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If The Sun Rises In The Morning
e petersmark
If The Sun Rises In The Morning

If the sun rises in the morning,
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires,
So if the sun comes up tomorrow 
Don’t wake me up

I’ve been tearing down walls
I’ve been building a harbor
I’ve been waiting for the night to answer me
There’s been no rest at all
No moment of shelter
Just the moon and I in the darkness, singing

If the sun rises in the morning
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires, 
So if the sun comes up tomorrow,
Don’t wake me up.

And I’ve been burying bones,
I’ve been swallowing sorrow,
And I’ve been trying not to close my eyes.
Keep on breaking those stones,
Don’t save the work for tomorrow
Because God only knows what waits on the other side

If the sun rises in the morning
Don’t wake me up, don’t wake me up
‘Cause I’ve been working through the darkest hours,
Tending all those orphaned fires,
So if the sun still comes up tomorrow, 
Don’t wake me up.

Darling, if the sun comes up tomorrow,
Don’t wake me up.


Here I am hacking my way through as much of Bach’s “Bouree in E Minor” I can play off the page and then transitioning into Steve Winwood/Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home.” Run straight into my Fishman Loudbox Mini with some mids and bass cut, the LB6 pickup sounds clear and pretty natural. I like its versatility to fidelity ratio which is why I’ve chosen it as my “go-to” pickup. There are more sophisticated systems available but I like its simplicity and quality. In a world of increasingly complex systems, it’s nice to have a single part, battery free, that’ll work in any setting and never leave people wondering “what the hell was he playing?” At least, not in the bad way. #lrbaggs #lb6 #acousticguitar #acousticguitars #classicalguitar #nylonstring #nylonstringguitar #bach #boureeineminor #stevewinwood #blindfaith #cantfindmywayhome #alvarezguitars #guitar #guitars #guitarpickups #demo #guitarplayer #performance #fingerstyleguitar @dogwood_guitars #dogwoodguitars

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Here’s the demo I made for On the Run! Featuring amazing vocals by Katie Mitroff for Amethyst’s part. This one was kind of a puzzle for me. I originally wrote the song in D major, but I had to adjust it to B-flat major to fit both Steven and Amethyst’s voice actors’ ranges. My voice is really low so Steven sings an octave higher than me in the final version.


It’s time to get moving

Time for us to have some fun

There’s no time to hang around

Our adventure’s just begun

We’ll be thinking ‘bout our friends

As we chase the setting sun

But we’re leaving them behind

We’re on the run

I don’t care about what all the others say

Well I guess there are some things that will just

Never go away

I wish that I could say that

There’s no better place than home

But home’s a place that I have never known

That’s why we’re on the run


Chords and Guitar tabs below!

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Take Me to War
e petersmark
Take Me to War

I’ve earned myself a reputation
That my bark is much worse than my bite,
But I keep snapping at Goliath’s hands with all of my tiny might.
There are no stones at my disposal,
There’s no god to award me a crown,
But I am always swinging at somebody I can’t knock down.

All of the fires I’ve swallowed, 
All of the sparks that went dark in my gut–
I am always burning up.

Dress me in red and throw your roses
And I’ll rankle the beasts with words,
It’s a graceless dance of epithets we learn to make someone hurt.
They will consume your sweet resistance
And they’ll carry your heart in their teeth,
But I am always feeding them the ugliest parts of me.

All of the words I’ve swallowed,
All of the sharp things I’ve kept in my mouth–
I am always bleeding out.

Take me to war. Honey, I dare you.
I’ll be the sweetest thing to ever scare you.
Give me a fight I can’t resist,
Give me something to break with my fists,
Take me to war, oh honey, I dare you.

I watched a weed usurp the garden
And it poisoned the rest of the crops,
It would take days of fighting stubborn roots to tear the whole damn thing out.
So I will leave it where it’s standing
And instead I will find me a match–
I’ll turn it all to kindling, I’ll burn it all down to ash.

All of the ire I’ve swallowed,
All of the coals that still sit in my gut–
I am always burning up.


I love hearing songs in their rawest form. If they sound good before they’re fully produced, it’s always a good thing! #roadtrip #demo #guitars #studiolife #neverjudgedemos #visualizehowtheywillbe #dontjudgeabookbyitscover #patience #putyourvocalsonit #thenmoveforward #feelit #vibewithit #tillitsright #frankiej #therealfrankiej #therealfrankiej1

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Watch Kenny Wayne Shepherd demo the #Fender American Professional Stratocaster models. #AmericanPro

George Harrison’s demo of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (The Beatles Anthology 3)

This demo was recorded by George on 25 July 1968, at Abbey Road Studios. The song had been written while George visited his parents in Warrington:

“Around the time of writing While My Guitar Gently Weeps I had a copy of the ‘ Ching - the (Chinese) Book of Changes’ which seemed to me to be based on the Eastern concept that everything is relative to everything else, as opposed to the Western view that things are merely coincidental.

This idea was in my head when I visited my parents’ house in the North of England. I decided to write a song based on the first thing I saw upon opening any book - as it would be relative to that moment, at that time. I picked up a book at random - opened it - saw ‘Gently weeps’ - then laid the book down again and started writing the song. Some of the words to the song were changed before I finally recorded it - as can be seen here:

I look at the trouble
and hate that is raging
While my guitar gently weeps
While I’m sitting here
Doing nothing but ageing
” - George Harrison, I Me Mine

Fever [ Demo ]
Fever [ Demo ]

You’re so pretty, it’s a crime,

I’m torn between wanting to touch you and wanting to die

we caught a fever in May and it burns us alive in July

Finally a new song! Finding the right words for this summer “romance” themed song took me an entire rainy month, and the outcome really makes me wish it was summer already. I hope you like this one!