Pig Pig has serious sass & attitude going on here. As if he’s looking me up and down with disgust for having the nerve to photograph him eating. 

I’m sorry Mister Pig, but it’s not my fault that you’re ridiculously adorable in doing everything you do, so much so it’d feel like a crime not to take photos.

(This was taken back in September last year after having recovered from the bacterial/fungal skin infection, with his skin healed  fur growing back nicely.)

God I’m really tired of hearing “but I can’t afford to give my pet x setup [that is the bare minimum for them to have a happy and long life]” as an excuse for why people put their pets in abusive and constricting homes.

Can’t afford to get your pet and buy/maintain a healthy habitat for it? Don’t fucking get that pet then. Don’t force it to have an unhealthy life because of your selfishness.


(via @thelavaempire on Instagram: “Fly Bella Rose fly🕊#guineapigs”)