So here we are, in a dungeon, and the DM is describing a Howler to us.

DM: “So, think of like…  A big lion, but emaciated as hell, and all furless and gray.  A big gray furless emaciated lion.  But it has like…  Four long mandible things.  And quills all over.  And when it sees you, it sort of growls at you, and its face peels back over its head, literally, showing its skull and stuff.”

Half-Orc Fighter: “So…  like a foreskin?  A vicious foreskin-tiger!”

DM: “Yes.  Basically.”

Thus, the Howler became the Foreskin Tiger, and every time the Fighter attacked with her guisarme, she’d yell “Prepare to get circumcised, beast!”

Brineary’s weapon of choice?

I found Brineary’s weapon of choice. It would be a Glave or a Guisarme, Why? it works like a staff too and can resemble to a trident.

To my knowledge they are pole arm weapons. and I wish to know more about these beauties before Doing too much more on them.

I also seem to struggle to know the difference between a  Glave and a Guisarme. So this should be fun.

Anyone who knows about these please feel free to openly educate me on these.