guilt trippers

Aries Mars: Fire in their veins.

Taurus Mars: Like trying to move a mountain.

Gemini Mars: Their bark can scare many. 

Cancer Mars: Protector. 

Leo Mars: Fierce.

Virgo Mars: Mr./Mrs. complainer.

Libra Mars: Peacemaker. 

Scorpio Mars: Vengeance will be theirs. 

Sagittarius Mars: That spit-fire. 

Capricorn Mars: Always beating themselves up. 

Aquarius Mars: Surprise attack. 

Pisces Mars: Guilt tripper. 

the worst people of the signs
  • ARIES: extremely & utterly self-centered, delusional to reality & others, completely obsessed with some selfish, goal, closed-minded & thinks they are the only one who is ever right, purposely mean to make themselves feel powerful, simplifies everything out of laziness, avoids anything that bothers them, doesn’t know the meaning of caution, dangerously impulsive from lack of grounding
  • TAURUS: obsessively combative, uses arguments & disagreements as pleasure, never satisfied with anything, picks apart people’s lives to find their faults & strategically uses it against them to cover their own insecurities, extremely bitter w/ life probably from past traumas, revengeful like no other, just wants to be loved but is brutal to anyone they let close enough in order to test their loyalty
  • GEMINI: fucks with people for enjoyment, scheming, sees how much they can get away with, can be sociopathic, completely untrustable, obsessed with gossip, sadism is a game to them, the worst can be extremely hostile & cannot accept ever being wrong or the word no, loud & argumentative, can easily become irate, ruthless, revengeful, unfaithful, wishy-washy about the simplest things
  • CANCER: lives in a closed-minded shell their entire lives, extremely sensitive & fragile but acts like a fucking asshole to everyone to give the false illusion of a hard exterior, obsessed with exterior opinions & uses them to fill their lack of self esteem, soaks in their misery, extremely judgmental of others but ignorant of their own faults and refuses to face themselves out of weakness
  • LEO: the ultimate egotist, lives their life as a fame game collecting friends, goals, compliments etc to feed their ever-increasing lust, their selfish behavior is unstoppable & will never end, everyone hates them but they don’t care bc there’s always more people to get them off, takes showing off to another dimension, hates their lack of contentment w/ life so they fill themselves with constant false senses of accomplishment
  • VIRGO: bitter and cold, nothing is ever good enough for them bc one flaw is enough to throw it/them away, the bad side of a perfectionist, sees the dark in everything, the ultimate pessimist bc they’ll never fix the world or themselves, obsessive like a mad scientist that’ll never find the secret key to his mystery, pushes everyone away until he only has himself left to scrutinize into oblivion
  • LIBRA: the dictionary definition of volatility, the littlest thing will make them think the world is falling apart, can lose themselves very easily, everything has to go their way or they’ll throw a temper tantrum, acts like a spoiled preteen girl, serious self-esteem issues bc they know how fragile they are, runs away from commitment or clings to people for dear life, will worry about something they couldn’t fix for years
  • SCORPIO: the ultimate self-destructor, the worst will also destroy everything around them in the process, drowns in self pity & the emotions of their past, toys with suicide, thinks they’re better than absolutely everyone, locks themselves away from the world entirely, avoids human contact, can be obsessed with psychic magic & the illusion of dark evil only for the selfish power, thinks everyone is out to get them, the epitome of paranoia
  • SAGITTARIUS: flight-risk like no other, completely unloyal & lacks the slightest bit of empathy, reckless to the point of fatal catastrophe -no exaggeration, blunt and cold, hurts others while running away from their own problems, carelessly spends money looking for their next adventure, always dangerously looking for freedom but can never seem to find it, a trainwreck to everything in their path, many of these die young from careless behavior
  • CAPRICORN: dull & ignorant, obsessed with some kind of mundane thing like money, material acquisition, success, or physical achievement like fitness, rugged & inflexible on the outside to hide major inner insecurities, pushes themselves to the ultimate limit to try to be content inside, ego complex, uses people viciously to achieve their goals, extremely stubborn, can be violent and aggressive toward loved ones from psychological trauma
  • AQUARIUS: ice cold sociopaths, their entire sense of self-worth comes from other people’s opinions, nice to everyone but cares for no one, uses their loved ones to literally climb their backs to success, followers, blends into social stigmas & stereotypes to avoid being disliked, breaks at the slightest negative criticism, will act like nothing’s wrong as someone’s bleeding all over them, completely lacks warmth & humanity but acts like it’s their greatest traits
  • PISCES: extremely fragile, can break from being looked at wrong, avoids people to avoid disagreement & discomfort but constantly needs attention & affection, clingy & needy, complains about everything, passive aggressively rude even to loved ones to get out bottled emotions, cry babies, suicidal guilt trippers & guilt trippers in general, acts like the victim of everything to make you pity them, can’t handle normal human interactions or tasks, major anxiety, delusional about reality they can’t face
Don't Guilt Trip or Self-Harm Bait

//It’s real talk time again folks.

It is not okay to guilt trip someone, self-harm bait, or suicide bait others for attention/rp/free art/be your friend/etc.

I’m addressing this not only for short term but also long term observations and personal interactions. I have seen several people making self-harm threats in order to make people interact with them, give them pity and sympathy, and in some cases the person that upset them is then attacked by the guilt trippers friends.

The real world is hard a cruel. In fact I’m pretty sure the majority within fandom communities knows this better than anyone else. We all come from different walks in life, with different values and backgrounds, and maybe not all of us have a safe place to go irl.


“But I’m too scared to tell anyone/no one will care if I tell.” Suck it up. March your ass to a trusting relative, a parent of a friend, your parents, your church, your coach or adult leader of your club, counselor at your school. Call a help-hotline! They’re free!!! Hell I went to a doctor and was recommended to a counselor for 6 free sessions. And guess what? My college offered the same thing! And I know several other people from various states across the US THAT ALSO GOT THE FIRST FEW SESSIONS FREE.

No one here is responsible for you. Everyone here has their own difficulties and problems in life. Don’t try to force your problems on others and make strangers pity you. 90% of the time they’re going to tell you to seek professional help, because they cannot mentally or emotionally handle someone else’s baggage, especially with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Healing Anxiety From Toxic Relationships

by Dr. Doreen Virtue

Don’t Focus On Whether Or Not Someone Likes You
Instead of being concerned about whether someone likes you and focusing on how your heart pounds and if you feel butterflies when you’re around them, wonder instead whether you get excited because your chemistry is reacting to meeting another dysfunctional person. Ask yourself instead, does this person have most, if not all, of the qualities you want in a relationship?

Be Your Own Best Friend
One reason why people stay in unhealthy relationships is the fear of being alone. One reason for this is because you haven’t developed a best-friend relationship with yourself. Try to reach a place where you actually enjoy your own company. And if that doesn’t help, know that being alone is healthier and preferable to being in an unhealthy relationship filled with hostile drama.

Stop Expecting Someone Else To Fix Your Problems
You are responsible for whatever needs fixing in your life, your financial debts, your career, taking care of your body and so forth, not your partner, your best friend or your parents. You will feel much better about yourself and your new confidence will be very attractive.

Know Your Boundaries And Stick To Them
We are constantly sending out hints to other people about how we want to be treated. These are called “boundaries,” meaning your deal breakers for what you will and won’t accept. How much importance you attach to honesty, respect, and reliability are just as important as personal space, time alone, or how much physical affection or romance you require. When you uphold your boundaries, you don’t allow others to manipulate, guilt, or control you, and your inner self will thank you

Trust Your Inner Warning Signals
Your body is innately sensitive to other people’s energies and intentions. Check your own inner warning signals, which will alert you that you’re with a toxic or drama-addicted person. Some warning signals you may be getting are:

-    You feel used, because it’s a one-sided relationship, with you doing all the giving
-    You feel guilty, like you owe the person something
-    You feel angry at him or her and at yourself
-    After the person leaves, you feel drained and tired
-    You have a desire to avoid the person.

Trust your intuition here. These feelings won’t be present in a healthy relationship.

Write A Letter To The Person You’re Upset With                                         Even healthy relationships can hit a rocky patch from time to time. At times like these, it often helps to write a letter to the person you’re upset with. Pour out your feelings, and hold nothing back. Then, in a ceremonious way, burn the letter. You can also send a more restrained version of the letter to the person, after waiting a day or two for a cooling-off period. This way, your letter will reflect your ongoing feelings instead of reactive emotions. It can be the starting point for a mutually beneficial conversation that will get you back on track. 

Just Say No To Guilt Based Requests
If you feel you are being manipulated and have no choice to comply, stand firm. They might cry, threaten to hurt themselves, say that no one loves them, or remind you of the times that they helped you. But by telling guilt-trippers no without guilt or excuses, they will either find another victim to harass or will realize that these methods aren’t healthy or effective.

Don’t Walk On Eggshells Around Angry People
If someone displays their anger in a physical way, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. However, if it is someone who just gets mad at the slightest provocation but rarely takes responsibility themselves, then release the fantasy that you will find the winning combination that will finally make them happy and peaceful. They most likely will need professional therapy. Tip-toeing around until they calm down doesn’t help anyone.

Stand Your Ground
Accusatory people are always looking for a fight, tell them firmly that they are mistaken in their accusations but do not engage in an argument or wander off-topic. Do not engage in blaming wars or you will get into an unending battle.

Stop Trying To Rescue Victim-Martyr Types
Since whatever advice you suggest will most likely be met with “I’ve already tried that, it doesn’t work.” It is best not to invest a lot of time into trying to provide a solution to their problem. Once victim-martyrs sense that you are out of ideas to help, they will move on to bending someone else’s ear about their current problem. 

Remove Yourself From A Relationship When You Notice A Red Flag
Take your time to get to know someone before you fully commit to a relationship. At the first red-flag, such as not honoring a commitment, or showing a lack of respect; extricate yourself from the relationship immediately before getting any more involved.

As a compassionate, openhearted soul, you want to give. It’s in your nature to care for others and ensure their health and happiness. Occasionally others may take advantage of your kindness which is why it is so important to enforce your boundaries in all of your relationships.

It may feel uncomfortable for you to put these rules into effect, it might feel like you are placing conditions on how you will help people, but if you refuse to do so, you’ll deplete your own energy reserves very quickly. It all boils down to respect. If the people in your life truly care about you, they’ll respect your decisions.

Mars in Cancer

Mars is considered to be in “fall” when it’s placed in Cancer. This is due to Mars being representative of the solider who strays far from home onto the battlefield and Mars in Cancer prefers to stay in the comfort of their home and possibly fend from there. Mars in Cancer natives are easily provoked and are quite sensitive to even the slightest raise of voice. They are extremely defensive and protective of even the smallest things that others are not phased by. Mars in Cancers generally avoid confrontations, but if they are angry with you they’re highly indirect about it. This is why a trait often associated with Mars in Cancer is ‘passive-aggressive’. When they’re angry, however, they get so consumed with rage that they can have messy displays of emotions. Like their fellow Water Mars signs, they are angry criers. Mars in Cancer can accidentally start arguments without even noticing. They are notorious for being manipulative and guilt-trippers.

Mars in Cancer may enjoy releasing all these emotions in bed. Both their emotions and sex life are intertwined together. Being in a relationship with their partner before having sex with them is important to them, but it’s not mandatory. They can have one night stands if they wanted to, but there is ALWAYS an emotional price. They cannot help that sex is an emotional journey to them. They want to be able to have a full body experience and connect with their partner on a deep emotional level; almost spiritual. Sex to them has to feel almost like “home”. This is in the sense that in order for sex to be pleasurable to them, they have to feel secure with you and trust you. Or else the experience won’t be enjoyable for either. They can be turned on by the thought of making a baby when making love. They have much emotional intensity and this is very obvious in bed. Despite their sensitivity, Mars in Cancer is a fierce fighter and extremely protective of their friends and family.

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Wait so Pisces mars are hard to play? 📝

yes cause water mars are hard to play in general, especially scorpio and pisces mars because they are much more controlled emotionally than the explosive cancer mars

Water mars are naturally intuitive, and like their suns, naturally manipulative, pisces mars especially, they’re the guilt trippers, the victim card players, the type or manipulators that make YOU feel like the bad guy and make YOU feel bad for their wrong doings, victim card playing is the usual type of manipulating i see from pisces mars, but i see the other regular type of manipulating(Lying, blackmailing) alot too, I see alot with scorpio mars also.

iamseraplz replied to your post “Anyone got anymore prompts and pairings they want to see? Sorry if I’m…”

More blind/puzzle, please. I’m on a serious kick.

Okay, I can do that. And I’m doing Duel Links as a theme cause you didn’t give me one and I’m playing it instead of unpacking. Also, this allows me to vent about Yugi’s reactions to losing to Yami Yugi in the game.

“So… Kaiba allowed YOU to be in the game, but I’m not allowed in it?” Yugi raised an eyebrow. “Talk about a dick move. This is because of me technically winning in our last duel, isn’t it? I know he’s still pissed off about that. Let it go, Kaiba! It’s been a few months, jeez!”

“Probably, but it is odd that he lists me as Yami Yugi. Why not just call me Atemu?” Atemu shrugged, winning another duel against a Charmer’s Gathering deck user. The ‘Yami’ card comes in handy sometimes, especially when used with Banner of Courage on magic using cards and fiends. “However, it is nice that he let you be an event player.”

Yugi scoffed, toying with his own version of the game as he laid across his boyfriend’s lap. “I guess. I wish I could duel as myself instead of dueling against myself. I come off as such a such a guilt tripper when I lose against you!” He pouted, he only dueled as ‘Yami Yugi’ against his game self three times since the event began and has since dueled as Jounouchi instead. Besides, he needed to level up Jounouchi anyway, he wanted the Rocket Warrior card.

Atemu blinked. “Wait, you guilt trip when you lose against me?”

The orchid eyed boy turned, looking up at the pharaoh. “You didn’t know? Wait, have you even dueled me yet?”

“…” Atemu glanced around before shaking his head. “No, I just… I’ve been nervous about it.”


“Cause I like dueling you in real life and I feel like you might not like me beating you in game?”

Yugi laughed a bit at this. “Atemu, it’s cool. I don’t mind if you duel against my game counterpart! You’re suppose to! Besides, you can get some pretty sweet cards from me when you do.” He winked. “So, give it a try, I should be on the field.”

He sat up, moving to sit besides Atemu as he looked at his phone screen. He watched his other self click on the little Yugi icon and saw himself pop up, saying something about how he had to beat Yami Yugi. Looks like he was a level forty, with a rock deck. He was going to be trouble.

Atemu quietly sat there with Yugi watching as his own game counterpart dueled his boyfriend’s game self. The game was a close call, Yugi used up all his Sphere Kuribohs and Atemu activated a Stop Defense, allowing for him to attack Yugi’s last line of defense with his powered up Black Magician Girl.

Yugi screamed on the phone screen, and Atemu’s breath hitched as he watched. Then the game Yugi said ‘Am I not good enough?’, making the former king clutch at his chest.

“What’s wrong?” Yugi asked, raising an eyebrow at the other’s actions.

“Aibou! I’m so sorry…! You ARE good enough! Why would Kaiba make you say that when you lose?! I’m going to Kaiba Corp right now to shove my boot up his ass for this!”

“Other Me! No! Come back here, it’s just a game! He’s still annoyed about when you did this during the Bakura event…!”

the signs' specialties
  • aries: aggressive passive aggression. when they are upset, everything they touch becomes a weapon. slam the door even harder, i don't think the people ten streets down heard you clearly enough. it's best to let them cool down before confronting them about anything, should you need to.
  • taurus: careless words. it's not that they don't think before they speak, it's that they genuinely don't believe their words will affect you. when the damage is done, they often cannot - or will not - understand why what they said was hurtful, because it does not make sense to them in the scope of their world view.
  • gemini: ignoring you unintentionally. gemini are such quick thinkers that they sometimes can get carried away doing things they believe to be most important in that moment, leaving behind people and situations that might require their attention more than they think. a good part of the time, they don't even realize what's happened until someone brings it up, and it might be too late to apologize then.
  • cancer: selective memory. you may have been screaming at each other last night, but now they act like nothing happened. some cancers fail to realize that closure cannot come without talking about what transpired, and that sometimes apologies must be made. sitting on an ever-growing list of conflicts, no matter how quiet, will eventually affect you adversely. do not run.
  • leo: empty exuberance. it's alright to have emotions - unsavory ones, as well. it's part of being human, and feeling jealous or unhappy with something in your life isn't a crime: don't act happy for the sake of others around you, because you are good at it, and people will believe you do not need them. friends should not only see you at your happiest; smiling all the time will only hurt everyone more in the long run. you are allowed to rely on another person, and to cry.
  • virgo: impartiality. a large part of the gross misconception that virgos are usually emotionless or somehow psychologically shallow stems from their talent with balancing the conflicting ideologies people in their life hold, all without seeming ruffled or altered by it at all. their ability to rationalize does not mean they cannot feel, however, and once their trust and good favor is broken, it is near-impossible to regain. choosing to withhold an opinion does not mean it doesn't exist. virgos know this well.
  • libra: second chances. infuriatingly patient as they are, libras sometimes need a helpful nudge in the right direction when it comes to cutting ties with someone no longer healthy for them to be around. their tendency to believe the best of another person and to give the benefit of the doubt can work against them in these situations. though they do have their limits, it may take far too long to exhaust them.
  • scorpio: concealment. this is different from leo's cheerful veil of security. despite being forthright and intense people, scorpios can be difficult to read, and they take great pains to conceal the fact that they can be sensitive and highly empathetic - certainty is a must if they wish to know someone, but this habit of hiding things can hinder connections that would have flourished otherwise.
  • sagittarius: indecision. the downside to being filled with energy, creative or otherwise, is that it can go misdirected. an unfulfilled or unhappy sagittarius can do an immense amount of harm both to themselves and others, especially if they're focused on the wrong things, or a cause that doesn't truly satisfy them. there are times when the correct decision is doing nothing at all. you don't have to be occupied or active to be worth something. reflect on yourself instead.
  • capricorn: disregarding their own advice. even though capricorns have a very good idea of what everyone should be doing and when (and how, and how fast), their crippling sense of self-doubt often stops them from treating themselves like anyone else, and stalls their acquisition of the standards they wish to live up to. though they know what they should do, fear halts them. risk is a part of existing, and we must live with it.
  • aquarius: blatant snubbery. a jilted aquarius, or at least one who perceives they've been insulted or somehow deprioritized, can turn on their built-in acid factor rather easily - doubly so if they're convinced they're in the complete right. good observational skills and an intuitive sense of what makes people tick can turn them into some of the most unpleasant guilt-trippers. it won't work every time. you'll lose someone to this if you aren't careful.
  • pisces: insight. it doesn't do to dismiss pisces out of hand as being an airyheaded dreamer with no grasp of reality. they are often the sharpest people in the room, though their easygoing nature and willingness to wear their heart on their sleeve makes others mistakenly believe it is easy to take advantage of them. their innate sense of emotion can make them very suited to identifying tells: they have the potential to be some of the best manipulators.
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Anybody who is attacking Connor better fucking square up and talk to me.
First of all, get off anon. You are acting like a coward, if you want to hurt people I love, get off anon and fight me.
Second of all, how freaking dare you attack Connor. Especially calling him a guilt tripper.
Basically, if you are going to attack anyone I care about, I will fight you.

Shenko - “Phantom Heart”

So @dustierhoades sent me a prompt off the mini-fic list for FShenko with “things you said under the stars and in the grass”.  (So stoked for prompts you have no idea how much I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW!!!)  Okay. Going to be honest here.  My first thought was “What the fuck am I supposed to write to that?”  And then my second thought was “Oooh, I know”.  Thus, the birth of “Phantom Heart”.

And yeah, okay, let’s all pretend I purposely ignore the “mini” in mini-fic and don’t just accidentally word-vomit into oblivion.

Phantom Heart

           “What the hell are we doing, Kaidan?”

           He snorts beside her on the grass, glancing over to her.  “You told me you’d at least try it.”

           Shepard stretches on the cool lawn and looks from the stars overhead to his smiling face beside her.  “I am. This is me – trying.  I am so full of try right now, you have no idea.”

           He laughs, looking back up at the stars.  “Two minutes in and you’re already belly-aching.”

           Scoffing, Shepard looks skyward as well.  The night is breezy but not cold, and she can lie on the dewy grass of their backyard quite comfortably in her N7 sweats.  Her toes wiggle in the grass.  “You know I can’t sit still for long.”

           He chuckles.  “I’ve noticed.”

           “And you say you and your father used to do this all the time?  Star-gazing and all that?”


           “God, you two were boring.”

           “Hey,” he defends, gaze snapping sideways to her, but the playful smirk betrays any censure in his voice.  “I like to call it ‘contemplative’.  Maybe even ‘philosophical.”  His smirk blends into a grin.  

           She rolls her eyes, shifting next to him so that their shoulders are pressed together.  “’Contemplative’, ‘philosophical’, ‘boring’.  What’s the difference?”

           He nudges her shoulder, looking back to the stars.  “See if I ever share anything with you again.”

           “Oh don’t be like that,” she chides, stuffing her hands into her sweatshirt pockets.

           “Like what?”

           “Like a baby.”

           “You’re a charmer, you know that?”

           She beams.  “It’s why you married me.”

           “Yes, your winning personality is what drove me to this madness called love.” He throws a look her way, lips quirking up in an endearing taunt.  “And I say ‘madness’ only because ‘insanity’ would imply that there’s actually a sane way to love you somewhere out there.”

           She smacks his arm, never looking away from the night sky, and his responding laugh is warm in the cool air.  “Well, this ‘winning’ personality won the war, didn’t it?”

           Kaidan shrugs in the grass.  “Can’t argue with that.”

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Group & Member(s): Got7

Genre: angst


A/N: How would the boys be during a fight with you?


Jackson would try his hardest not to lose his temper with you. He never wants to hurt a lady, and you being one of the most important women in his life (next to his mom) he never wants to yell at you badly. He would cut you off a lot as you were arguing though, and try to get you to see his point, regardless of your point. He would never want to end a night/day fighting. You would sit down and work it out regardless of the time. You never went to bed angry at each other and on the rare occasions you did, you always ended up cuddling each other in your sleep anyways. 

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If JB were mad at you about something, he would hint that he’s mad until you finally call him out on being mad. Once you did, he’d erupt. So used to leading and being the one whose voice is the most heard, he would be infuriated if you tried to interrupt him or convince him of his wrongs. It would take a long conversation for him to see reason, but once he does, he is apologetic. He would tell you he’s sorry…but deep down he would still be thinking hes right. 

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Jinyoung would try his hardest to understand your opinions or point of view. But, if he got frustrated enough, he would get cold and short. He would just let you get all of your stuff out, but when it came time for him to talk, he would keep his feelings to himself. On the off occasions that he does let his feelings loose, he is screaming and crying, emotional. He would never want to make you feel sad or belittle you, and so he would resolve things as quickly as possible. He would be the one to say he’s wrong if it meant that he could just hug you and forget you were even fighting in the first place. 

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He’d be a lot like Junior, Except when he is mad or upset, he’d clam up. He would let you yell and scream, zoning off as you do. He would give you the cold shoulder if he were pissed off enough. If you were angry or mad, he would refuse to talk to you until you’ve calmed down. He does not like yelling. He would want to calmly talk things out. He would express his feelings quietly, and timid, and if he felt like he was getting too emotional, he would just bottle it up again. On some occasions, he is so overwhelmed, he cries. He would get bored with fighting though, wanting to be spending his time with you doing anything but. He would employ the Lily and Marshall method from How I Met Your Mother where they “pause” a fight  and forget about arguing for a period of time before “unpausing” and dealing with it. 

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You would have to spell out the exact reasons why you’re mad or upset with him. It would take a while for him to realize that he’s done something wrong, just because he is so focused on making you happy, he doesn’t understand the concept of doing something that would warrant you being unhappy. If you ended up fighting about something, he would listen to you, but he wouldn’t believe what you’re saying, thinking that what he has done was not that bad, or worthy of an argument. Regardless of how he felt about he argument, he would try and rectify it as fast as he can. He would make you a mix tape with songs on it that express how he is feeling because he feels he can better communicate through music. 

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Yugyeom would love a good argument. He would stay up for hours, yelling back and forth. He was just so stubborn, he would rarely give in. Depending on the kind of argument, he would either be rage yelling with anger, or cry yelling. He would be exhausted after some time though, and the only thing he would want is you. He would then employ his looks, trying to get you to forgive him by being cute and trying to forget the fight even happened at all. 

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Bambam would taunt you during a fight, trying to cut as low as possible. He would pull out all the receipts, determined to prove you wrong, even when you weren’t. He would be relentless in his views, regardless of yours. He would be the one to storm out, angry and leave you, not returning or for a while. And when he does return, he would still want to rehash everything. He would be the biggest guilt tripper ever, trying to make you feel bad, turning the argument around to make you the bad guy. When he got bored with arguing, he would result in trying to joke about it all. 

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Other Got7 Scenarios:


♈ Aries - The Ram Born between: March 21 - April 19

Archetypes: The Pioneer, The Explorer, The Combatant, The Freedom Fighter, The Defender, The Rescuer, The Worthy Opponent, The Dare Devil, The Adventurer, The New Born
Positive:  Passionate, bright, stimulating, ever-changing, loyal, intense, youthful, idealistic, positive, risk takers, straight forward, excitable, outgoing
Negative: Argumentative, ego-centric, hyper competitive, self serving, impulsive, impatient, temperamental
Fears: Others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance, That they do not feel fear
When Mad:  Volatile/impulsive/confrontational/aggressive/impatient/nervous/hyperactive, egocentric, temper tantrums, quickest to calm down
When Sad: Angry/impulsive, oppositional but with less energy
When Happy:  Less controlling/impulsive/confrontational, more affectionate/idealistic/imaginative, reduced outburst, better sleeping patterns
When Nervous:  Hyperactive/impulsive/reckless/hostile, rapid speech, over thinking, displays vulnerability/need for reassurance, frustrated/confrontational, unable to multitask, headaches 
In Love:  See the world through rose covered glasses

, become romantics although are embarrassed of this, demand their freedom but are prone to jealousy
With Money: Impulsive buyers, Spendthrifts, Often in debt
Sister Sign: Libra

♉ Taurus - The Bull Born between: April 20 - May 20

Archetypes: The Nature Spirit, The Musician, The Silent One, The Object of Passion, The Owner, The Temptress, The Artist, The Creator, The Banker, The Designer
Positive:  Secure, warm, romantic, dependable, affectionate, established, assertive, durable, detail oriented, sensual, observant, realistic
Negative: Materialistic, greedy, dominant, controlling, procrastinator
Fears: A worst case scenario has happened to someone they care about, That they are boring
When Mad:  Confrontational/anxious, verbally aggressive, overwhelmed by feels of rage, vindictive thoughts, compulsive behavior, rake longest to calm down
When Sad:  Lethargic/isolated, binge eat, easily enraged
When Happy:  Less indulgent behavior , more endurance/patience/driven/affectionate, comfortable with emotions, requires less materialism to be content, balanced enjoyment of work and pleasure, able to let go of the past
When Nervous:  Reserved/silent, compulsive behaviors, binge eating

, inability to think, anxiety comes in waves and can be sustained for long periods of time, sore throats
In Love:  Mix of sentimentality and toughness, intense feelings of love that must be earned, they do not give away their hearts easily, although they remain composed they enjoy showing their love through physical evidence
With Money: Frugal, Savers and Investors, More Money = More Security
Sister Sign: Scorpio

♊ Gemini - The Twins Born between: May 21 - June 20

Archetypes: The Student, The Storyteller, The Gypsy, The Wander, The Journalist, The Trickster, The Comedian, The Child, The Writer, The Teacher, The Messenger 
Positive:  Intellectual, adventurous, free, stimulating, communicative, excitable, enthusiastic, sociable, pleasure-seekers
Negative:  Dishonest, detached, amoral, lack of remorse, lack empathy, impulsive, undependable
Fears: Needing someone else despite being independent, That the inappropriate personality will show up during the wrong occasion, 
When Mad:  Violent/nervous/anxious/hyperactive/confused, physical tantrums (kicking doors), racing thoughts, followed by a sense of calm
When Sad:  Silent/nervous, over think, easily distracted, intolerant of sadness so they tend to detach.
When Happy:  Less nervous, More stable sense of self/curious/productive, talkative, able to retain and recall facts, casual demeanor, increased urgency to communicate, giggling
When Nervous:  Restless/talkative/hyperactive, easily distracted, racing thoughts, giggling, rapid speech, insomnia, loud and more talkative inner monologue, chest discomfort
In Love: Looking for their true love, relationships usually grown from friendship to love, guard their freedom very strongly, love built on common interest and good conversation
With Money: Impulsive, Spendthrifts, Lose track of balances, But feel restricted by debt
Sister Sign: Sagittarius

♋ Cancer - The Crab Born between: June 21 - July 22

Archetypes: The Healer, The Psychic, The Mother, The Invisible Man, The Maiden, The Witch, The Counselor, The Seductress, The Psychologist 
Positive:  Devoted, intuitive, instinctive, loyal, nurturing, focused, warm hearted, friendly, compassionate, creative, visual, decisive, considerate, protective
Negative: Subjective, guilt trippers, live in the past, unimaginative, introverted, worrisome, anxious, melancholy
Fears: A unstable home life/divorce, That their mood swings will negatively effect others and being unable to control them.
When Mad:  Anxious/isolated, verbal outbursts, trembling/sweating/shaking/tears, stomach pain/digestive discomfort, hard to express words
When Sad:  Tearful/needy, crying over little things, feel separated from others
When Happy:  Less co-dependent/indulgent, more stable sense of self/social, able to live in the present and control mood changes, increased feelings of love and contentment
When Nervous:  Tearful, catastrophic thinking, inability to stop distressing inner thoughts, drifts off/unable to focus, food cravings, self isolation while feeling needy/requiring reassurance, stomach cramps/nausea
In Love:  Take love seriously and are very sensitive to changes in relationships, enjoy planning for the future, intuitive to their partners feelings
With Money: Thrifty, Coupon Clippers

, But overspend when unhappy
Sister Sign: Capricorn

♌ Leo - The Lion Born between: July 23 - August 22

Archetypes: The Protector, The Warrior, The Artist, The Actor, The Ruler, The King, The Performer, The Golden Child, The Healer, The Prophet, The Magician, The King, The Queen, The Guardian 
Positive:  Confident, playful, energetic, seekers, warm, generous, leaders, receptive, sentimental, problem solvers, charismatic, confident, social, ambitious, compassionate, thoughtful
Negative:  Ego maniacal, vain, grandiose, narcissistic, dramatic, pleasure-seekers, assertive
Fears: People will grow tired of their theatrics and be criticized/rejected, Asking for help. 
When Mad:  Temperamental/theatrical, dramatic displays of emotions (sobbing/screaming/hysteria), hostile/confrontational, hurtful language
When Sad:  Wound up/needy, verge of a nervous breakdown, short tempered
When Happy:  Less need for attention/theatrics, more self assured/rational/creative, decreased inner criticism
When Nervous:  Frustrated/hostile/impulsive, thoughts of martyrdom, binge eating

/drinking, go out of their way to help, like to keep busy, back pain/stomach trouble
When in Love:  Very proud and boastful, love to show off their partner but will play it cool when confronted by the partner, happiest when in love, very high standards in a partner
With Money: Love to live large, Outgoing spending exceeds income, Often in debt
Sister Sign: Aquarius

♍ Virgo - The Virgin Born between: August 23 - September 22

Archetypes: The Healer, The Perfectionist, The Servant, The Analyst, The Alchemist, The Messenger, The Martyr, The Nature Spirit, The Naturopath 
Positive:  Honest, kind, generous, orderly, nurturing, gentle, alert, reserved, rational, logical, moralistic, considerate
Negative:  Hypochondriac, guilt trippers, fussy, worrisome, perfectionism
Fears: Will be judged and treated differently if they are not fulfilling some use or purpose to those around them
When Mad:  Tremors/shaking, racing thoughts, increased compulsions, hyperactivity, uncharacteristic violence (breaking things), holds onto anger for long periods of time
When Sad:  Isolated/unresponsive, heightened compulsions, at times blunt/more oppositional
When Happy:  Less nervous/anxious/compulsive, more focus/idealistic/self assured, increased analytical processing, intensified urge to help others/reach out
When Nervous:  Restless/withdrawn/compulsive, need to be of use, pacing, digestive upset
In Love:  Prefer serene relationships and are embarrassed by heavy emotionalism, fit their lives around their partners, very nervous on first dates
With Money: Invest in the future, Not big on status symbols, Thrifty
Sister Sign: Pisces

♎ Libra - The Scales Born between: September 23 - October 22

Archetypes: The Lawyer, The Counselor, The Socialite, The Lover, The Peacemaker, The Creator, The Seductress, The Lover, The Flirt, The Minx, The Designer, The Mediator 
Positive:  Intellectual, carefree, uplifting, stimulating, serene, kind, sensitive, compassionate, thoughtful, charismatic, social
Negative:  Hypocritical, dominate, procrastinator, noncommittal, codependent
Fears: Being alone forever/unloved, Others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance.
When Mad:  Nervous/detached/irrational/isolated, loss of emotional control, loud/verbally hostile, racing thoughts
When Sad:  Unstable/moody, reduced urge to socialize, feelings of hopelessness/being disliked, try to act happy/composed
When Happy:  Less anxious/irrational, more calm/decisive/social/charming/focused/creative/affectionate, reduced need for external validation/verbal outbursts, decreased urge for materialism
When Nervous:  Restless/distractable, inability to express emotions, unusually quiet, increased need for reassurance, insomnia, negative inner monologue, catastrophic thinking, stomach upset
In Love:  Feels incomplete without a mutually beneficial relationship, lives for love, looking for the right person
With Money: Spend now/Worry later, Give into all their wants, Shop as stress relief
Sister Sign: Aries

♏ Scorpio - The Scorpion Born between: October 23 - November 21

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Alchemist, The Detective, The Sorcerer, The Hypnotist, The Chemist, The Psychiatrist, The Witch, The Investigator, The Fortune Teller, The Guardian 
Positive:  Intense, loyal, devoted, magnetic, planners, curious, knowledgeable, insightful, intuitive, charismatic, organized
Negative:  Self serving, exhausting, obsessive, retaliatory, jealous, dominant, moody, assertive
Fears: Being rejected/betrayed by someone they opened up to/shared a secret with
When Mad:  Hostile/confrontational, overwhelming feelings of rage and violence, lose touch with reality, delusions of being persecuted
When Sad:  Isolated/oppositional/hostile, violent mood swings, intense melancholy with delusions/paranoia
When Happy:  Less cynical/isolated, more tolerant/generous/curious/affectionate/inquisitive, able to consider new ideas without immediately rejecting them
When Nervous:  Hostile/controlling/obsessive/irrational, violent frustrations, rejection of others, flashbacks, maniacal focus
In Love: somewhat bipolar in relationships, either detached and mysterious or committed and generous, they either love you or hate you
With Money: Either extremely frugal or huge spenders, Will not let money control them, Dominate over their finances
Sister Sign: Taurus

♐ Sagittarius - The Centaur Born between: November 22 - December 21

Archetypes: The Wanderer, The Tourist, The Teacher, The Guide, The Philosopher, The Psychiatrist, The Student, The Benefactor, The Comedian, The Free Spirit 
Positive:  Carefree, casual, enthusiastic, playful, respectful, charismatic, intelligent, social
Negative:  Tactless, unresponsive, irresponsible, patronizing, temperamental, pleasure-seeking, impulsive
Fears: Committing to someone and giving up their independence, that they will love/need someone more than they are loved/needed
When Mad:  Violently impulsive, verbally aggressive, hurtful, become tongue tied, inappropriate laughter, tend to make life changing decisions when mad
When Sad:  Lethargic, attempt to escape through substance abuse, uncharacteristically serious/tense, less tolerant
When Happy:  Less cynical/isolated, more tolerant/generous/curious/inquisitive/affectionate, able to consider new ideas without immediate rejection
When Nervous:  Impulsive/hostile/hyperactive/distracted, increase in vocal volume, try to repress emotions through physical activity, substance abuse, rapid thinking, giggling, back pain
In Love: Less skeptical, more focused/productive/tolerant/content, warm/friendly/humorous/casual, giggles
With Money: Spend on experiences not things, Love novelty items that do not provide long lasting enjoyment, Avoid debt so as not to be tied down
Sister Sign: Gemini

♑ Capricorn - The Goat Born between: December 22 - January 19

Archetypes: The Old Soul, The Administrator, The Judge, The Mentor, The Prime Minister, The Father, The Entrepreneur, The Banker, The Wizard 
Positive:  Honest, devoted, generous, supportive, direct, meticulous, present, organized, methodical, responsible, considerate
Negative:  Dishonest, selfish, negligent, self-justifying, judgmental, worrisome, perfectionism, introverted
Fears: They will destroy everything and have no one to ask for help from, Disappointing others, That others will see them emotional/vulnerable/in need of love/reassurance
When Mad:  Exhaustion/isolation/shaking, compulsive behavior, clear expressions of frustration, verbal outbursts, loss of emotional control, 
When Sad:  Lethargic/demotivated, over thinking and feelings of hopelessness, tense/hyper alert
When Happy:  Less controlling/anxious/isolated, more affectionate/humorous/positive, equal work and personal life balance
When Nervous:  Tense/hostile/isolated, over thinking, hyper focused, externally composed, tend to take on more work/responsibility, butterflies in the stomach
In Love:  Very big on family, it is hard to break down their walls, frees them from their critical/stoic nature
With Money: The sign of money, very adept with finances, Great negotiates, Know how to play the credit game
Sister Sign: Cancer

♒ Aquarius - The Water Bearer Born between: January 20 - February 18

Archetypes: The Revolutionary, The Scientist, The Eccentric, The Visionary, The Rebel, The Genius, The Outlaw, The Free Spirit, The Activist, The Inventor, The Alchemist, The Exile 
Positive:  Unconventional, free, insightful, intelligent, creative, eccentric, intuitive, rational, social, charismatic, revolutionary
Negative:  Erratic, delusional, arrogant, bombastic, impulsive, pleasure-seeking
Fears: Isolation, that they will be unable to determine what is rational
When Mad:  Hyperactive, rapid thoughts and confusion with interpreting emotions, violent and volatile outbursts (both verbal and physical) followed by dissociation
When Sad:  Silent/isolated/uneasy/detached, harder to reach, try to appear happy
When Happy:  Less fixed in their way, more talkative/humorous/curious/insightful/affectionate/creative, increased malleability, able to sit with uncomfortable emotions, better sleep pattern
When Nervous:  Talkative/restless/confused, rapid speech, over thinking, insomnia, often feel anxious/nervous but do not know the cause as their minds and emotional responses are not connected, back pain
In Love:  Prefer friendship first, enjoy living apart, love is overwhelming and confusing, love being in love but need their freedom
With Money: Spendthrift with Cash, No concern for regular bills, Disgusted by big corporations and banks
Sister Sign: Leo

♓ Pisces - The Fish Born between: February 19 - March 20

Archetypes: The Mystic, The Dreamer, The Artist, The Poet, The Guide, The Guru, The Medic, The Healer, The Worshiper, The Creator, The Dancer, The Psychotic, The Addict, The Visionary
Positive:  Devoted, intuitive, spontaneous, mysterious, sensitive, sympathetic, nurturing, idealistic, affectionate, kind, relaxed, receptive, concerned, considerate
Negative:  Impossible, unrealistic, frustrating, interferer, elusive, passive aggressive
Fears: Loneliness, That people only pretend to like them, Rejection
When Mad: Anxious/irrational/dramatic/self isolating, overwhelmed by uncomfortable emotions, crying/yelling, loss of emotional control 
When Sad:  Anxious/isolated/tearful, obsessive thinking, remember everything bad that has ever happened, crying over little things
When Happy:  Less anxious/nervous, more tolerant/creative/affectionate, increased sense of self and empathy, positive thinking/escapism, not oversleeping
When Nervous:  Tearful/irrational/hysterical, unable to change thought patterns, increased need for reassurance, catastrophic thinking, distressing inner monologue, substance abuse

, digestive upset/nausea
In Love:  Wear rose-colored glasses about
External image
 their loved ones, prone to self destructive relationships, don’t realize they can do better
With Money: Luxury buyers but stingy on the necessities, Worry about money a lot, Often very wealthy
Sister Sign: Virgo

My First Impression Of Your Sign (Scorpio)
  • Aries: I know we can be partners in crime and explore the world together, you'll be cool but a bit obnoxious.
  • Taurus: I know we'll start out as acquaintances and being boring, but slowly build into an amazing friendship/relationship.
  • Gemini: I know you'll be the person I go to for a laugh and to trash talk with me, but I know you wouldn't be there for me.
  • Cancer: I know you'd get me 100% and you're really caring but you're going to be a guilt tripper/manipulative.
  • Leo: I know you'll be amazing and funny and just go to you to have an amazing time and hope you aren't conceited.
  • Virgo: I know you'll get me even better than Cancer and we can get angry at stuff together and have some good laughs every once in awhile.
  • Libra: I know you'll be the person I go to for advice and be nice even when I'm being a little shit.
  • Scorpio: I know you'll be the best person ever and we can be twins together and take over the world and hopefully not fight because then it'll be World War III.
  • Sagittarius: I know you'll get my humour and always up to adventure but you'll be really loud like Aries.
  • Capricorn: I know you'll be the person I go to to get shit done with but I will hope that you don't use me.
  • Aquarius: I know you'll be a liar but you'll have the same mindset as me and you'll have an original mind like mine.
  • Pisces: I know you'll be an amazing friend and will always be there for me when I need you but I know you'll be a bit too sensitive for my liking.

#FUCKING WHEEZES btw, they’re transparent. Fuck me. (Also click for captions because I made JOKES or at least tried)

Based off my Esper!AU here.

Here’s an extra for you lovely people, ‘cause I love Pokémon a lot ok:

“Hiro, please?”


Tadashi pouted and held out the yellow costume, waving it in front of his brother’s face. “C’mon, it’s only one day - not even. Like, half the day.”

No,“ Hiro reiterated, arms crossing as he spun on his heel to glare at his brother. "I’m not dressing up as Pikachu for your stupid costume party.”

“It’s not a costume party, Hiro,” Tadashi chuckled, rolling his eyes. “It’s just a cosplay I promised Honey Lemon. I owe her a picture for covering me that one time I had to slip away from the lab because someone went botfighting and bit off more than he could chew.”

The teen looked down at the floor and scowled. That night had been pretty rough…

Hiro shuffled nervously and scuffed his foot on the wood flooring of their bedroom. “… Fine,” he mumbled, arms uncrossing and hands clenching at his sides. “But only one picture! That’s it! No more! Nada! Zilch! Zero!”

Tadashi smiled and handed him the bright yellow kigurumi, stifling his laughter behind a fist.

"Guilt-tripper,” Hiro accused, sticking his leg into the costume.

“I love you too little bro,” Tadashi beamed.

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Castle Fanfic: Happy to Be 1/1 (AC-verse)

Although this was originally intended to be a short photo ficlet, it quickly became a much longer one shot. I’ll leave the picture that inspired me at the bottom of the story.

This takes place in the What Happens in AC-verse, just a few months after the first story leaves off. @shadoweddawn, this is for you. <3

Happy to Be

“Is he okay back there?”

Deep blue eyes leave the road, looking first at her and then glancing in the rearview mirror. There’s nowhere for them to go if there’s a problem – they’re stuck in this lane thanks to a huge refrigerator truck on one side and a line of entirely too-aggressive cabs on the other side – but still she has to check.

“He’s okay, Kate,” Castle murmurs, letting his hand drop from the steering wheel to touch her thigh. He gives her leg a squeeze, brushing his fingers over the fabric of her jeans, but it’s meant to comfort her instead of tease. “Take a look and see for yourself.”

Her head shakes against the sedan’s high headrest. “If I look back, it’ll just get him going again. The last thing we need is for him to get crazy in traffic like this.”

Her husband hums, slipping his hand over her knee. “That’s true. He is a mommy’s boy. A little attention goes a long way.”

She sighs. “Castle.”

“Well it’s true. He is. I’ve tried to deny it, but I think our son likes you more than he likes me.”

“He’s not – ” she cuts herself off, refusing to rise to the bait. They’ve been having this conversation for weeks and each time they get nowhere. Better to just leave it be.

“Don’t you, Royal?” he coos. “You like Mommy more than you like me. It’s okay, I’m not offended anymore. I mean, I know I was the one to suggest we bring you home with us when Mommy was originally opposed, but…”

Kate rolls her eyes. “Yes, great guilt-tripper, we see your point.”

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