Good News Everyone!

Golemagical Applications is going to return!

Who? What? Why?

Golemagical Applications, formerly one of the most active asura krewe guilds on Tarnished Coast (and the following Megaservers) is realigning its magicrystals and charging its thaumic capacitors for a stunning relaunch back into the thick of RP (we hope).

How you ask?

Through the power of Discord!

We have created a Discord channel for Golemagical Applications, providing maps of the Golemagical Labs and rooms for each of the ACTUAL rooms of the lab, allowing for real time RP in its humming magical corridors. Use this resource to tie your Guild Wars 2 RP together with a home base that should live and breathe with the asuran krewe inside.

Okay, so real talk, this is a plan myself and @golemagical-twins have come up to bring reliable RP to you asura RPers starved for long-lasting RP in a new way that might help keep everyone connected, engaged in RP and fed with delicious, delicious asuran RP. Meet new characters and their players, pitch new project ideas, learn to hate Spokko’s grumpy guts and more!

We’re opening our doors to any asura character that wants to be in, with the SOLE exception of Inquest affiliated characters. Golemagical Applications is a GOOD GUY krewe and doesn’t go side by side with Inquest members.

Even if your asura is already in a guild or a krewe, I’d love to see them join us. In terms of story, Spokko is recruiting hard and fast and he’s not being nearly as picky as he previously was.

I really do hope you guys would like to join us in this little asuran community idea. It’d mean the world to me to be able to give back my effort into GW2 RP in one way or another.

Don’t hesitate to message me or @golemagical-twins if you’re interested! We’d love to hear from EVERYONE interested in the idea!

“And then he called me a stupid cactus! Would you believe that?”
“I know right?! Just because I’m a succulent doesn’t mean I’m some stupid cactus!”

Ochara likes to associate himself with roses because of having thorns and feeling important and gets angry really fast when someone points out the truth. Then again pretty much everything makes him angry, he’s worse than an angsty teenager and just complains about everything ever. Others like to make fun of him because of how easy is to make him angry :>

Ewoqi is mute, so he can’t exactly talk back, but for some reason still tolerates Ochara and enjoys his very undemanding company.

The First Ever “This is my story.” Week starts on March 5th and continues until March 11th!

To participate all you have to do is share one moment a day in one or more of your character’s story that developed who they are to you. Got more? Awesome! Share those too!

My hope is that by the end of the week, those of you that have struggled with making backstories can have an easier time putting all your posts together into a great profile for your character(s), and those that have developed pasts can further their character’s development.

But also it’s just fun so join in even if you aren’t super into RP!

This event will be using the tag #gw2 story week

Open RP Event [EU]

Times have been tough for Sylvari, lately. The Wardens have begun fearing that recent events might discourage young Saplings from pursuing their Dreams, and this decided to host a small, supervised gathering to boost morale and re-instill courage.

This Saturday, March 25th, 20:00 CET, in the uninstanced Sylvari Home Instance (You can glide in, or just jump over the fence). Look for our LFG in the RP tab, or whisper Warden Yannah/Equilibrium.1035 for a taxi and/or help to get in.

*Due to recent events and popular demand by the Guild, I must ask all participants to refrain from sexual content and/or excessive violence during the event. Public events are generally PG16.

Artyphiss, my fancy mesmer on Guild Wars 2 ! The little cherry blossom petals on the back are necessary.

The last time I use watercolor was more than a year ago ! I am quite happy to do traditional paint again <3

Hello everyone! 

Super Adventure Box has come… and it has gone. Super sad we know! But that is why we want to throw a Goodbye Party for our beloved SAB! 

Come to Rata Sum and have a 8-Bit themed drink and some cube snacks! Show off your achievements from this years festival! Gush about SAB and meet other people who love it just like you! 

Maybe you’ll find people to play with next year! 

Meet us in Rata Sum at the College of Dynamics! 
We’ll have the party set up at 20/8PM CEST on the 22nd of april!

LFG will be up 15 minutes before, or whisper betafishy.7310 for taxi!

(OBS: As this is a roleplay event, you do not have to have the achievements in game. Just say your character has completed tribulation mode if you wanna, and then they have! :D)

*Due to recent events and popular demand by the Guild, I must ask all participants to refrain from sexual content and/or excessive violence during the event. Public events are generally PG16.


This is Lily Vanderhol my first elementalist, and second character I made in GW2.  She was my main for a long time until Heart of Thorns was released and I got too irritated by how angry she always sounded in the story and made Vani instead.  I took her out for a photo shoot last night and was reminded just how gorgeous this character is and decided I need to play her more often.  

She also makes me reeeeaaaally want to make Light of Dwayna, both for her, and my other characters, but mostly for her. <3

Shina- Orr My Client

“Miss, can you collect the item that I have asked for or can’t you?” The older gentleman asked behind his polished desk. Shina sat on the corner as she played with a small globe of Tyria that was previously resting on a small stand. 

“Of course I can, but it’s Orr you want me to go to and that my good sir cost extra.” 

The room itself was rather ordinary. The desk sat in the middle of the room, a large bookshelf covered the wall behind the man. Flower pots and painting decorated the rest, the only thing that stood out were his bodyguards. 

“I’m already offering a generous amount.” He straightened up in his plush chair. His hair was black, but the sides were graying along with her salt and pepper beard. 

“Mr. Sanders. If you think I’m going to go all the way to Orr, get passed the Risen, find this item, and come back for that price then you’ve picked the wrong woman. You could always go yourself and save some money.”

Shina smirked as she rose from the polished soft wooden desk, she knew she had him. Turning she started walking towards the door. Both of the bodyguards blocked her exit. She glared, “Move.”

“Boss gets what ‘e wants.” the one on the right said.

A sound like breaking glass enveloped the room. A purple haze surrounded Shina as she raised her hand towards them. They eyes widened before they were knocked out in a daze. 

The man almost toppled out of his chair, “Fine, I’ll settle for the price! Don’t leave..” 

A devilish grin spread on her face, she turned around and walked towards him. “There, that wasn’t so hard was it?”

Opening a small drawer, he reached in and pulled out a brown sack. He weighed it in front of her before placing it in her outstretched palm. “Half now, half later.”

“See you in a few weeks, Sanders.”


Shina’s hands dripped from the water cupped in her hands, she looked down at her distorted reflection. She looked tired, that’ll happen when you toss and turn all night. Her green eyes shown through the mirror image, her hair was tousled. She grinned to herself, inwardly happy because of the previous night.

Her satchel and bags weighed her down as one strap draped across her chest while the other on her back. Her attire was that of a pirate, typical with many belts and rugged leather. There at the docks, awaited the massive ship. Yes, a pirate ship. It took some convincing to even let them open the port, but coin will settle anyone’s tongue.

“Took you long enough little girl.” A massive Norn stood before her, his arms folded with a scorn on his face.

“Oh come on, admit you missed me.” Shina had to incline her neck to stare him in the eyes and she smiled at him.

A smile spread across his face, “Ah, hell. Hurry up girl, we’re ready to set sail.” Shina nodded walking up the wooden plank, before she stepped foot on the ship, however, Orm stopped her.

“I thought you just say we needed to leave.”

“Aye, but we have a member of the crew that insisted on coming.”

Her jaw set as she pushed past him. Shina wasn’t the captain. To their standards, they didn’t have one. That was the joy of leaving the Covington Pirates. She was, however, the one paying the crew for the expedition, so she some authority.

The crew was busy as the ship started to leave port, Shina looked back at Lion’s Arch. The architecture has changed tremendously but it was still the one place she really considered home. The mast creaked as the sails were brought to life by the wind while they began to pass the large arches and cannons surrounding the hub city. Shina ignored the many bodies running the deck, she was never one to work the runnings of a ship. She only helped plunder and navigate.

After she threw her bags in the cabin, she found Orm in the galley. “Alright, who is on my ship?”

Across from him sat a man, his height for a human man was impressive reaching 6’5 with a muscular and tattooed build. It was as if the Gods couldn’t decide if he should be human or Norn. His face was bearded, not at all the memory she had in her head. His sandy blonde hair pulled back in a bind, he looked up with his mouth half full of chili when she walked in.

“Are you fucking kidding me!” She marched forward as she pulled her blade out, “Get him off of this ship.”

Orm looked between the two before standing, “No can do, we need him.”

“The hell we do.” The look she gave him was pure rage, mixed with unreadable emotions.

“He doesn’t even treasure hunt, he murders.”

Orm puffed out his chest and reached his full height as he looked down, “Aye, I remember your past as well girl, frankly, I don’ give a damn you two were lovers. He has intel that we need.”

Shina scowled. Neal grinned behind Orm’s back, smugness to the max. “Oh come on Shinako, I thought you’d miss me.”

“I have a girlfriend you swine.”

“You flippin’ teams on me now?”

She stepped forward, her hand back on her blade, but Orm’s gigantic body stepped in front of her target. Her foot tapped impatiently as she sheathed her sword, “Pray tell, how in the name of Balthazar can you help? You do know the item we are collecting isn’t up for grabs.”

He stood, practically posed against the table while he sat on the surface. “Oh I know, but did you know that your client is lying about the worth and that there is a lot more to it?”

Her face slipped, “Then enlighten me before I throw you over and you can swim to shore.”

The air smelled of rotting flesh while the waves crashed into the side of the ship spraying the deck and crew. A storm was coming, Shina stood near the helm donning a jacket for protection looking to the wretched peninsula before them. Her eyes surveyed the crew searching for Neal, he was aloft in the sails and soaked.

“Ready girl?” Orm asked looking down at her through his good idea. The other was blind, with scars across them. He was very proud of each and every glorious scar.

Shina looks up, brushing her hair out of her face, “Yeah, let’s go. Get Neal and a couple of the others.”


The small wooden boat rocked in the ocean towards the shores of Orr. The two crew members rowed the boat while Orm sat in the back. His braids threatened to loosen from the winds as he eyed the peninsula. Shina and Neal sat in the front of the boat to equal the Norn’s weight. Shina held onto the bow, Neal was hunched over trying to block the sea breeze.

“You’re too close.”

“Shinako, we’re in a small damned boat. There’s nothin’ I can do about it sweetheart.”

Her short hair swirled around as she glared at him, “Stop calling me Shinako.” He stared at her like she grew an extra head, “Why? It’s your name.” She rolled her eyes, “Everyone calls me Shina now, maybe I just don’t like you being so personal with me.”

Neal rubbed his bearded jaw, “That makes no damned sense.”

The boat finally slammed onto shore, but before they could even try to get out of the boat Risen’s arms clasped the sides, surfacing from the waters. The two crewmen screamed, they were obviously not soldiers. Orm’s battle cry echoed as he jumped onto land with his hammer, swinging it down onto their decrepit hands. Shina was already fighting two Risen with Neal to her back. Three illusions pulsated from her body, attacking her foes. Neal gripped his flamethrower moving it from side to side toasting the Risen before him. A gurgled cry broke Shina’s attention as she seen one of the crewmen sinking below the water. Her feet were already racing towards the water before Orm or Neal had time to grab her, she dived. Shina could faintly see the man trying to fight off the Risen but before she could reach him, a large hand grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to the surface.

“Noo!” She screamed and kicked.

“It’s too late! He’s gone, there’s a whole swarm down there. It’s suicide.” Orm held onto the small human as she tried to fight him.


Days passed, thirteen to be precise since they set foot on Hell. The other crewmember was lost leaving only Shina, Orm and Neal. Her eyes grew tired as she huddled near the fire. Orm stood to watch nearby while the other two could rest, but she couldn’t and neither could Neal. Malchor’s Leap was like most of Orr, ruined. It was hard imagining this once being a thriving part of Human history.

“So, girlfriend huh?”

Shina lay there on her back, eyes still closed, “None of your business.”

“Come on Shinak- I mean Shina, it’s been years. How can you still be mad at me?”

She sat up leaning on her elbows, “Are you serious? You used me in more ways than-“

“Quiet!” Orm bellowed as he ran over stamping on the flames. All three went silent as they listened. Shina grabbed her bag, checking to make sure their conquest was still secure she clasped it throwing it over her shoulder.

In the distance, you could hear cries, scraping, and footsteps. Neal whispered, “They’re coming.” One by one they crouched following the crusted wall nearby. Shina could see the shore from where they hid, the small boat was covered with seaweed. All three readied their weapons as they prepared to run, Orm was practically bouncing even with his bulk. Neal pushed Shina on the back and then they ran. Orm was ahead of them with his longer strides as Shina followed second, Neal bringing up the rear. A sound screeched behind them, they didn’t even turn. Breaking through the dirt, a rotting hand grasped onto Shina’s ankle sending her down hard onto her stomach. A small scream escaped her lips, Orm turned. He smashed hammer down sending a wave in her direction, she’d take some of the blasts but there was no time.

Shina woke in the small boat floating away from shore, Neal and Orm looked down at her with a smile.

“Like ol’ times girl.” Shina was laying across the Norn’s lap like a child, usually, she would care but at that moment she was glad she had someone she could trust. She glanced at Neal and gave him a small nod. She couldn’t forgive him, but this was Hell and they crawled out together.

I wrote this a while ago but I figured I’d start posting some of Shina’s life because I love her lol.