Petblr Masterpost

This is a list of unproblamatic petblrs. Unproblamatic meaning: lgbt+ positive, Not racist, ableist, or a terf, doesn’t support animal cruelty (Or methods of animal cruelty involved in ‘training’, like shock collars and prong collars), and features mostly petblr content on their blog. I’m also leaving out animal rights activists as they don’t really have the best interest of animals in mind! People will be on the list multiple times depending on the animals they own!

If you’d like to be added to this list, let me know. I’ll check out your blog. Please state what animals you have and the blog you’d like to be listed. If you’d like to be removed, also let me know. If you see anyone on this list that doesn’t meet what I’ve said, message me with your claims and I will check them out.

General Pet Care:
@socialjusticeichigo (Has a dog, reblogs animal welfare content, runs petcareawareness)

@achoirofcritters (one mixed bully breed, one Australian shepherd, another mixed breed)
@spartathesheltie (Shetland Shepherd) 
@maisietheyellowlab (Labrador)
@tser (Miniature Poodle)
@the-pasta-pack (Italian greyhounds)
@loachlinguini (Siberian Husky)
@bettas-are-awesome (Lab mix)
@furyourowngood (Collie)
@baby-girl-banana (one dog)
@philoskylax (standard poodle)
@memezywimzie (Border Collie)
@snootastic (Borzoi and Papillion)

@chibimonkey (3 cats)
@achoirofcritters (Russian Blue, Maine Coon mix, 2 other cats)
@tser (Domestic longhair and shorthair)
@bettas-are-awesome (2 cats)
@baby-girl-banana (2 cats)
@adhdseabunny (4 cats)

Rodentblrs: (Rabbits are included in this list even though they’re not rodents, also hedgehogs)
@allanimalsgallore (3 guinea pigs)
@chibimonkey (Hamster)
@achoirofcritters (2 fancy mice)
@bettas-are-awesome (gerbils, guinea pigs)
@pet-of-subs (3 rabbits)
@baby-girl-banana (four hamsters)
@noodlepancake (guinea pigs)
@thebettatales (mouse, guinea pig)
@gecko-garden (2 chinchilla, 3 mice)
@kimchi-krazed (2 rats)
@snootsfinsandfur (Syrian hamster, guinea pig)
@pastelferret (2 Ferrets)
@thislittlerattie (4 rats, 1 rabbit, also a foster)
@claricespieces (hamster)
@kissasnake (Rabbit)
@sillydegu (six degus, one hamster)
@rat-lover19 (19 rats)
@bettaesthetic (8 rats)

@jayce-space (A special needs cockatiel, 2 budgies, a lovebird, a parrotlet)
@tser (African gray parrot)
@furyourowngood (ringneck doves)
@thebettatales (9 chickens)
@spoiledbratsanctuary (parrot)
@aderynnn (Lovebird)
@avacado-and-louie (Parrots, bird care)

@jayce-space (2 betta, a snakehead, various other fish)
@toothless-the-betta-fish (3 betta, 3 mystery snails, 2 nerite snails, 2 Malaysian trumpet snails, saltwater tank)
@hella-free-space (3 bettas, also willing to answer rat questions)
@allanimalsgallore (1 betta, 3 nerite snails)
@tser (Assorted fish)
@finsscalestails (guppies, corydoras catfish, future betta)
@tricksterwithafish (2 betta fish)
@pet-of-subs (8 bettas)
@mooseinaboot (Betta fish) 
@witchyfishyfun (betta fish)
@fishhhhhhh (six betta fish and other tropical fish, 2 nerites)
@loachlinguini (loaches) 
@bettas-are-awesome (4 betta, aquatic snails)
@furyourowngood (20 gal tank, various freshwater)
@elemental-kiss (aquatic snails, betta fish)
@baby-girl-banana (two betta, various fish)
@stygianterrorfish (1 betta, 9 cordoras sterbai)
@furyourowngood (55 gallon tank)
@noodlepancake (fish)
@quasarlasar (cichlids, tropical freshwater semi-aggressive tank, loaches, catfish etc)
@thebettatales (3 bettas)
@immersive-lore-friendly-cheese (various fish)
@spoiledbratsanctuary (8 bettas)
@gecko-garden (five planted tanks)
@lappysfish (One betta)
@snootsfinsandfur (one betta, two community tanks)
@kouhafish (11 betta)
@adhdseabunny (3 goldfish, plecos)
@shrimpbo (fish, shrimp, and plants)
@aquariumkids (goldfish, malaysian trumpet, mystery, and nerite snail, general freshwater content)
@pets-by-peanut (betta fish, 2 aquatic snails)
@ddwfr (Betta)
@bettaesthetic (2 betta, 2 goldfish, community tropical tank)

@jayce-space (gargoyle gecko)
@tser(4 crested geckos, 1 leopard gecko)
@wheremyscalesslither (various snakes)
@elemental-kiss (leopard gecko, crested gecko, gargoyle gecko)
@baby-girl-banana (ball python)
@thebettatales (2 corn snakes, 1 kenyan sand boa, 1 african fat-tailed gecko)
@gecko-garden (4 leopard geckos, 9 crested geckos)
@snootsfinsandfur (one bearded dragon, one leopard gecko)
@a-lotl-creatures (day gecko, gargoyle gecko, a savannah monitor, 5 crested geckos, 2 leachies)
@memezywimzie (bearded dragons, leapord geckos)
@kaijutegu (Tegu, good at lizards and snakes
@kissasnake (2 kenyan sand boa, 1 corn snake, 1 ball python)

@jayce-space (axolotl)
@elemental-kiss (Fire Belly Toad, American Toad)
@chibimonkey (African Dwarf frog colony, two axolotl) 
@thebettatales (firebelly toads)
@a-lotl-creatures (Axolotl)

Bugblrs: (This goes for anything crustacean, such as Isopods, too. Also goes for spiders)
@peppermintmantis (General bugs)
@allanimalsgallore (isopods, springtails, helix aspera)
@tser(isopods, mantises, roaches, slug)
@furyourowngood (Snails)
@cornsbeans (tarantula)
@fishhhhhhh (land snail)
@chibimonkey (Praying mantis)
@gecko-garden (Tarantula, dubia roaches)
@a-lotl-creatures (Madagascar Hissers)
@pets-by-peanut (Giant African Land Snail)

@memezywimzie (one horse)


Happy Friday from Annie!

“It’s Friday again! 🎉☺️ Have an amazing day! 🐾🐹”

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The guinea pigs got a cage redecorating today in a Mario theme!

We also added one new guinea pig to our herd named Finnian (so we can call him a Finnypig)! He transferred here from EARPS, Inc today because he has dental disease and could use the extra care. Since Mortimer and Castiel also have dental issues feeding dental pigs doesn’t add much extra to the work for us.

So, give a warm welcome to Finnian and go ahead and admire out excellent Mario furniture building skills! #guineapig #mario #welcome #mariobros #guineapigs #rescue

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This is what Fergus does all the time. He just follows Mortimer around and watches him sleep or eat, and makes the other guinea pigs leave Mortimer alone if they are bothering him. I like to pretend Fergus is Mortimer’s secret service body guard. “Are you ok Mr. President?” asks Fergus. “Wheek Wheek Wheeeeeeek,” says Mortimer.

Anyway, Fergus, Castiel, Rupert, and Alastor are all going to the vet today. Fergus, Rupert, and Alastor are gettinf neutered and Castiel is having his misaligned incisors removed. Wish them all luck! #guineapigs #guineapig #secretservice #peeg #weeklyfluff

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I love running and jumping! Now how do I sign up for a gymnastics team? 🐾🐹

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