guitar calluses

okay so let’s talk about frank’s hands for a second. when i handed him my letter, he was so humble and thankful for it that he held out his hand for me to shake. I was so overcome with the thought of actually touching him that my jaw dropped and he started smiling and giggling. but yeah for the two seconds his hand was in mine, i felt the firm roughness that the calluses his guitar caused all over and it was so fucking cool and not to mentioned his hand tattoos were REAL and BEAUTIFUL

I see years of bad calls in your eyes
Men promising fidelity knowing it’s just lies
Putting words together to reach your thighs
The pain is evident, I see that your heart cries
Your heart must have played guitar
Calluses cover it, I see the scar
I try to be the Sky to your star
Show you that I see you and me going far
Beautiful girl, pretty woman, intellectual soul
I know your emotions is what you try to control
Past mistakes make you feel like an empty hole
Passed to the wayside, well I want to change your role
I want you to be the queen whose desires are filled
Your days filled with more ecstasy than what can fit in a pill
Your eyes filled with happiness instead of looks that could kill
I desire this for you but you have to decide if I can fill
Your life with joy