guilty street


Finally getting around to posting some pictures of a recent project. I made these as trophies for a gaming tournament, hosted by SETX FGC, Battle for Broke. 

Event Photography by Tram Tram Photography


Japan photos, two sets left.  I couldn’t leave it at just 10 pics this time.

While I was scoping downtown Kyoto, I went through one of the pedestrian walk ways.  Found a pachinko parlor and an escalator with displays for an arcade.  Without realizing it, I found myself at one of the best arcades in Japan; Neo Amusement Space A-Cho.

Now THIS was the kind of arcade I was looking for, heard a lot about it but never expected to wind up here.  First level had a lot of the newer games in sleek shiny Taito cabs on one side (Blazblue, Guilty Gear, Persona 4 U, USF4), old school Versus City cabs on the other (Capcom fighters, SNK fighters) and random old school games around the walls (Final Fight, Tetris, Metal Slug games, Mahjong games, Melty Blood).  There were UFO Catchers, a Pokken cab, photo booths and a snack bar too.  Also found a bunch of notebooks filled with messages and cool sketches of anime characters.  Second level had Tekken 7: FR cabs, shmup games and all the latest Bemani games.

It was a Saturday when I got there so the place was packed, mostly guys getting off work and hanging out, BlazBlue was really popular over there.  I did find a group of foreigners but all they played were Taiko Drum Master and Windjammers.  I mostly played 1P games since I’m not that good at any of the newer fighters.  At any rate, there was a lot going on so I had a lot of fun there; hope to go again someday.

One thing to mention, anyone who’s been to the A-Cho website might have seen artwork of a mascot girl with short hair.  She’s not just a mascot, she actually works there.  Thought it was neat once I made the connection, hope she’s doing her best.

Captions on the photos above, one more set to go.

Losing is inevitable, but you must never give up.

Top tier characters, inexperienced  players.  My Makoto had to teach them a lesson.

Along with the photo booths, there were make-up stations for anyone who wanted to look good for the camera.

Pachinko parlor on the 1st floor, that place was LOUD!


Happy Birthday Robert De Niro - August 17