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nightsbird  asked:

can u tell me abt hippo campus? they have a show less than an hour away from me for kinda cheap & i was maybe thinking of going but i wanna know more abt them first, yk?

yes !! hOo boy this might be long and it’s helpfulness will prob be quite basic but anyway !
hippo campus is:
jake/turntan (vocals&guitar), aka cryptid
zach/espo (bass), aesthetic instagram and likes fidget spinners
nathan/stitches (guitar), shortest member. has no social media really but i love his interviews
whistler/beans (drums), praise the lord for his beautiful snapchat & instagram stories

there’s a really good post about them & their nicknames but i forgot who posted it.. it’s likely on any popular hippo blog though

i also heard that they’re just really nice people and i want to meet them after a show someday if they can stop coming to dc on school nights lmao

julia is a close friend so you’ll see her with them a lot. but she’s also an amazing writer you should check out her tumblr too !

their most ‘popular’ songs are suicide saturday and south but they released their first lp landmark this february and it’s really good! my personal favorites are way it goes, simple season, and buttercup. their past eps are south and bashful creatures which i also love v dearly
also you’ve probably heard about baseball which is basically a song they’ve played live a bunch and recorded but it’s not on landmark ??#releasebaseball2017 tbh

anyway conclusion if you’re able you should totally see them live!!