guillermo munro

Graphic for WWF realy enoyed doing this, well I did like 20 versions until I fot to this. I wanted to show more about numbers and how really they are I have seen many graphics that explain what a tiger is and how much they can jump byte and all that. I wanted to show how many are left. how many are gone in our lifetimes (3)

Thanks to WWF, global tiger recovery program and China Daily for allowing me to do this.

I was sketching from this point this ancient town from the Ming Dinasty, there was a group of 3 or 4 also drawing from here. and she was part of it. She came  and started to ask questions. friendly ones, where you from. what you do….. very friendly and nice.

She was with a group of architects from Beijing. Cool to see that working architects keep going to ancient towns and see how their culture and their influences started.