guildwars 2


Day 2 of 5: There’s a Throwback Art Meme making the rounds on Facebook lately and it’s been great to see the old work contrasted with the new; a bit like seeing old friends and catching them up with new ones. 

To keep things interesting I’ve also been sharing some .PSD Walkthroughs and Full Resolution files to some of the older images and I figured why not share here as well.

This next batch is from my time (2009-2010) at ArenaNet here in Washington. Happy to still see so many of you guys regularly :) 

Here’s a link to the Full Res files: Click! Here’s day one: Click!

About the Player

thought something like this would be a little fun, if only to know a little more about the people behind the characters you love !

So, you play GW2 then ? How about sharing a little about yourself ?

Name ( can be nickname or even just initial ) : ________

Age ( not needed of course ) : ________

Where are you from ?: ________

In-game Username : ________

First Character : ________

Main Character : ________

How did you find out about GW2 :


What made you choose to play GW2 ? :


When did you join GW2 : 


Favourite in-game activities : 


If you could change one thing in-game, what would it be :


Favourite armour set : 


Favourite weapon type : 


Three small tidbits about yourself :


Tag others who you’d like to see about, or just keep blank !