guilmero del toro

Hideo Kojima and Konami are playing with us. It's an elaborate stunt. Silent Hills will be made and released.

First of all I know. I seem out of my mind. Hear me out. Hideo Kojima is a masterful but also very sneaking and always ready to shock and surprise as is the company he has been with for years. Look up the elaborate ruses he pulled in the past.

The press for MGS2: Sons of Liberty only showed Solid Snake as the main character. But fans of the stealth series were surprised to see a new character who was revealed last minute called Raiden (Who is awesome). This made some fans feel ripped off and others like myself were cool with it.

To more recent times look up The Phantom Pain and the crazy media storm the game created. A mysterious game developer known as Moby Dick productions were making a great looking game called The Phantom Pain. Fans debunked the whole thing. It was a new MGS game. Hideo Kojima wore a disguise for press before finally revealing MGSV: The Phantom Pain.

Also the voice of Snake was a point of interest for fans. As actor David Hayter was left out of MGSV Ground Zeroes and replaced with Kiefer Sutherland. Will he be left out of MGS The Phantom Pain? Hayter has stated he is not in the game. But this conflicts with recent news he has in fact provided voice work for the game.

Hideo Kojima along with Konami understand how to get fans wanting and passionate about their games. Create drama! It works. I’m hooked. The same seems to be happening with Silent Hills. Odd they would make a very pretty demo for Silent Hills which had fans wanting more only to cancel now.

I say carry on make a fuss, play along. I just wanna play these dumb games until I die.