guitar calluses

Okay, but whatever you do don’t imagine Louis noticing Harry’s guitar calluses developing over the years until his fingertips are rough against his skin.

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bellarke + “Do you need me to kill someone for you?” plEASE or bellarke + “I’m not jealous.”

hi anon! i decided to go with “i’m not jealous” from the dialogue prompts. this is the musician/med student au i’ve always wanted to write (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

songs used: movie in my mind, goodbye sky harbor (demo version), and do i wanna know?

Object Permanence

Bellamy’s got a pretty sweet gig doing an acoustic set every Friday night at Cafe Jaha, and Clarke is, like, totally cool with that.

“Are you sure?” Wells asks, serving up her espresso on the counter that she’s folded her arms on while she tries not to look at the tiny stage so much. “Are you sure that you’re absolutely one-hundred-percent cool with it?”

Clarke wishes she can pull off the innocent, doe-eyed head-tilt, but she can’t, so she settles for the next best thing— lifted chin, challenging gaze. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“My mistake.” Wells edges back to safety behind the blenders. “Guess it’s raining paper napkins somewhere else in Washington.”

She looks down at her hands. They’ve shredded several napkins without her knowing, the bastards, and Bellamy’s finished… tuning up or checking mic or whatever it is that people do. She never claimed to be a music expert; she likes her dad’s old records, and that’s it.

(“Well, at least you know The Clash,” Bellamy had sighed, in the time before everything, back when they’d been just friends and not just friends who make out on a semi-regular basis.)

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okay so let’s talk about frank’s hands for a second. when i handed him my letter, he was so humble and thankful for it that he held out his hand for me to shake. I was so overcome with the thought of actually touching him that my jaw dropped and he started smiling and giggling. but yeah for the two seconds his hand was in mine, i felt the firm roughness that the calluses his guitar caused all over and it was so fucking cool and not to mentioned his hand tattoos were REAL and BEAUTIFUL

This Won't Make Things Awkward, Will It?

Summary: Harry walks in on Niall fingering himself. They end up fucking.

Warnings: Fingering, gay sex, etc.


He couldn’t just not listen, could he?

Harry couldn’t just stop his ears from listening to the obscene sounds coming from next door, could he?

He couldn’t stop his cock from growing and throbbing against his sweats, could he?

Yes. He could. And to be honest, he should have stopped.

For Niall was the source of those noises. Whimpers and whines to be exact.

Yes, Niall. Harry’s band-mate. His best friend.

But he found himself unable to stop. 

Found himself becoming increasingly turned on by the delicate, but thick sounds. 

The two were in their hotel suite, still on tour. Liam, Louis and Zayn were in another hotel, so management could avoid all five getting mobbed.

And maybe they all should’ve been put in the same hotel, Harry thinks. Because then, he’d have somewhere to go. Somewhere to let his cock have some peace.

But then he thinks again. And he can’t help but think that this is a good thing. Because maybe Niall wants him to hear. Wants Harry to go into his room. Wants something to happen, seeing as they are alone.

Harry’s on his feet. A hand’s palming the tent in his grey sweats. The sounds are coming through quicker now, and they’re higher, a couple hitching and being cut off. Harry knows Niall’s doing something else. Knows he’s not just wanking.

And Harry has a curious person. His feet are moving now, one before the other. Before he can stop himself, which he doesn’t think he can do, he’s out of his own room and at the doors to Niall’s, hand wrapped around the handle.

The boy stands for a minute. He thinks things through. Maybe Niall doesn’t realize that he can hear him? Maybe, the fact this hotel is a posh one, he thinks the walls are soundproof. But once again, Harry’s actions are ahead of his brain, the door finding itself flung open in mere seconds. 

Harry’s throat goes dry. Niall is there. On his bed. He’s naked and sprawled out. His usual pale skin is flushed red. His legs are bent upright, three fingers working his hole. His spare hand is slowly rising and falling along his cock. His head is thrown back, eyes are closed. And his back is slightly arched off the bed. 

Now Harry knows he should leave. Should walk out before Niall can see him.

But those sounds. Those angelic, coherent whimpers are now music to Harry’s ears, spurring his body to move closer. He notices then. Notices that Niall seems to be struggling. 

The blonde lifts his head up, eyes fluttering open. Surprisingly, he doesn’t do much. Just whimpers as he twists his fingers, flicks his wrist and stared into Harry’s eyes.

And then the curly haired one moans in response, walking closer to Niall. “H-Hazz.” The blonde grunts, his voice soft but gritty. 

“Yeah Ni?” Harry chokes, fingertips threading through the Irishman’s dirty blonde hair. “N-need help. w-wrist hurts.” Niall whispered, and Harry soon clicked on.

Niall’s fingers were soon out of his hole as he reached it out to hook them around the waistband of Harry’s sweats. The latter, finding some lube and slicking three fingers up, looked down and gasped as Niall snaked a hand into the warmth of his joggers. 

Harry had to move Niall’s hand though, to climb onto the bed and kneel between his legs. Their eyes attached. Harry slid in all three fingers with ease, causing Niall to moan and whine.

And now, as Harry fingered his best friend, those delicate sounds were full, loud and just beautiful, the noises filling the air and only making Harry’s cock harder. 

All Niall could do was coil in the feeling. Harry’s fingers were just, just, perfect. They were long, thick, and the curly haired lad just knew how to use them. And best of all, they were able to reach Niall’s prostate, unlike his own guitar-callused ones.

When Harry stopped, his fingers knuckle deep inside him, Niall looked up. “W-wh-what are y-you doing?” He asked, rocking his hips. “C-can I f-fuck you?” Harry rasped, knowing he’d probably pushed things too far. 

There was no way Niall was going to turn him down. Harry was doing him a favor. A great, pleasurable, fucking perfect favor. And of course, he was going to return the favor.

A weak nod fell from his head. “Y-yeah. God yeah, please Hazz.” Niall whimpered, groaning when Harry’s fingers were gone.

Slipping out of his sweats and slicking his own cock up, Harry was soon back between Niall’s legs, pushing them up to his chest. 

The blonde bit his lip and their eyes met once again as Harry’s tip pressed against Niall’s entrance.

“Fuck Hazz. God, yeah, fuck.” The Irishman panted, Harry quickly being all the way inside him.

And Harry moans too. Low and from the back of his throat, as Niall feels amazing around him. 

They soon have a hard rhythm going, each thrust deep and pulsing pleasure through their bodies.

They’re both moaning, Niall rocking his hips to meet Harry’s strong thrusts, creating more pleasure. 

Then. They kiss. Unintentional. But it gets deeper, becomes passionate and sloppy, tongues sliding and exploring.

Niall’s arms are wrapped around Harry’s neck, holding him close. Then he comes between them, harder then ever before. His nails are digging into the skin of Harry’s back and he’s moaning the boy’s name. Niall’s body feels limp and wrecked, his breath fast and heavy as he falls back.

And when Harry looks at Niall like that, it tips him, the clenching around him doing it too, as he spills hard into Niall, sobbing and with a broken moan.

With a few more thrusts, Harry pulls out, earning a small hiss from Niall as he collapses down next to the blonde. 

Niall turns to lay into Harry’s chest, both their heartbeats racing. 

“This won’t make things awkward, will it?” The blonde whispered, Harry’s arms wrapping around him. “No. If anything, it’ll make things better.” The curly haired boy replied, sleep quickly taking over their minds.

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Barely legal Luke that wants you bad but you feel weird about the age difference/him being so young

(God, you don’t know all the thoughts I had about this, not even sure I’m settling on the right one but omg. Also, it wasn’t supposed to be this long, but I blacked out and this happened.)

You can’t say you’ve known Luke all that long, in fact, as a new catch all on the One Direction road crew, you’ve only known him since roughly the end of May when they opened up at the very first Dublin show.  When you first met Luke Hemmings, you were sitting on a huge amp, strumming Dan’s guitar to make sure both were in working order and tuned properly before the initial soundcheck.  You were plucking out the opening guitar riffs of Blink’s “All the Small Things”, humming the lyrics to yourself, when you realized it wasn’t just your memory supplying the words.

Your head jerked up, taking in tall, blonde, broad and handsome dressed in a wash-faded Nirvana tee and ripped black jeans.  He looked young - younger than you anyway - but he had a good looking face, cute little pink lips accentuated by the black ring through the bottom one.

Before you could say a word, he commented, not blushing but obviously a little anxious, blue eyes darting down to your fingers hovering over the guitar strings, “You should, uh, keep going.  That’s pretty cool.”

You grinned and without a word began to play again.

The two of you are fast friends, even after you find out exactly who he is. But of course your jets were cooled pretty quickly when a fellow female crew member sighed and tittered the worst words you’ve ever heard:

“Too bad he’s only seventeen.”

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I see years of bad calls in your eyes
Men promising fidelity knowing it’s just lies
Putting words together to reach your thighs
The pain is evident, I see that your heart cries
Your heart must have played guitar
Calluses cover it, I see the scar
I try to be the Sky to your star
Show you that I see you and me going far
Beautiful girl, pretty woman, intellectual soul
I know your emotions is what you try to control
Past mistakes make you feel like an empty hole
Passed to the wayside, well I want to change your role
I want you to be the queen whose desires are filled
Your days filled with more ecstasy than what can fit in a pill
Your eyes filled with happiness instead of looks that could kill
I desire this for you but you have to decide if I can fill
Your life with joy

Leaving *5sos Preference*
When he leaves you for tour/break up

Calum: walking into your flat finding calums stuff sitting in the living room all packed up nice and neat was heartbreaking. He told you he would leave if you didnt pay more attention to him, but you were so wrapped up in school work you had forgotten about your poor boyfriend. He trudged out of your shared bedroom holding a small duffle bag. “well thats the last of it” he whispers to himself without giving you a second look. You tried to bite back the tears as he gave you a quick hug and a last peck on the lips as he gathered up his stuff. Before he left he looked you in the eyes for the last time and said “im sorry Y/N. maybe we can try this again one day.” he shut the door leaving you and your thoughts behind.

Luke: you sob quietly into lukes broad shoulders never wanting to leave his embrace. He looks up from the sweet hug to meet your tear stained eyes with his ocean blue ones. You see a tear start to form in his eye, but he wipes it away quickly thinking you hadn’t seen it. “I’ll miss you so much luke,” you say as you go back in for another long embrace from your boyfriend of 1 year. “its only 3 months (Y/N) we have to go back to the uk for some writing, but ill make sure i skype you every chance i get,” he cooed and he rubbed you back with his guitar callused hands. The rest of the boys nagging him, telling him if they dont hurry they will miss the plane. You pulled away from the hug and said “goodbye luke,” Luke put his hands on your cheek and wiped away a tear with his thumb and said “loving you is so easy, but leaving you will be the hardest thing i’ve ever done. I love you Y/N please dont forget me,” and with that you gave him one last kiss and watched him saunter away towards the plane gates. Leaving you and your relationship behind.

Michael: Michael and you hadnt been getting along very well lately.Fighting about v v little things would make ethier one of you hit the wall. the fighting had gotten so back to you just got up and left. you didnt want to feel the pain anymore. you knew michael didnt love you anymore. and it was time to move on and just accept it.

Ashton: you were woken up by your boyfriend of three months at 4 am on a saturday. by the look of your face he could tell you were pissed, “sory baby i just wanted to say goodbye before i leave for the us,” you looked at him and remebered, oh ya today was the day that your boyfriend would keave you for 5 months on a huge crazy tour. you didnt say anything u just got up and held him as tight as you could, after all yo wont be seeing him for a v long time

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