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I figured not many people are familiar with what a common Gear looks like.

Gears are, as said before, Manufactured, so they often have an ID code that says what Gear Plant (or Company) they are from, and what number in the Production Series they are manufactured from.

There’s more examples of course, but I just thought this was a good example.

Most Gears are deemed “bio weapons”, so they’re not typically used for anything other than military operations or heavy labor (unless they have a will of their own).

Big thanks to Hito the translator!

“A half-Gear with the blood of ‘Justice’ in her veins. She has an honest and pure heart, but being a Gear lead to a large bounty being place on her head and her life being in danger. Later as she lived an enjoyable life as one of the Jellyfish Pirates, she fell in love with Ky Kiske and they got together(??). Currently she sleeps deep within Illyria Castle, having become embroiled in a certain incident.”

*(The image is a bit unclear so I’m not sure about the ‘get together’ bit. It looks like 結ばれた maybe but I could be wrong?)

This is what I got from the image:

「ジャスティス」の血を引くハーフギア。素直で純粋な心を持つが、ギアであるが故に多額の賞金を掛けられ、命を狙われていた。後にジェリーフィッ シュ快賊団の一員として楽しい日常を送る中、カイ=キスクと恋に落ち結ばれた。現在はとある事件に巻き込まれイリュリア城の奥深くで眠りに着いている。

anonymous asked:

Is there any new information regarding Bardius? Last page of Vastedge thread on dustloop has his profile picture and screen where he uses "Invite Hell" like Eddie. Can it be P.W.A.B's work?

He is part of a mysterious group of four individuals calling themselves the “Senato” who seem to answer to no one save the Pope at Rome.

Based on the story so far, they seem to have been the ones who placed Ky Kiske in the position of King of the United Kingdom of Illyria.

They also seem to be aware of Sol Badguy and Sin (and perhaps even Dizzy as well). Even so, their story has yet to be fully determined.

We’re still trying to piece together VastEdge’s story, since it’s rather disjointed as far as I’m aware.  There’s still no indication that Bardius is a Gear of any kind, yet, since what he summons appears to be Cerberus, rather than simply a Forbidden Beast.

There’s still plenty of loose ends to tie up between GG2, VastEdge, and Guilty Gear Xrd, so you’ll just have to bear with it a bit until we can figure out everything (or at least until Xrd explains it).