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Where do Isuka, Dust Strikers and Judgment fall in the story's timeline? Are they even canon at all?

They’re “Gaiden” just like anything else that falls between Guilty Gear: The Missing Link and Guilty Gear 2: Overture, which are considered the only two games that are full Canon.

As for where they fall in the timeline, I would assume post-GGXX (2181). This is because Guilty Gear Isuka (which was the initial game the other two were based on) was made based on Guilty Gear XX #Reload’s system and changes.

Here’s a diagram I put together to illustrate:

External image

Hope that clears things up for everyone…the speculated sequels most likely WON’T be named GGXXX or GGX3. GG2 with an alternate title, or GG3 at the nearest estimation. Bear in mind, the vast majority of GG’s history is found in the Material Guides and Guilty Gear Bible.

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Similiar to my last question, do we know anything about Gig? The final boss in Guilty Gear Dust Strikers?

Here’s what we know:

“Gig (Seiyuu: ?) is the Boss of "Guilty Gear Dust Strikers”.
Created by “That Man”, half its’ body is a failed Gear, the other half is that of a human woman. It’s form is similar to the way Testament was grown,
but its’ mental reasoning has collapsed so it’s already out of control.“

"Because of its’ size, it takes up both NDS’ dual screens and overwhelms the player.”

(Source: Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Guide)