An episode I'd love to see in Merlin S5

So some kind of monster is attacking Camelot’s outlying villages! Naturally, Merlin and Arthur and the knights clear off to deal with it.

Except rather than following them on their monster-hunting quest, we stick with Gwen, who has been left to hold down the fort on her own for a few days and is a little nervous about doing so since she’s not been queen for all that long. Arthur’s various advisers/council peeps are not very happy about this situation. They tolerate it since it’s Arthur’s will and not for very long but make it quite clear to Gwen that they think Arthur should have left them in charge instead.

But then some sort of major catastrophe happens! A political or a magical crisis, it doesn’t really matter which. As Arthur is off lost in the woods somewhere they can’t get in touch with him, so Gwen has to deal with it. And naturally, being Gwen, she kicks. ass.

*insert Gwen being awesome and queenly here*

So. Once the crisis is averted, the advisers are all ‘yeah okay we admit that you’re a pretty awesome queen’

And Gwen is all 'oh, it was nothing, I couldn’t have done it without your help! ^_^’

Then Arthur finally shows up and he’s all 'hey Gwen, we killed the monster! Anything interesting happen while we were away?’

And she’s like 'oh no, nothing much happened, it was fine. ^_^’

Aaaand exhibit C.

Unfollowing the person doing the ugly-calling now. Asked how they’d feel if Angel Coulby came across them calling her ugly, they said they wouldn’t care - and now a load of people are all agreeing with them.

Congrats, you meanspirited assholes - the only ugly things I see on my dash right now are your opinions.

squintyoureyes replied to your photo: Aaaand exhibit C. Unfollowing the person doing…

omg GROSS, you have been following the wrong people. this is why I give merls fans on tumblr a wide berth unless i already know them.

Yeah. It is, unfortunately, a hazard of the fact that I adore Arthur/Morgana - I love ‘em as lovers, as siblings, as incestuous siblings… -_^ it’s all good and some of the graphics produced for them are SO gorgeous. My dash would be way more boring if I didn’t follow lots of Arthur/Morgana shippers.

Fortunately, most are fine with Gwen - sometimes I see conversations with people moaning about how she’s been written or about Gwen/Arthur in general but I can deal with that cause I have plenty of Gwen/Arthur shippers (or just sensible multishipper types :P) to balance it out. It’s when I see Gwen getting called ugly and a slut or whatever that I feel like smacking myself in the face with my keyboard. I mean, aside from anything else, what is the point of being so mean?