Junior cert brief summary of my exams
  • English: Holy shit. I actually finished the exam on time. I even have half an hour left! That wasn't that bad.
  • Irish paper one: *donegal accent* Dia Daoibh! Is mise Donal. Tá mé Adfuvnhtc Ghubjugv Birdingbury StAr WaRs *beep beep* Suddenly a car. Healthy eating comprehension. Okay grammar.
  • Irish paper two: strawberry jam on door, haha fuck you here you go have some áit cardiúil.
  • Geography: Tourist attractions in Ireland? Um.. Cliffs I think. Maps.
  • Maths paper one: God hates you
  • Maths paper two: God hates you even more. Oh! Also, here you go have some theorems. Shoutout to Gary and Róisin for measuring a tower with a shoe. Mark you're the real MVP.
  • Science: Carbon dioxide formula. Cool skeleton. Why does a rabbit have big incisors.
  • French: Je m'appelle Jacqueline. J'ai Adghifhj xetgbju feyvjufdr. Ooh note! Extremely adorable little boat bot thing. Mention your dog in the letter. They're your only family.
  • History: Renaissance fuck yes! Irish history? Please kill me. Mention some Bullshit about the war of independence. Um.. They used guirella war tactics? Ha, you thought Martin Luther and Christopher Columbus would be on that paper? hA hA hA, how adorable! Here you go have some people for history that you never learned.
  • My inner feminist coming out at the comments on women in the article on reformation.
  • Home economics: List ways to dispose of a refrigerator while protecting the environment. Name two teenage fashion trends. Mom jeans? How would I know I never leave my room. Write a letter to a shop on how they managed to fuck up your phone.

[130608] Crayon Pop’s first comabck stage with Bar Bar (+Bar).

Hilarious choreography.