guitar attack

Mingyu Checking Up On SVT

Mingyu: I wonder how the boys are doing while I’m gone *pulls out phone*


Mingyu: Hm, they seem to be doing pretty normal *discards phone to resume filming*

i love how to the other members mingyu’s a total savage like look at this

and this

but to wonwoo he’s like

and like

but i think we can all agree that lee jihoon wins in the end

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Lazy Days (Woozi x Reader)

Originally posted by cheolshu

A/N: Why is it so hard for me to write for Woozi aaaa ;-; I’m very sorry this is like so so so short but if you need me to re-do it, please just send in another request! [Request box is open.]

Genre: A very short fluff

Request: “hi hi can I request woozi fluff if your request box is open? since woozi is a stay inside person maybe expand on that with cuddles and movies and snacks on the couch? k thx bai~” -Anon

“Don’t you want to spend your day off somewhere out?” You asked, looking towards Jihoon who was laying next to you on your sofa bed with his eyes half closed.

He grabbed a fistful of chips, stuffing all into his mouth while shaking his head. “I won’t leave this spot until Cheol-/hyung/ drag me out by force.” He said with his mouth still full.

You smiled, flicking his forehead softly for not chewing first. “Even if he tries to, you’ll probably whip out your guitar and attack him.”

He scrunched up his face at you, “I don’t do that anymore.”

“Hoshi told me you did it again last concert.” You /tsk/ed and he sighed in defeat.

Jihoon ate another chip before huffing, “He made all the members pet me. Again.”

“Oh come on.. You secretly like it, don’t you?” He snorted and you laughed. “Anyway, do you know what he told me about you last week?”

“What?” Jihoon asked eyeing you suspiciously, “What did he say?”

Giggling, you answered. “He said that ever since we met, you tend to smile and laugh more.”

“What? That’s it?” He asked, looking at you in disbelieve.

“Joshua also said that ‘Woozi is now a lot softer because he’s in love’. That’s a very nice thing to know.” You laughed and he couldn’t help but broke into a smile watching you.

Jihoon leaned against you, clinging onto your arm as he yawned. You continued munching on your gummy bears, paying attention to the movie playing on the screen. Dating an idol clearly means that you don’t have a lot of time to spend together. But with Jihoon, the small amount of time you spend with him is always enjoyable and relaxing. You don’t have to go anywhere fancy or eat out. Just a lazy day lounging on the couch together while eating snacks will do.

“It’s because you make me happy.” He mumbled and you smiled.

Teasing him, you tried to make him say it again. But all he did was shoot you a glare, groaning “You heard me the first time.”

“Well, you make me happy too!” You beamed and poked his cheeks, something he usually won’t let you do. But he stayed still, the tip of his ears reddened.

Your boyfriend pulled up his blanket all over to his chin, all snuggled up with his head on your shoulders. “I’m never going back to the dorms. Ever. Again.”

“My place is an hour away from the company, Jihoon.”


“One thing I know for sure is that you’re definitely not a morning person so you can get rid of that idea right now.”

He pouted, “But your place is so much bigger and nicer and… you’re here.”

“Of course it’s bigger. I don’t have thirteen boys running around and tripping here and there, do I?” You grinned. “Besides, you know we can always visit each other.”

Don’t… Wanna… Go… Back…” He slurred and the next thing you know, your boyfriend was already sound asleep next to you.

grandpavsprowler: Fearless leader and fire starter

dannymasterson: Shoe game on point.

The Beatles x Anxious Reader Headcannons

😌 They all know you have occasional panic attacks.

😌 They all try to figure out, and limit the things that make you anxious.

😌 John is kinda oblivious to it.

😌 “What? Why are you upset?”

😌 He asks this as you have a panic attack***

😌 plays guitar in your room for you to calm you down if it gets really bad.

😌 “What would you like to hear, love? Anything you want.”

😌 Sits on the floor at your bed side, won’t get up until you stop crying.

😌 Ringo can easily relate to you, being that he also has anxiety.

😌 He gives you little pep talks when your feeling anxious about something.

😌 “It’s okay, you’re gonna be fine.”

😌 “Just think about someone or something you love.. get your mind off it.”

😌 *thinks about him*

😌 hugs as fuck.

😌 Paul gets nervous whenever you’re feeling nervous.

😌 “Is Y/N alright? What can I do to help??”

😌 Will literally go out and buy you shit if you really wanted him to.

😌 Makes tea for you and him to have while you watch t.v.

😌 Brings you like five blankets (And three for himself.)

😌 Makes you a little blanket cave to live in.

😌 Hugs the blanket cave so you’re snuggled up on his lap.

😌 George lets you squeeze his hand if you’re stressted, punch his shoulder ect.

😌 All of them agreed to make something for if in case they weren’t there to do anything.

😌 leaves you their phone numbers, a few blankets, and a note from them.

😌 “Call us when you need to.”

😌 “Someone will be home sooner or later.”

😌 “We love you alot..“

Those Shoes
The Eagles
Those Shoes

Throwback Track of the Week: The Eagles / “Those Shoes” (1979)

My favorite Eagles song - and arguably their coolest - this gem first appeared on their 6th studio album The Long Run (1979), which proved to be the band’s final album during their original “classic” incarnation from ‘71-'79. Flying under the radar to the better remembered album singles (which included Grammy-winning #1 hit “Heartache Tonight”, the title track & “I Can’t Tell You Why”), this is a can’t miss track for casual and die hard fans alike. Featuring a seriously sultry funky beat courtesy of drummer Don Henley and newcomer bassist Timothy Schmit, the groove is absolutely infectious and sets the tone early. The open space puts the lead guitar tandem of Don Felder and Joe Walsh on full display, and boy do they ever relish in the spotlight here. Starting with the opening guitar lick, Walsh’s guitar screams with funk and attitude, using the Talk Box (of which he was one of the device’s earliest innovators and helped mainstream) to complement the funky groove and the coolly-cynical detached vocal by Henley. So much to love here. The double guitar attack by Felder/Walsh. Walsh’s guitar absolutely soars on the big solo, displaying a funky style with such cocky flair and precision, I don’t think the ghost of Jimi Hendrix could have improved upon it. The general guitar sound and tone here captures a similar feel to Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour circa the Wish You Here/Animals/The Wall era, which coincidentally falls roughly into the same time as this album’s rather long recording period ('76-'79). The uber-funky bridge section with the hushed falsetto vocal takes the song up a notch when you think it’s already at 10. Or how about the “butt out, butt out” Talk Box refrain? So cool in fact, the Beastie Boys sampled it (along with the drum groove) on their classic 1989 song “High Plains Drifter” from Paul’s Boutique. Lyrically, the song shines too, serving up some rather unflattering (but honest) social commentary about both the sexual predatory nature of men and the precarious situations women often find (or put) themselves in, in social settings like bars. Joe Walsh’s imprint on the sound is so obvious, it’s a bit profound that he’s not a credited writer of the song. The penmanship going to the trio of Felder, Frey, Henley (perhaps add it to the long list of issues that broke up the band at the time…) In a decade that specialized in indulgent, confident guitar-oriented rock, it doesn’t get much better than this. While I confess the Eagles never quite had the cool factor for me compared to rival 70’s rock outfits like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Aerosmith, this one rocks out as good as any of those bands at their best. Do yourself a favor and revisit this should-be classic.

Suggested Target Demo: Fans of “Have a Cigar” by Pink Floyd, “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith

Love It, Leave It, or Levitt