guilford dudley

‘The 10 of July, in the afternoone, about 3 of the clocke, lady Jane was convayed by water to the Tower of London, and there received as queene. After five of the clocke, the same afternoone, was proclamation made of the death of king Edward the sixt, and how hee had ordained by his letters patent bearing sate the 21. Of June last past that the lady Jane should be heire to the Crowne of England, and the heire males of her body, &e.’

(The Chronicle of Queen Jane and of Two Years of Queen Mary, and Especially of the Rebellion of Sir Thomas Wyat p. 3)

Lady Jane Grey was Queen for only Nine days in 1553 in an ill-fated attempt to prevent the accession of the Catholic Monarch Mary I.  Jane’s claim to the throne was through being great-great granddaughter of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York through her mother, Frances Brandon’s side.  She was made heir to her cousin King Edward VI in place of her cousins Mary and Elizabeth Tudor.

At approximately 10 years old Jane entered the house of Henry VIII’s last Wife, Katherine Parr where she was educated and exposed t protestant teachings where she developed into an intelligent and pious young woman.  In May of 1553 she was  brought more often to court and married to Lord Guilford Dudley, the son of the powerful Duke of Northumberland.