Good News Everyone!

Golemagical Applications is going to return!

Who? What? Why?

Golemagical Applications, formerly one of the most active asura krewe guilds on Tarnished Coast (and the following Megaservers) is realigning its magicrystals and charging its thaumic capacitors for a stunning relaunch back into the thick of RP (we hope).

How you ask?

Through the power of Discord!

We have created a Discord channel for Golemagical Applications, providing maps of the Golemagical Labs and rooms for each of the ACTUAL rooms of the lab, allowing for real time RP in its humming magical corridors. Use this resource to tie your Guild Wars 2 RP together with a home base that should live and breathe with the asuran krewe inside.

Okay, so real talk, this is a plan myself and @golemagical-twins have come up to bring reliable RP to you asura RPers starved for long-lasting RP in a new way that might help keep everyone connected, engaged in RP and fed with delicious, delicious asuran RP. Meet new characters and their players, pitch new project ideas, learn to hate Spokko’s grumpy guts and more!

We’re opening our doors to any asura character that wants to be in, with the SOLE exception of Inquest affiliated characters. Golemagical Applications is a GOOD GUY krewe and doesn’t go side by side with Inquest members.

Even if your asura is already in a guild or a krewe, I’d love to see them join us. In terms of story, Spokko is recruiting hard and fast and he’s not being nearly as picky as he previously was.

I really do hope you guys would like to join us in this little asuran community idea. It’d mean the world to me to be able to give back my effort into GW2 RP in one way or another.

Don’t hesitate to message me or @golemagical-twins if you’re interested! We’d love to hear from EVERYONE interested in the idea!

Brejja Log: Have Faith

28 Season of the Scion, 1330 AE

“Finally, Someone who can teach me how to be a guardian!”

“One of the medical staff members here in the hall has agreed to teach me the ways of the guardian! After Nooka sort of disappeared I had to find someone else; I do hope Nooka’s alright though, wherever he is.” 

“I’ve been meditating and going over what Sarok has been teaching me, I like the way he explains it all, it’s calming and just refreshing. I have a feeling it will get harder as I go, but I won’t give up, I can’t give up, as a guardian I have a power that comes from faith, so faith I must have; both in his teachings and in myself.”

“That being said, I have been having some odd dreams lately, I’ve also been seeing some strange images in my meditation. I see a figure, cloaked in darkness, I feel a gaze coming from it, it’s staring at me. I always feel the tension I feel before a fight but I wake up or come out of the meditation before anything else happens. It’s weird but, I’ll deal with that later. Maybe I’ll bring it up around Sarok or the boss, one of them will probably know what’s up.”

Artyphiss, my fancy mesmer on Guild Wars 2 ! The little cherry blossom petals on the back are necessary.

The last time I use watercolor was more than a year ago ! I am quite happy to do traditional paint again <3

The GW2 Adventurer Challenge (TM)

So, i noticed that actualy gameplay has gotten a little bit dull lately, hence, i’ll try to spice it up a bit with this challenge idea I had while eating eggs on toast.

The thing about this is Realism ™ and a tidbit of roleplaying your character.

The Goal:

Reach Level 80. 50% World Completion, if your character is already 80. (100%, if you really hate yourself)

The Rules:

- You cannot fully die. If you do, you lose.

- If you get downed, you have to give your character a day to recover from their injuries.

- you cannot actively play at night, because your character needs to sleep.

- you must always be under the effect of buff food, since your character needs to eat.

- you cannot waypoint. ever. you have to run everywhere.

- you cannot do hearts that conflict your characters morals, such as a Nightmare Courtier can’t do most Sylvari-themed hearts, a Charr would probably not do human hearts and so on. To what extent this rule applies depends on your character.

- you can only use level tomes either in your home instance, or in libraries (Priory instance, for example.) You wouldn’t read a substantial book that leads you to progress as a person and fighter while standing next to the bank in rata sum, would you? way too crowded and loud.

- you can only enter your own, racial home instance, and your chosen order’s headquarters.

- you must spend transmutation charges to dress appropriately for your environment. wouldn’t go to the shiverpeaks in a Bikini, right? Or to Maguuma jungle in a layered trenchchoat? (I recommend keeping identical sets with different skins on them). Outfits work too!

- you are allowed to craft in order to gain XP, but you can’t WvW or PvP with this character.

Other stuff

This challenge is to rediscover your love for the game and its world! Feel free to take lotsa screenshots and post them (you can tag me, I’d love to see them!) or keep an IC diary or something like that!
You can also do that with a buddy or two, have your characters form a DnD adventuring party! The possibilities are endless!