Thanks @exhibition-of-vanishing-time for tagging me !

The Rules: Open up your music library (whether it be on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, doesn’t matter!) and hit Shuffle. Then, post a list of the first ten songs that play and let us judge you for your erratic tastes in music!

  1. Compère Guilleri - Les Choristes (don’t judge i’m a French expat full of nostalgia okay?)
  2. How Far I’ll Go - Aulii Carvalho (from Moana)
  3. Don’t Let me down - Waxx and Pomme’s cover
  4. My Manic and I - Laura Marling
  5. It’s a Hard-Knock Life -  Annie OST (my jam !!! I forgot about that song!)
  6. From God’s Perspective - Bo Burnham
  7. You Can Blame Me - Jain
  8. That Thing You Do - Ellem
  9. Best Fake Smile - James Bay
  10. La dalle - L.E.J. (JAM TOO)

That was nice !

I’m tagging @fuckensubtext, @alanturiing, @always-evergreen, @221beefcakes, @fantasticase , @leaastf, @hollyberrypie and @the-freckled-feminist

(and anybody who’d like to do it ! Don’t forget to tag me !!)