guinness revelations

Revelations || Guinevak & Cynethryth

Cynethryth stopped before Lady Guinevak’s new orphanage and gawked. She hadn’t seen the place since she’d brought the lady there as a potential location for the orphanage the lady seemed to think was necessary. Then, the building had been mostly a skeletal structure of charred wood and mud, strewn about with blood and guts: evidence of a battle hard-fought and won (or lost, depending on one’s point of view). Now, it resembled its state when Cynethryth first laid eyes on it the night of the attack: new and colourful, peaceful. The lady and her friend had certainly done a good job of cleaning it up. 

Some screaming children ran past playing a game and knocked into Cynethryth. She wrinkled her nose and was about to yell something rude after them when she caught sight of Guinevak emerging from the house. Rearranging her face into a pleasant smile, she curtsied and said, “My lady. You were asking to see me here? Is there being something you’re need help with?”