guillaume bastille


Guillaume Bastille winning WC6 1000M Gold. It was so amazing!

At first we were like,

and then Sjinkie did this thing,

by the time the official results came in, the party already commenced, GOLD FOR BASTILLE!

I love Short Track!

So I just met some Olympians this morning...

Sickess day of my life! Guillaume Bastille, Francois-Louis Tremblay and finally Francois Hamelin were all there at East Short Track Nationals in Toronto! :D So first they did a 3000m relay with some people from different Ontario clubs, then after they had a photo op for people! Naturally, me, Erika and Krista waited outside their dressing room until they came out, yes we’re complete stalkers ;) So we took some pictures with them and got their autographs, they’re actually pretty down to earth and chill guys! …Not to mention sooo HAWT :] Will post more with pics later, but for now enjoy this one of Guillaume :D