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How I've experienced different pet owners:
  • Fish owners: Look at my wet puppy! I've spent hundreds of dollars on aquascaping his tank and does nothing but hide from me all day!! I love him.
  • Reptile owners: No, you can't really touch her, she's more of an observational pet...yes, I know she does nothing but sit in the dirt all day, what's your point?
  • Hamster/guinea pig/other rodent owners: *brushing bedding off their bed* I was petting him and got so relaxed I fell asleep...oh no, WHERE DID YOU GO?!
  • Bird owners: *putting expensive toys and gourmet meals in and watching them disappear* Must. Appease. Bird.

These arnt the best or really good tbh but i wanna make myself some rodent and one not quite a rodent shhhh  stickers

(please dont use these for anything)

Vitamin C & Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are one of the few animals that cannot produce their own vitamin C and must get it through their diet. Low vitamin C is one of the most common causes of disease in guinea pigs and can lead to respiratory infections, scurvy, dental disease, and death. Anytime I have a sick guinea pig as a patient, I almost always give a Vitamin C injection because they are too low.

Guinea pigs need about 25 mg of vitamin C a day, 40 for pregnant sows. While pelleted diets do contain added vitamin C, by the time you purchase a bag most of it has been degraded. Water additives also are quickly degraded and most guinea pigs couldn’t drink enough water to get the right amount anyway.

The best way to ensure your guinea pigs are getting enough vitamin C is to offer it through fresh foods every day. Here is a handy list of foods and how much you have to feed each guinea pig a day to get around 25 mg.

Guava- 1.1 tbsp

Red Bell Pepper- 2.1 tbsp

Green Bell Pepper- 3.4 tbsp

Kale- 1/3 C

Parsley- 1/3 C

Cauliflower- 4 flowerets

Broccoli- 1/3 C