Imagine sneaking around to be with Obi-Wan.

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“Very well, class will resume in exactly thirty minutes,” your teacher said, clapping his hands once. “Be sure to not be late,” he shot you a pointed look. You winced and shot him a guilty smile, expecting the eye-roll that came your way.

Before you could think twice about it, you darted out of the room and made a beeline to the spot you had agreed to meet Obi Wan in. You smiled as you recognized him, leaning against one of the pillars of the building.

“Hey, you,” you said, immediately pressing yourself against him and crashing your lips to his.

He moaned against your lips, hands gripping your hips and pulling you closer to him. You relished in the hard edges of his body, years of Jedi training had made him quite fit and you enjoyed the muscles you got to touch beneath the Jedi robes.

Obi Wan’s lips pulled away from yours and he marked a trail of kissing across your cheek and jawline, making you moan loudly at the sensation. He quickly shushed you before continuing his ministrations, knowing he only had thirty minutes to do what he wanted with you.

Jared’s acting this episode was so incredible (his acting always is) I don’t even have words to explain.

I mean you could literally see the hurt and guiltiness in his eyes when he kept saying no to lucifer. I CANT EVEN COMPREHEND HOW JARED PADALECKI COULD BE SO INCREDIBLE ALL AT ONCE.


I share my birthday with the anniversary of the Challenger disaster and when I was eight a lady asked me why I looked so happy and I remember giving her a big smile and saying “it’s my birthday!” and she said “oh who cares. Today’s the fifteenth anniversary of Challenger.”

It’s only been the past few years that I’ve been able to celebrate it without feeling, on some level, like a terrible person.

it was lunch hour at east high, everyone was gathered about either eating or soaking up time doing a leisurely activity – not ryan. he’d decided to skip his croutons and marshmallow to try and scope out some of the fresh talents lurking about the school … he hadn’t changed much. before a minute had gone, he had his ear pressed up eagerly against the music room doors, straining to try and hear something, though his thoughts were dashed as he heard a sound flare from behind him. jumping up sheepishly, he let out the most guilty laugh, shifting his eyes in all directions, ‘’ i wasn’t spying, or anything… oh no, i mean - i’m a teacher, how unprofessional would that be? i was simply … making sure the door was still in shape, uhuh. ‘’

The Guilty Pleasures: “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”
More than just another generic Rock action vehicle, G.I. Joe: Retaliation attempts to go all-in on the source material and have some fun with it. Just put it in and let it happen. Yo Joe!