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Gajevy Love Week 2017 - Day 7 - Marriage/Living together

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One month post wedding

Things were supposed to change after couples got married. At least, that’s what Macao and Wakaba told Lily as he looked for a job to take while Levy and Gajeel were off on their honeymoon.

“Don’t worry there buddy, within a month they’ll take their hands off each other. Ya just gotta hold off until then.”

Lily didn’t know whether it was bad for him to hope that his best friend’s relationship started to stale, but the amount of nights that he had to spend at another guild member’s house in order to get any semblance of sleep was just getting ridiculous now. Added to that the fact that more and more guild members were getting into relationships, and it was difficult to find one that didn’t mind harboring him for the night. He assumed that after an entire month of having no one but each other to keep them company the two love birds would be able to stay apart for more than an hour, or at least tire themselves out, so the first time he got back to the house after they had returned he felt safe entering in the front door. He pushed the wood open with his back, his arms carrying enough groceries to last all three of them for a week, and almost ran into where Gajeel had propped Levy against the wall, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

Levy screamed as Gajeel pulled away, desperately tugging her skirt down to cover herself. Lily sighed. This wasn’t anywhere near the first time this had happened. He simply walked through to the kitchen, left the groceries on the side and left through the back door.

“I’ll be back to make food in an hour. Consider this fair warning.”

Three months post wedding

Lily was sat at the bar at the guild, a glass of strong liquor in one hand as his head was rested on the other. Mira walked over to him, leaning on her elbows on the counter as she prepared to offer her advice. That’s why she had come over, of course. To offer Lily advice. Not to get gossip, not at all.

“What’s the matter, Pantherlily?”

Her voice was sweet enough to disguise her true intentions, and Lily almost fell for it. Almost. He took a sip out of his drink, before facing the takeover mage. At this point, he was far too drunk and far too angry to worry about the information he was about to give her.

“I walked into the garden earlier, and let’s just say I discovered why Levy asked Droy to put all those twenty foot trees around the perimeter. They were fucking on the lawn. On the lawn, Mira.”

The takeover mage only just managed to suppress her laughter, covering her mouth with her hand in a gesture she hoped Lily would think was just her trying to come up with a solution. Her plan didn’t work. Lily knew exactly what she was doing.

“They’re young and in love, Lily. I know it must be hard living with them, but it won’t be long until they calm down and you’ll have your house back again. You’re free to come and live with me and Freed for a while if you want?”

Lily looked over at the rune mage, who didn’t even attempt to hide his grimace at the suggestion. He wondered if Mira could feel the scowl that Freed was currently boring into the back of her head. The exceed sighed, finishing off his drink before standing up and heading out of the guild.

“Thanks for the suggestion, Mira, but I think I’ll just go and stay with the exceeds for a while. Like you said, I don’t think this can last for long.”

Six months post wedding

Lily lay in his bed, desperately trying to cover his ears to block out the noise coming from the room next to him. He had thought that Levy’s announcement that she was expecting would slow down the constant screaming that he heard at night, but obviously not. Erza had been joking around with Levy about the benefits of having sex while pregnant, but Lily had assumed it was just that. Joking.
As soon as it was ridiculously apparent that he wasn’t getting any sleep that night if he stayed there he opened up his window and jumped out, unfurling his wings as he flew away from the house.

Freed opened the door in a tank top and pajama bottoms, rubbing his eyes as he spotted the exceed stood on his porch. He sighed as he pulled the door fully open, allowing it to hit the wall as he stepped back and invited the exceed inside. Yet again he was cursing his girlfriend for extending the invitation three months ago, but he couldn’t get too angry. The exceed made his way into the house without saying a word, heading towards the sofa as Freed turned around and made his way back up to his own bed. Unbeknownst to the other, both men hoped that this informal arrangement would end sooner rather than later.

Fifteen months post wedding

Lily, like always, was the first one awake when one of the twins cried. This time it was Shutora, and he made his way through the hallway to the twins room. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge inside the door he shook it absentmindedly, activating a rune to heat it slightly before heading to pick up the young girl and cradle her in his arms. She was contented almost immediately, her screaming stopping as she ate and Lily chuckled. She was just like her father, placated by food. It wasn’t long before Lily heard the door open, and turned to see Gajeel resting against the door frame. The Dragon Slayer had just managed to pull his boxers on, and he went to check on his son to make sure he hadn’t awoken.
“I’m sorry, Lil’. For makin’ ya put up with this. I love havin’ ya here but, d’ya think ya might wanna stay somewhere else until the brats are a little older?”

Lily smirked, looking down at the now sleeping face of the baby in his arms. In the three months since the twins had arrived, Levy and Gajeel had been far too exhausted to interrupt his sleep with any funny business in the night.

“Don’t worry about it, Gajeel. I think the twins and I will get on just fine…”

And that’s the end of Gajevy love week!
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ToG fanfic meme: The Adarlan’s Assassins Part 2

The Assassin and the Guild

Those were the symbols that distinguish them from each other. But only a man could have all three brands designed for life on his skin. The man who for nearly ten years had the reins of the game on cards.

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An idea for a nalu drabble - Natsu and Lucy announcing their relationship status of boyfriend x girlfriend to the guild

Of course! ❤️

Lucy was nervous. From the looks she and Natsu were getting when they came into the guild together, with their hair messed up and clothes askew, people were curious about their pending relationship status.

And she couldn’t wait to see their faces when she and Natsu announced that they were dating for real.

Of course, they had been dating for months, but were too scared to tell everyone. How would they react? How would they act around the rest of the guild? And would everyone accept them with their relationship?

With anxiety slowly building in her chest, Lucy sighed from her seat next to Natsu. She was worried that everyone would be shocked to their core and not know how to act around them.

Natsu placed a hand on Lucy’s shoulder with a smile. “Luce, it’s gonna be fine. Besides, you got me!” He grinned brightly, and happiness grew inside of Lucy and she smiled softly back at her secret boyfriend.

Lucy tapped her wineglass with her spoon, and the rest of the guild turned their heads towards them.

“Guys, we have an announcement,” Lucy raised her glass to the rest of the guild. Everyone raised their glass hesitantly and then started bringing up ideas of what the announcement could be.

“You’re eloping?!” Cana yelled, slamming her fist on the table.

“You’re having Natsu’s twins?!” Levy peeked up from her book, eyebrows raised.

“You’re moving in together?!” Evergreen said from holding onto Elfman’s arm, giving them a judgmental stare.

“N-no! Nothing like that!” Lucy yelled, turning red and waving her hands frantically in front of her. “What I wanted to say is that Natsu and I, we are, um…,”

“Wow. I knew you two were close, but I didn’t know you were that close!” Cana smirked at Lucy while taking a swig of her beer.

“No! Not that either!” Lucy shouted, starting to get a little bothered by these comments. What kind of girl did her friends think she was?!

“I’ll say it, Luce. I have no shame, remember?” Natsu pointed out. He stood and took a swig of his whiskey and shook his head before speaking.

“We’ve been dating in secret for the past four months now,” Natsu announced, and the whole guild fell silent.


“Way to go, Lu-chan!” Levy yelled, waving her book in the air and giggling.

“I knew you had it in ya, girlie!” Cana raised her beer drunkenly before downing the rest of it.

“Good man, Natsu!” Wakaba and Macao told them, turning away to hide their tears. How could this kid get a girlfriend and they had been single for years?!

“Kiss her, Natsu!” Lisanna giggled loud enough for Bixlow to hear, and Bixlow smirked. He definitely had to give Lisanna her confession and hopefully kiss her tonight…

Natsu was more than happy to oblige. He swept his not so secret girlfriend into his arms and kissed her with the strength and passion of a dragon. Lucy grasped onto her boyfriend and deepened the kiss, and the whole guild whooped and hollered for the new couple.

“Told ya it would be okay, Luce,” Natsu said after he broke the kiss, and Lucy blushed.

She was happy that her friends and boyfriend were all in agreement. She was happier than she ever had been right now. And she was always content when they were all together.

Here ya go, anon! I hope you enjoyed! ❤️


The Assassin’s Guild of Throne of Glass by sjmaas.

Part 1
Celaena Sardothien
Arobynn Hammel
Sam Cortland (death. Threadrops :’( )

Part 2

Part 3
Ben (death)
Wesley (death)
Farran (death. ps you diserve this! Tie!)

#throneofglassnovellas #throneofglass #sarahjmaas #theassassinandthedesert #theassassinandtheunderworld #theassassinandthepiratelord #theassassinandtheempire #theassassinsblade #theassassinskeep #theassassinsguild #celaenasardothian #arobynnhammel #samcortland. #fanart #collage by @ilreleonewikia

ohhhh nooo help me i just got hit with so many cute headcanons about lucy’s future kid and her spirits

  • they all take turns babysitting her when her dad’s on a job and her mom needs a nap
  • when she’s learning to walk, aries is right there, fluff at the ready
  • loke tells her bedtime stories about her mom’s awesome battles and adventures and how she saved his life
  • cancer gives her her first haircut
  • she and virgo put on fashion shows in the living room
  • taurus sits her on his shoulders so she can see the harvest festival parade better
  • she grows up just as enchanted with spirits as lucy was
  • (and scorpio gives lucy a message from aquarius that just says “congrats. don’t screw it up”)