guile suit

The first thing you’ll want to do is customize your character. Before you begin playing, you’ll be assigned either a male or female gender. Developers say this distinction does not impact gameplay, but it turns out that if you’re playing as a female you get 30 percent less money and it’s harder to get promotions. Men also get a bunch of other perks, but changing this attribute once you start is really difficult and may make the game even harder, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Like many RPGs, you can input your name, but most of the time other characters will call you a pre-written nickname. These appear to be randomly assigned and might be anything from “champ” to “new guy.” But, if later you complete a world-changing quest, you may get a new pre-written title from that, making you “the guy who shit in the supply closet.” Your actual name will primarily show up on written documents, because calling each player by their individual name would take up way too much memory.

You will choose your class after you complete the trial period and receive your first promotion. If you like playing support-based classes, I.T. is probably for you. They run around fixing everything in the office. It’s kind of a thankless job, because other players only notice I.T. people when they’ve messed something up, so you typically get none of the praise and a lot of the blame.

Players who like to use cunning and guile are best suited to be salespeople. Salespeople are fragile but can also be very effective, especially in close quarters and when they have the element of surprise. Finally, management-track positions are for fans of the dark arts. They attempt to manipulate the laws of productivity and perception using ancient and often diabolical techniques.

Office Job: The Hottest New Role Playing Game