God I’m really tired of hearing “but I can’t afford to give my pet x setup [that is the bare minimum for them to have a happy and long life]” as an excuse for why people put their pets in abusive and constricting homes.

Can’t afford to get your pet and buy/maintain a healthy habitat for it? Don’t fucking get that pet then. Don’t force it to have an unhealthy life because of your selfishness.


Mocha had such a presence in our house.

I always had pictures of her in my room but I thought I’d just show some of them off featuring her toys (the chicken and tiger) and some felt/clay versions of her I made so long ago. I made them for fun but I’m glad I did!

although I have tons of photos of mocha we actually had some cards printed of her (the repeat picture) we decided to keep the last two in some frames.

I just kinda felt like showing this off. I miss her but atleast I can have a reminder of her always and I love that.


Aaaaaand they’re off!


How to wake up a piglet.


Pizza thief.