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Meet Zeus, an awesome Great Dane from Otsego, Michigan who holds the Guinness World Record for ‘Tallest Dog‘. He weight 155 pounds and measures 44 inches from foot to shoulder. But when standing on his hind legs, Zeus measures a whopping seven foot four. And he can drink directly from the kitchen faucet!

Visit Laughing Squid to watch a video in which Denise Doorlag, Zeus’ human companion, describes her family’s enormous dog and shares the history behind his name.

If you’re in the mood for even more world records, the 2013 edition of the Guinness World Records book is now available.

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There’s an official Guinness World Record for “World’s Most Dangerous Tree,” and it’s held by the manchineel tree from the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. The manchineel’s bark is covered in sap that causes skin to blister and can blind a person if it gets in their eyes. Even standing under the tree in the rain can cause blisters because the sap will drip onto skin.The tree’s fruit, known as the “beach apple” or “death apple,” is slightly sweet but very painful to eat. Ulceration of the mouth and esophagus will occur from just a small bite and consumption can be lethal. Smoke from burning manchineel wood can cause blindness, and the sap has historically been used to coat arrows for hunting. Today it’s an endangered species in Florida. (via Listverse)

Guinness names Filipino as world’s shortest man

A poor Filipino blacksmith’s son who stands less than two feet (60 centimeters) tall was declared the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records on his 18th birthday last June 12, sparking a celebration in his far-flung hometown.

The title was bestowed on Junrey Balawing in Sindangan in the southern Philippines, with Balawing’s parents, villagers and officials showering the coastal town’s newly famous resident with a feast, a cake, balloons and cash gifts.

Balawing measured 23.5 inches (60 centimeters) during the ceremony attended by about 100 villagers and journalists. Guinness World Records representative Craig Glenday presented Balawing with official recognition of his status as the shortest adult man in the world.

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This awesomely large and intricate wooden sculpture is the work of Chinese artist Zheng Chunhui. Carved on a 40-foot-long tree trunk over the course of 4 years, this monumental work of art was recently recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s longest continuous wooden sculpture.

Zheng Chunhui’s sculpture is based on a famous Chinese painting called Along the River During the Qingming Festival. The Qingming Festival is, “a historical holiday reserved to celebrate past ancestors that falls on the 104th day after the winter solstice.

Photos by Lv Ming, click here to view more.

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The World’s Tallest LEGO Tower just got even taller. Last year we shared the news when a 105-foot-tall tower was built in Seoul, South Korea using over 50,000 LEGO bricks. The awesome plastic spire seen here measures 112-feet-tall (that’s over five stories high) and is made of over 500,000 LEGO bricks. It’s the result of months of work by a devoted group of students from Wilmington, Delaware, who dedicated their entire summer to breaking the previous record.

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Nintendo Fans Mark Kirby’s 20th Anniversary with Guinness World Record for Most People Blowing a Bubble Simultaneously.

[Press Release] … hundreds of Kirby fans gathered together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kirby to try to break the Guinness World Records for the most people blowing a chewing gum bubble simultaneously (536 total), at PAX Prime in Seattle on Sept. 1, 2012. 

Twitch just received an award from Guinness World Records at E3 for most people playing a single player game: Twitch Plays Pokemon Red:

Back in February this year, the biggest Pokémon internet sensation was first discovered and took the world by storm. Twitch Plays Pokémon was a huge success that as of today, the internet phenomenon is still going on today with the community playing the sixth game since TPP first game with Pokémon Black. During the original run of Twitch Plays Pokémon Red, it once was the most viewed at Twitch with over 33 million views worldwide! Last week at E3, the officials from Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition recognized the Twitch Plays Pokémon community for having the most people playing a single player game!

The award segment starts at 43:35 and it starts with Annie Nguyen from Guinness World Records saying that Twitch Plays Pokémon was a huge social experiment and with over a million players worldwide, on behalf of the Twitch Plays Pokémon community, the CEO of Twitch Platform Emmett Shear accepted the award for such a huge achievement even the CEO of Twitch referenced the phenomenon by ending a statement with “Praise the Helix”. The original stream of TPP took 16 days starting from February 12th and ended on March 1st, 2014. This is a huge milestone for not only Twitch, but for gaming and Pokémon.



The Guinness world record for tallest LEGO tower has been officially broken once again, this time in Budapest, Hungary by an awesomely determined group of schoolchildren and some specially trained grownup helpers. Constructed in front of the city’s iconic St. Stephen’s Basilica, the new tower stands 114 feet (34.76 meters) tall, breaking the previous record by just a couple feet. When you consider how small LEGO pieces are and how tall this tower is, two additional feet is pretty impressive.

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PSY’s Gangnam Style sets a Guinness World Record!

South Korean rapper Psy has a new reason to boast: He just broke a Guinness World Record.

The records-keeping authority announced Friday morning that Psy’s Gangnam Style broke the record for “Most Likes on YouTube” with 2,141,758. That breaks the previous record set by LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem (1,574,963), Justin’s Bieber’s Baby (1,327,147) and Adele’s Rolling in the deep (1,245,641). (It should also be noted that Psy’s hit is edging close to 100,000 dislikes as well.) Gangnam also has racked up 227 million views, which puts it just outside of YouTube’s list of the 30 most-viewed videos ever.

In a release, Guinness World Records Community Manager, Dan Barrett, said: “Having been the ‘Have you seen this?!’ video of the last two months across the web, it’s great to be able to award a record for this tremendously popular video. In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now “Gangnam Style” has achieved more than twice this figure in just three months on YouTube. PSY – your certificate is waiting here at our office, come pick it up any time!