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a-x-ce  asked:

Speaking of Raven Tail and redeeming Flare for apparently no other reason besides her being a woman, I got into a conversation with someone on mangastream and we both ended up agreeing that it seemed like Mashima just dropped what was going to be an arc about Raven Tail. I had to reread chapter 128 for proof to the overall topic we had about dragon lacrima and looking at it again it really seemed like setup for another arc that just never happened. (1/4, I'm so sorry!)

Why on earth did Mashima choose to focus on Flare in what was an overall worthless miniature arc when Raven Tail was foreshadowed throughout the series and became utterly pointless once Laxus wiped the floor with them at the GMG? Especially when a lot of people I talk with also feel like an arc with Raven Tail would have been the perfect place to explain more about dragon lacrima! And while I’d NEVER want to see him redeemed, I would have liked to actually know more about Ivan overall 

More about why he got kicked out of FT, how/when he found out about Lumen Histoire, why Makarov really wanted Gajeel to spy on him/RT, and just more about the whole ‘turning someone into a dragon slayer’ that would have added on to not only Laxus, but Cobra as well, as they’re the only real second generation dragon slayers (seeing as we weren’t even introduced to Serena until this last arc and even when he was he wasn’t even around long enough to matter!) 

To me this will always be one of the more disappointing missed opportunities in the series. Dragon lacrima has played an important part through this series and it was never once explained. And it just seemed as though that information was already perfectly planned with Ivan/RT and just, dropped for what feels like no reason! And I’m sorry that this got so long!

Yep - there was almost definitely a Raven Tail/Dreyar Drama™ arc planned for Fairy Tail, and I think it’s a massive disappointment that we never got to see it. I would’ve loved to know more about Fairy Tail’s history and what exactly dragon lacrima were created for (and for that matter, why there’s no other lacrima like it that we know of), but… we just aren’t getting it.

I can only guess that Mashima decided he didn’t have time for a personal arc about the Dreyar family when he decided to gear Fairy Tail towards the more mythical and epic Zeref/Acnologia storyline. Maybe he thought dealing with Raven Tail in any decent capacity would be too mundane by comparison? But then he had to deal with all the foreshadowing he set up, so he decided to deal with Ivan in the GMG arc and just get it all over with. Which is really damn disappointing. 

I can say that I think Fairy Tail should’ve been more about the people in the guild and their relationships than whatever epic enemy Mashima decides to throw at us next until I’m blue in the face, but I guess we’ve just got to accept that Mashima has absolutely no interest in delving into anyone’s feelings and relationships in any great detail.