Say hullo to Jennifuzz (aka Fat Fuzz) 🍔 She is a retired breeding fuzz and we are thrilled to be her forever home! _ PS. We shot this on her gotcha day almost 2 weeks ago. No worries, she’s now learned how to greedily shove all sorts of food into face from MGP. She’s learning to blorp from the best!
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These two girls are part of a group of six we took in as fosters. They are now ready for their own loving, forever family.

The girls are around four months old. They are bonded, so we will be looking for a home where they can stay together.

These cuties are located near Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Please go to my facebook page to see availability for any of our guinea pigs:

I wasn’t going to post this because of how tumblr can be, but I know people will wonder so I’ve decided to. Onyx was rehomed yesterday. Opal did not seem to like her at all. After 3 weeks of dealing with constant rumbling, chasing, harassing, and the like, I decided enough was enough. Onyx, being acquired 2nd and being the most adoptable due to her young age, was the one I chose to rehome. She’s now with a pig her own age and I’ve been told she’s very happy there, and they are actually snuggling! Opal has been more friendly with me in the last day than she ever has, and seems happier than she ever has been since I’ve had her, too, so I think I made the right decision. It was very hard, but necessary.

Opal will stay a single pig unless I decide to try again, perhaps with a male (I’ve bred pigs before and know the risks hence my hesitation) or a neutered male. But for now she’ll be a spoiled single. She seems happy about that!

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