guilt oc


Since this cute lil OC technically belongs to @spinetrick, I consulted heavily with her (and also got some help from @beta-19​) when coming up with this list of general Lob headcanons!

Likes: discordant noises, taking apart machines, breaking stuff, making sculptures out of trash, shooting people in the kneecap, humans, ricardo

Dislikes: working, losing limbs
(Ricardo shares these dislikes, although the limbs he normally loses are usually misplaced other dead Rick limbs)

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Im all about that heely life except I’ve never owned a pair and I already trip over air walking


He’s offering his not at all suspicious tea to all yall who keep sending vague requests despite me pleading for more specific ones

Hey can you guys all do me a favor and follow this insta about ptsd to spread ptsd awareness for a school project? The more followers I have the more I can say my project was a success and also it’s a really personal vulnerable subject for me so it means a lot personally.

Sad headcanon time?

Sad headcanon time.

Ravaszhi used to be just as good if not better at Huttball than Telo.  The reason he isn’t anymore is partly to due to Telo getting picked up for a pro-ball career (and hence having a diet, exercise, and training regime that Ravaszhi doesn’t), but mostly due to Ravaszhi’s depth perception being exponentially worse after living in an isolation/ dark cell for so long.

To make matters (worse? better?), Ravaszhi doesn’t remember any of this, due to TBI from the same incident. 

a new character for Susi’s story, Guilt :D we decided there needed to be a soul-bound polyamorous relationship, so this is my sweet little angel, Ekon/Emem/Elan (i haven’t decided on which name yet. let’s call him E for now)

E is a very gentle and soft spoken person. he is a mediator among his close friends and partners, but prefers to keep to himself when with strangers. he’s a cheerful individual, difficult to anger, but can be self-conscious and meek at times. he cares very strongly for people as a whole, and would do anything for his loved ones. he adores children

he doesn’t really like drawing attention to himself, but his size can make that difficult. E is genderfluid, but largely feels male most of the time, so goes by “he”. when he feels female, it can be emotionally trying, because he feels his body isn’t feminine, and clothing can be an issue. so, when feeling feminine, he likes to adorn his hair with flowers. E works with candles and fragrances, his workshop being a small space in his home. he often likes to take sweet smelling oils and rub them into his hair and skin

E is an avian/human hybrid. this mixture has resulted in very small wings in comparison to his 5'11’’ and heavier build. he is unable to fly. his lineage is of Rubic (African, his father’s side, human) and Barboch (Native American, his mother’s side, avian). his parents are very warm and loving people, and tend to dote on their only child when he visits

anonymous asked:

Do you feel guilt for injuring you OCs physically, mentally, emotionemotionally, and/or spiritually? Not just in AFAC? I mean, I take fiction very seriously and I beat myself up for transforming characters into different species and taking family away and... you get the idea. I just think "what would they think of me, their creator, if they existed and knew that I am responsible for their fate? They'd probably hate me". Do you feel bad like that?

Well, here’s the thing. A person can’t be brave unless they are afraid first. They can’t be hopeful unless they are looking despair in the face. They can’t overcome despite overwhelming odds unless the odds are first stacked against them. They can’t rise up from the ashes of defeat like the glorious Phoenix they are unless they are defeated in the first place.

Yeah, I imagine Sans would be upset at me for orchestrating the events leading up to Chara possessing him. But if that had not happened, he would never have been the memelord. As a creator, you’ve gotta think of the big picture.