guinea pig


Oreo couldn’t decide whether to start a Potato Farm, or a Guinea pig ranch, so he did both! 

Guinea Potatoes are cute, small, customizable and easy to take care of! Reblog and tag who you want to share a guinea potato with!

I would like to thank @littlemissweaboo for helping me come up with this idea ^w^ I tag: @omgaflyingpig @amayapuppy @apocalypse-prevention-agency @xgemdrawsx @mrstealyourdragon @albatronic1987 @spooctraloar @ashwolfcub @gamingyugi @kawaiiellie-chan @niquedoodles @themosthairestlobsterintheworld @aliciapuppy @stickynotestroke @lukethekiddo @wolfboy @uzbp @milkytsarts @albus-aquila-allen @cap-of-tea @pups-art @anonymousbathtub @blackevilblood @oikimsspace @amazingmewtwo @toggy001 @zan-77 @inkspace23 @staryeclipse @lindow-window2 @kiddostrash @ask-the-chan-family @nata110 @timelordcastiel @cap-of-tea 


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God I’m really tired of hearing “but I can’t afford to give my pet x setup [that is the bare minimum for them to have a happy and long life]” as an excuse for why people put their pets in abusive and constricting homes.

Can’t afford to get your pet and buy/maintain a healthy habitat for it? Don’t fucking get that pet then. Don’t force it to have an unhealthy life because of your selfishness.


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