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Just think of Kylo visiting Reys old ‘home’, looking around. 

Taking the old, dried up flower into his hand and crumble it between his fingers.

Looking at her makeshift bed, at all that seemingly worthless junk but it was all Rey used to have. He picks up one of the mechanic parts and wonders why she might have kept that thing. obviously it wasn’t valuable because in that case she would’ve traded it in for food.

Then he looks at the wall with all the marks and he takes off his glove and softly brushes his finger over the rills, the feelings of hope, despair and loneliness flood him as if they were trapped in each one of those tally marks.

Every single one counting down another day, each night she would carve a mark into the wall, hoping that maybe tomorrow would be the last day of her wait but Kylo feels that deep down inside she knew they won’t come back. But what else did she have to cling on? 

During the day she was busy with surviving but at night, she was alone with her thoughts and her longing and he looks at the bed and knows she would lie awake every night for hours. and the nights were so dark here in the desert, Rey would sometimes put on a light just to make sure that the world around her hasn’t vanished.

Ren can’t bring himself to leave and he is just sitting there on Reys bed, soaking up her essence like a sponge. He knows he is Ben Solo then. 

Kylo Ren has no force-bond with Rey.

a few galaxies away but right at the same time, Rey stands in Bens old ‘room’, looking over shelves of holo-books, miniature droids and old, beige and brown clothing, plushy toys and a bunch of actual paper with childish doodles and drawings on them. Leia had kept everything. “He would draw much.” Leia explains “Maz Kanata had advised Ben to draw what he was dreaming about.”

Leia tells Rey that Ben had often painted dark figures and shadows, landscapes of planets he could have never been on before and something they assumed to be a prisoner in a cell. Back then, they at first thought it was just a childs imagination. Han had joked that Ben could see his future, ending up in jail for smuggling. But Leia had been deeply worried and asked Luke for help.

Rey touches each single toy, brushes her fingers over the various  wear marks, almost feeling as if she was touching Ben. 

Leia shows her a little yellow night light and tells Rey how she had to leave it on for Ben, for he had been afraid of the dark. 

She recalls a little story to almost every object in the room.

Rey notices how Ben must have had more toys and things than Rey could’ve ever dreamt of. What else could be expected for a prince? 

But those were all things that had belonged to a child… where was the rest?

“I have not seen Ben in 20 years.” Leia would silently admit and answer Reys question.

Back then , to her it had been understood that Ben would be trained to become a Jedi. But now Leia feels like an idiot, telling this young woman in front of her that she had sent her only child away.

Rey starts to realize that a family could also be broken and torn. That people like Leia Organa, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker could make mistakes.

They leave the room and the door closes behind them.

Rey should have taken a closer look at the drawings and doodles, though. Some showed the Falcon or Chewbacca and other family members. But others showed certain desert landscapes and something that looked like a scrawly version of Reys AT-AT. and someone in front of a wall full of tally marks. 

At night, Rey would sneak back into Bens old room.

It feels as if every object and even the walls are talking to her and she just sits there, listening for hours on end. Rey then just knows more than ever that Ben Solo is still very much alive. She can feel him through their weird connection.

Valentine’s Date with Jimin

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  • despite having agreed to not doing anything TOO special for Valentine’s Day, Jimin shows up in front of your house in the evening
  • picking you up in the evening in a sleek convertible with the top down…in the middle of winter
  • you worry that your freshly curled hair would get messed up with such wind
  • that sleazy smirk on his face when he replies back to you “isn’t it nice? just like how you’d look with your top down” o m g
  • his crazy driving skills make you question if he’s in GTA
  • “Jimin”
  • “hmm?”
  • “why are you driving so fast PARK JIMIN”
  • “is this fast?”
  • “do you EVEN HAVE WINTER TIRES omg maybe you should slow down”
  • “…that’s not what you’re going to be saying tonight”
  • “what”
  • “what”
  • those sidelong glances he gives you
  • “Jimin why are you driving with only one hand, is this not dangerous”
  • “so I can use my other hand to hold yours” and then takes your hand in his, resting them in the middle between the two seats
  • arriving at your destination with wind-ruffled hair (you knew this was a bad idea)
  • BUT then he’s pulling you close and lightly brushing away the strands from your face
  • him being extra and running a hand through his own hair (as usual) but wow it falls back into place so nicely and looks so soft and fluffy
  • making eye contact as he catches you staring, but instead of giving a teasing comment about it, he gets shy and looks away first
  • Jimin making you feed him during dinner, and you give in because who can resist those cute eyes disappearing into slanted crescents and the way his face just lights up
  • hearing his melodic laugh as if whatever you just said was the funniest thing in the world
  • Jimin’s “excuse me” at the waiter
  • feeling all warm and sleepy from dinner on the drive back (with the roof up, yes, and ambient heating)
  • when it gets quiet as the car pulls into your driveway, light music in the background stopping, the rumble of the engine cutting until it’s all silent, just the two of you
  • then there’s the sweet goodnight kiss he gives you, hesitant and slow; a hand gently cupping your cheek while the other is tangled in your hair, soft lips grazing yours ever so carefully like it was the first time and the last, like time was rushing all too fast yet stretching out to the ends of eternity
  • both of you being all shy and smiley afterwards but then you have to go because it’s late and you have work the next day
  • Jimin calling you soon after he gets home, “hey I just wanted to make sure you got home alright”
  • “…Jimin”
  • “hmm?”
  • “you kind of drove me home”
  • “oh yeah. well. then I guess it’s just an excuse to keep talking to you then”
  • talking late into the night until you’re falling asleep to the sound of his soft chuckles beside your ear
  • waking up late for work the next morning and with all the minutes on your cell phone used up, all because of someone, “YAH PARK JIMIN!!!”
  • but maybe it was worth it (✧≖‿ゝ≖)