guilford avenue

Railroad scene
Guilford Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland
Robert F. Kniesche (1906-1976)
4x5 inch acetate negative
Kniesche Photograph Collection
Maryland Historical Society

The Crown Cork & Seal Co. [building]
1500 Guilford Avenue, Baltimore
Not dated
John Dubas
5 x 7 inch glass negative
Baltimore City Life Museum Collection (Arthur U. Hooper Memorial Collection)
Maryland Historical Society

Now known as the Copycat building, Francis O'Neill, Senior Reference Librarian provides this background on the building: 

“No. 1501-1523 Guilford Avenue - formally (and for many years informally too) the Fallsway Building was built ca. 1897 by Crown Cork & Seal, which afterwards built annexes to the north and east of it. In the 1920s, however, Crown opened a satellite plant in furthest east Baltimore, and eventually came to the conclusion that that was a better location for them; by the end of World War II they had almost totally forsaken their Guilford Avenue campus, contenting themselves with renting those buildings out to various smaller businesses, including the one that today gives the main building its informal name.”

Elevated train
Guilford Avenue, Baltimore
Robert Kniesche (1906-1976)
4 x 5 inch film negative
Kniesche Collection
Maryland Historical Society

I had no idea that Baltimore once had an elevated train until I saw this photograph. Thanks to Francis O'Neill in the MdHS library, I now know that the elevated train had a very short route that would take passengers above the train yards located along Guilford Avenue. The Baltimore Sun building is located about where this photograph was taken.