Midas is so silly! Limp foot! Super smash in the bg ;)


So this little cutie named Lola came into my life a few days ago. A girl at my school was giving her away for free. I’ve never had a guinea pig before, but I’ve been wanting one. When I got her, just from having experience with my hamster Remy, I noticed she wasn’t very well taken care of. She was living in harsh wood chips, her cage took me 2 hours to clean because it was so caked full of… well you know. Her nails looked like they hadn’t been clipped in months, she had no place to hide in, no toys to chew on, and no source of vitamin C. She was so terrified when I brought her home, but she’s getting better every day! She’s even making happy noises now. It just broke my heart because of the condition she was living, but now she has all the love in the world, and a little hammy brother 😀

Excited dogs when you get home are great but have you ever walked into a room with an excited guinea pig?