Brineary’s weapon of choice?

I found Brineary’s weapon of choice. It would be a Glave or a Guisarme, Why? it works like a staff too and can resemble to a trident.

To my knowledge they are pole arm weapons. and I wish to know more about these beauties before Doing too much more on them.

I also seem to struggle to know the difference between a  Glave and a Guisarme. So this should be fun.

Anyone who knows about these please feel free to openly educate me on these.

kalza  asked:

* (I don't watch SU but I'm curious about what you'll give me XD )

name: jasper (kinradite)
weapon: comically large guisarme
gem placement: neck

This is Cecelia (Cici for short), my Fighter for the Pathfinder game I have going with my roommates.

For some reason I always end up playing the tank/front linesman character in our games. Which means a lot of stupid stuff happens. Like being dropped from 42 hp (full) to 3 hp at the start of a fight…or getting 8 points of ability damage to Dex due to poison (I kept failing my fortitude rolls, sob). Or being blown up by the party Alchemist and having my unconscious, scorched body Hydraulic Pushed geyser-style out of an Ankheg burrow.

But I also get to have a sick attack bonus to my Guisarme, and that seems to be working out.