MiniGuineaPig does tricks! 🎉🎈🏆 - This video was only taken a year ago, but MGP is a lot less spry these days. She’s still active and *very much* eating, but she’s also been having some health problems that we’re working with our vet to get to bottom of. She’s our grand old lady of over 6 years old, so it might also just be her age. Think some good thoughts for her!
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This little girl is called Bumbles. 😍 

Bumbles is a special needs guinea pig and she will be staying her living a loved pet life. Bumbles owner wanted to give her a chance at life, and we agreed to bring her into the caviary. 

So Bumbles was born with the use of only one leg. Her front legs are developed but curled under her. She walks on her piggy elbows. One back leg is also not correct, so she walks on her piggy knee. She gets around very well and is super fast. At this point she is about a month old. We are hoping as she grows and puts on weight that she will still be able to move around well and have a good quality piggy life. Fingers crossed. 

We will continue to share Bumbles progress and story, and we look for good things in her future. 

Welcome Bumbles. 💜


Aaaaaand they’re off!


How to wake up a piglet.