Benjamin Brunken, Robby Guillemin, David Prat, Francois Durel, Jeremy Biscarro, Kevin Stranart, Merlin Barthelemy, Robin Massonneau, Simon Adde, Thibault Gildas & Xavier Buestel Photographed by Julien Faucher 


Grég Guillemin peeks into the private lives of comic book characters

‘Have you ever wondered what superheroes do when they are chilling out?’ muses French artist Grég ‘Leon’ Guillemin.‘we only see them when they are saving the day, but never when they are brushing their teeth. could we peek into the private lives of superheroes the way we do with celebrities?’

Guillemin offers a look at the personal lives of comic book characters and fictional film stars in his ongoing series, ‘Secret Life of Heroes’

Check out his kickstarter project. The publication ‘For Your Eyes Only’ coincides with an exhibition of the collection at la Galerie Lacroix, Paris from February 6 through March 30, 2015.


The Secret Life of Heroes 

(by Greg Guillemin)

While most get the impression that superheroes are perfect, in reality that is clearly not the case. Like everybody else, they do certain by TermCoach"  activities that “normal” people do throughout their day. Greg Guillemin, an eclectic graphical gamer, created the following posters to illustrate ‘The Secret Life Of Superheroes.’ The series does a great job of illustrating day-to-day stuff that we don’t expect super heroes to ever really have to do. Be sure to check out his portfolio for further inspiration.

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