guildhall library

From Guildhall Library, an Elizabethan pancake recipe from Thomas Dawson’s The Good Huswife’s Jewell, 1585. 

Maaaaaany people don’t know this, but back before Elizabethan times, people used to sing an old ditty in celebration of pancakes. It went like this:

It’s pancake day, yes it’s pancake day. It’s p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pancake-day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Guildhall Library, a totally legit pancake race.

Below is a ‘little’ headcanon I’ve made about Tracer and chronal disassociation, plus her travels through time in the months that she was missing. There will be interpretation, there will be short stories, and all of it is still something up for debate.
A big super huge thank you to @fistfulofdollars for being so interested in this and shooting a bunch of ideas at me as I started to really flesh out my Lena and how she dealt with these things. Additonally, how they effect her today.
There will be some darker themes, please be cautious.

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Day 4: books on a cart

As we have a lot of materials moving through the Information Services Section, there were quite a few carts to choose from, and I picked one with materials currently being examined for Guildhall Library. These scores are part of a music collection and are being leafed through to make note of where the sheets have been used. 

M’colleague pointed out that not only are there pages of pretty handwriting, but also scratched out portions of GRRRRRR! The empty pages in the rest of that tome suggest that the 50,000 notes target was not reached that November.