guitar details

REALLY quick rotoscope-esque animation i did last night of rob doing a little dance!! not very clean and that guitar is the most detailed thing but

it’s about 45 frames

that’s right

45 robs in one night. needless to say i have not gotten very many important things done recently

KILL la KILL (キルラキル)

Nonon Jakuzure rocking the place with Haruko Haruhara’s (FLCL) bass, illustrated by Atsushi Nishigori (錦織敦史) for “The Art of KLK, Vol.3″, since Mayumi Shintani is the VA of both ! He worked as key-animator for the last (24) episode of the series. Character designer of Gurren Lagann and Idolm@ster (director). 

Text Translation: Rickenbacker and Nonon-san. Shintani-san ‘style’ connection . 
I wanted to do Kill la Kill a little more…
While being awed by the characters, the brand-new worldview, gadget-like finesse around the overall design, I put my hands into the effort and watched longingly from the other side of the brilliance. 

In the end I was glad I was able to draw and work on it even for a little bit.
…Guest-genkou’s are okay like this, right? Atsushi Nishigori