely intricate tattoos, robots with lots and lots of small parts)

Will not draw:

Sexual Content
Licensed Characters/Designs or Modified Versions of those Characters/Designs  (Fan Characters are OK)


Be ready with image references, or detailed descriptions. I can work with lots of free reiin or specific instruction. 

DO NOT bring me someone else’s character without permission and ask me to just change one or two little things. I will not do this.  In general, don’t ask me to copy designs or concepts from other peoples work without their written permission. 

I will do a loose WIP for your approval before moving on to the final.  You will be free to pay me either entirely before the final, or half before and half after the final. 


If interested contact me at  

Little Things

When he wakes up in the morning with a croaky morning voice, his hair is all fluffy and soft curls are forming at the top. He will lean in to your cheek and press his dry lips against it as he waits for your eyes to flutter open.

Sometimes, he has those days where he just locks himself up in a room. He just wants to drown out all of his problems and thoughts. But there is only one thing he will always need. One person he will open up the door to. You.

His fingers will always intertwine with yours, gripping them to make sure you don’t pull away from his. He finds some sort of comfort in that. He will rub the back of his thumb against your delicate skin so that you know that you’re all his.

But he says it’s the best feeling when he can feel every single inch of you as his thrusts become sloppy as he orgasms. His face is buried deep into your shoulder and his forehead drips small beads of sweat. And when you tug his hair on the back of his neck as you come, he releases a low groan that seems like it comes from deep down in his stomach.

Sometimes at night, you’re wide awake staring up into nothing. And even though it’s dark, your fingers still find their way to trace over the detailed guitar tattoo on his right arm.

And sometimes when it’s just you and him, he will look over at you. He will admire every single part of your face. Like the little freckles that seem to come and go, or your beautiful eyelashes that flutter every time you blink. He will look at you so many times but he will never get tired of it.