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Where did you find the conceptual art for Vastedge XT?

The story goes that the artwork was “leaked” a number of years ago and put on a Chinese Server Website called Taobao (I’m not entirely sure the circumstances at this point in time, only that it involved a few individuals from Dustloop).

At first, because so few people understood or recognized it as official artwork from a game that was “still in development” at the time, only a few people knew about it. And those that did know, thought it was just “really good fanart” at first.

After some time passed, certain individuals in the fan community “bought” the pictures from the server in order to get a good look at them… which pretty much confirmed their suspicions that this was in fact from a Guilty Gear game, given the contents of the artwork, as even artwork for characters from Guilty Gear 2 Overture was in it.

Furthermore, as Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- was being teased in its debut trailer, it featured Millia Rage and Zato=ONE at the end of the trailer… Millia’s costume design in Xrd at the time was all-but identical to that of the concept of her for these leaked images.

The controversial discussion blew up, and eventually Yamanaka and the rest of ARC System Works announced (probably prematurely) over Twitter their release of the Pachislot prequel to Guilty Gear Xrd, titled “Guilty Gear VastEdge XT”.  The timing seemed very awkward to say the least, not to mention containing spoilers concerning Dizzy and conflicting info about Sin of all things.

At the time there wasn’t much in way of discussion from ARCSys about the leak, but it was probably something they eventually dealt with further down the line.  Keep in mind that Pachislot games don’t have high security like an Arcade board such as Sega’s RingEdge 2.

As far as where one can get the leaked artwork from VastEdge, I think Dustloop’s Zepp Museum could probably dig it up from their archives… otherwise, I can always see what I can do about making a .zip archive or something of that nature if it’s not accessible anywhere else.

Keep in mind, this artwork is STILL considered leaked content… and probably against ARC System Works’ approval to upload and distribute, even if the damage has already been done.

Here’s a Timeline of events to make this easier to understand:

—Early experiments in 3D graphics for GG in 2007 weren’t very successful.

—First concepts for GGXrd emerged in 2008 with production starting in 2011 along with a prototype movie that convinced them to continue with 3D design.

—Guilty Gear “VastEdge” artwork appears “for sale” on Chinese Website “Taobao” (the equivalent of Ebay) in 2011.  Most fans think it is just concept art for cosplay and do not think much of it… at first…

—Production for GGXrd ramps up to full scale mid-2012 until the end of 2013.

—Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Trailer is released to the public May 19th or so…

—September 10th, due to the trailer from GGXrd… it all but confirms the suspicions of fans who had seen the concept art from Taobao, and they decide to purchase the artwork to get a better look at it… confirming the artwork was a leak.

—September 12th, 2013 (just two days later), Yamanaka announces Guilty Gear VastEdge XT as a Pachislot game in lieu of the art leak.

To this day, even Japanese fans of Guilty Gear are still confused by what happened, since U.S. fans were the first to discover the leak!

GGVastedge - Coming Home ( Premium bonus theme )

Transcript by ear! 耳訳歌詞~


Turn around; stay away
Life is so hard; here it goes again
Time only for us or so I thought

Out of rest, out of luck; it’s just the usual stuff I know
but where your footsteps gone; what am I doing here?

I don’t know how you’re feeling now; hope you are not lonely
We are in the bad weather; are you crying?

Coming home; coming home,
I’ve been waiting for you all-
I’ll be there, proud of you; can’t wait to see you smiling

Coming home; coming home,
But those words itself have fade away-
The sun has gone down long time ago

Our guard down; our school, our neighborhood places to look
Can’t find anything left of you
On the highway to the border even though they’re the seven seas;
Can’t find your footsteps but still looking for your trace-

I don’t know how you’re doing now; hope you ain’t scared or alone-
No one will harm you, so please stop crying-

Coming home; coming home
I’ve been waiting for you all-
I’ll be there, lonely too; can’t wait to see you smiling

Coming home; Coming home,
But those words that are now lost in nowhere-
The moon has came up long time ago

I don’t know what should I do now; not sure who I am anymore
Was it only me who thought we’re family-

Coming home; coming home,
I’ve been waiting to hear your words-
I’ll be there, proud of you; can’t wait to see you smiling

Coming home; coming home,
But those words itself have fade away-
The sun has gone down long time ago

Big thanks to Hito the translator!

“A half-Gear with the blood of ‘Justice’ in her veins. She has an honest and pure heart, but being a Gear lead to a large bounty being place on her head and her life being in danger. Later as she lived an enjoyable life as one of the Jellyfish Pirates, she fell in love with Ky Kiske and they got together(??). Currently she sleeps deep within Illyria Castle, having become embroiled in a certain incident.”

*(The image is a bit unclear so I’m not sure about the ‘get together’ bit. It looks like 結ばれた maybe but I could be wrong?)

This is what I got from the image:

「ジャスティス」の血を引くハーフギア。素直で純粋な心を持つが、ギアであるが故に多額の賞金を掛けられ、命を狙われていた。後にジェリーフィッ シュ快賊団の一員として楽しい日常を送る中、カイ=キスクと恋に落ち結ばれた。現在はとある事件に巻き込まれイリュリア城の奥深くで眠りに着いている。

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With Zappa appearing in Revelator in his Vastedge costume (although recolored), could you share any details you've managed to scrounge up that may be relevant to missing cast members like Zappa, Dizzy etc that appeared in that Pachinko game (other than the Flashing Fang stuff and Baldias maybe dying)? Felt like a lot of the fandom may miss out on things since few GG fans got the chance to play that canon game.

To basically sum up what happened:

The Conclave put a bounty on Sol’s Head because he was meddling in their affairs.

Sol turned the tables and “stole back” the Senga from Harden Fortress.

During that time, Sol and Sin had to deal with several Bounty Hunters and Enemy Gears chasing them (Jam, Bridget, and a few nameless others).

He also ran in to Millia (who was looking for Zato’s body), and coincidently met May, Johnny, Slayer, and Zappa as well (these people also picked a random fight).

Ky helped clear Sol’s name after he defeated Baldias (Bardius in VastEdge sources), and during that time Izuna and Dr. Paradigm also helped out (a little).

Fighting “That Man” was a secret bonus battle in the game, but that isn’t a canonical part of the story.

The Epilogue reveals Dizzy is now free of the seal that was placed on her by the Thunderseal (despite Paradigm saying he would help Ky free her).

**Keep in mind a lot of information in VastEdge does not jive with GG2 or GGXrd info, so it’s Gaiden, not “full canon”**