guilty films

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just fuckin come out and say what your guilty pleasure (or guilty pleasureS) is. it doesnt matter how silly it is, just let it be known.

my guilty pleasure is found-film horror movies.

a lot of people say they’re lazy and bad, but i find em really fun.

princessofsunnydale  asked:

what are some movies that are your guilty pleasure?

I am about to lose so much movie theater street cred but here we go.

The House Bunny is my quintessential guilty pleasure of all time. Like I don’t watch a lot of chick flicks, and it’s super girly and kinda cliche, but I love it! Emma Stone is awesome in it as is Anna Faris! I just get a huge kick out of it!

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Van Helsing and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are both major guilty pleasures too. I’m a sucker for both crossovers and classic monsters, and both these movies have those! :D

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(I’m not that complicated.)

Those are always my go to three. I’ve got others but I think I’ll stick with these for now. ;)

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