Roleplay Event: Royal Wintersday Ball

December 19th, 2016 | 5PM till 10PM (Pacific) | Divinity’s Reach - Royal Palace (North America)


The Royal Wintersday Ball shall be held in the Grand Ball Room of the Royal Palace. Please arrive in formal attire. Enter using the upper side entrances of Her Majesty’s residence. Law enforcement will be in attendance to deal with troublemakers swiftly. This ball is open to all regardless of birth or standing. A freewill donation for the Crown’s charities is suggested.

OOC Information

Date: December 19th, 2016
Time: 4pm till 9 pm (Pacific)
Place: Divinity’s Reach in the Royal Palace (See the map about)
Drama: No Bombs, No shootings (This is like having dinner at the White House)

The official music stream will be provided by Please turn in for festive music.



There are five prizes on the table for the raffle. Each ticket costs twenty five silver, there will be a group of people announced on the thread here who will be taking the silver for each ticket if the current listed people can not make it. There is a five ticket max per person. The pool of coins earned from the raffle goes into making the prize for the costume contest a bigger one!

  • Unopened Endless Mystery Tonic (smell of Fur and Feathers)
  • Earmuffs
  • Earmuffs
  • Scarf
  • Any Outfit from the Gem Store
Contact Rachel Wong to purchase tickets. Deadline is December 19th @ 7pm

The Raffle system is each ticket has a number, once the raffle is over a 1DWhatEverAmountOfTicketsWereSold will be rolled to help determine our five winners! All information will be kept on a google doc.

Best Themed Attire Competition

Who can sport the best Wintersday outfit? Our panel of judges will decide. In order to take part of this event a picture of your characters outfit must be posted here.

The final entry deadline is Demember 19th @ 5pm PST. Entries MUST be submitted to the GW2RP event thread.
  • There will be a team of five judges. One from the Seraph Falcon Company and four volunteers.
  • Each judge will give opinions on the submitted costumes and a vote of popularity between the judges will be used to vote for our two winners.
  • Each winner receives 10 gold plus the money gained from the raffle split between the two first place winners for each category. Second place winners will receive 5 gold.

Finding the right instance

Finding the instance of Divinity’s Reach is easy! Just follow the easy steps below:

  • Click Party
  • Type in Rachel Wong
  • Click Join
  • Right Click Rachel Wong’s name and select “Join in Divinity’s Reach”

Check out the event thread at

Artyphiss, my fancy mesmer on Guild Wars 2 ! The little cherry blossom petals on the back are necessary.

The last time I use watercolor was more than a year ago ! I am quite happy to do traditional paint again <3

GW2 Character Diversity Appreciation Month

Yes! You! With your head cannons and interesting characters! I want you to share them with the GW2 community! I want to hear all about their struggles, or validations, for their gender expression/identity or their sexuality. I want to hear about how they are social minorities, or that they’re privileged amongst their own. I want to hear about their abilities, and disabilities! I want to hear how they deal with things!

Our community has a rich diversity amongst one another, and we all play the game different, as well as play our characters differently. Even if you don’t roleplay, I’m sure you have some thoughts or ideas for your characters that you’d just love to share! 

Trans*, gay, drag, asexual, blind, wheel chair bound, deaf, Elonian, Canthan, mixed, Asura college drop out, a suriving follower of Owl for the norn, a Charr Gladium, a sylvari soundless, someone who is learning-different, or suffers from chronic mental illness- whatever! I want it all! I want the full spectrum of anything that is considered ‘minority’ from the social norm. I’m no expect, and the ideas are limitless I’m sure to what you all can come up with or already have!

I want to cover the whole rainbow and pain the towns of Tyria with it! And I need you guys to do it.

So for the Month of June, I want you guys to crank out as much fan art, stories, roleplay logs, screen shots- whatever! Creative stuff with your creative characters to show that they’re not all card board cut outs. But that they’re interesting, with flaws and strengths, charms and social differences from the norm. 

I want to see discussion! I want to hear headcannons on what each society is like, and how they would react to your character. How your character grew up in that environment! I want it all for the Month! 

I’ll be tracking the tag: #GW2CDM

I hope to see your lovely creations, and that we all get to enjoy the multifaceted community that GW2 has here on tumblr! 

We start June 1st! 

GW2CDM 30 Days Promps!

So! I figured I would give you guys a few prompts that for you guys if you needed them! June has 30 days, so I’ll give you 30 prompts!

  1. What is/are your characters to work on this month? What makes them diverse?
  2. When faced with something/someone that is negative to who they are, how do they handle it?
  3. How does their diversity make them perceive the world?
  4. What do they do professionally? Why did they come to this occupation?
  5. Have they had problems in the past with their diversity? 
  6. Do they have problems now with their diversity?
  7. Do they have a loved, family member or close friend that supports them?
  8. How much does their diversity affect their every day life? How does it enhance?
  9. Do you find it hard to relate to your character sometimes? Or easier to relate?
  10. What inspired you to make your character this way?
  11. Do you, the player, interact with anyone with your character with and share ideas about your character with? 
  12. How long has your character lived with their diversity? Or acknowledged it in their lives? 
  13. What validates your character? What invalidates? 
  14. Have you, the player, ever had problems with other people’s reactions to your character on an OOC level?
  15. What helps your character on those bad days? 
  16. Has your character’s own diversity helped another character? Or another player?
  17. If Anet could add anything you needed to get your character to look perfect for your head cannon needs, what would it be?
  18. How often does your character rethink things about themselves? Good and bad. 
  19. Has your character ever wished to be different? Or more social-norm?
  20. How does your character feel about people asking detailed questions about their diversity?
  21. Has your character ever been told they’re ‘wrong’ for how they handle their diversity?
  22. Have you, the player, ever experienced positive community building because of your character? (random walk ups, tumblr posts ect)
  23. What have you done to further your knowledge about diversity? 
  24. What has your -character- done to further their knowledge about diversity? 
  25. What kind of experiences has your character working with others with different background than their own.
  26. Are they proud of what makes them different? Ashamed? Why?
  27. Are there any groups that your character struggles to accept?
  28. What are your character's strengths because of their diversity? Weaknesses? 
  29. What’s your favorite aspect of your character?
  30. How would/do you use your character to create awareness? 
The GW2 Adventurer Challenge (TM)

So, i noticed that actualy gameplay has gotten a little bit dull lately, hence, i’ll try to spice it up a bit with this challenge idea I had while eating eggs on toast.

The thing about this is Realism ™ and a tidbit of roleplaying your character.

The Goal:

Reach Level 80. 50% World Completion, if your character is already 80. (100%, if you really hate yourself)

The Rules:

- You cannot fully die. If you do, you lose.

- If you get downed, you have to give your character a day to recover from their injuries.

- you cannot actively play at night, because your character needs to sleep.

- you must always be under the effect of buff food, since your character needs to eat.

- you cannot waypoint. ever. you have to run everywhere.

- you cannot do hearts that conflict your characters morals, such as a Nightmare Courtier can’t do most Sylvari-themed hearts, a Charr would probably not do human hearts and so on. To what extent this rule applies depends on your character.

- you can only use level tomes either in your home instance, or in libraries (Priory instance, for example.) You wouldn’t read a substantial book that leads you to progress as a person and fighter while standing next to the bank in rata sum, would you? way too crowded and loud.

- you can only enter your own, racial home instance, and your chosen order’s headquarters.

- you must spend transmutation charges to dress appropriately for your environment. wouldn’t go to the shiverpeaks in a Bikini, right? Or to Maguuma jungle in a layered trenchchoat? (I recommend keeping identical sets with different skins on them). Outfits work too!

- you are allowed to craft in order to gain XP, but you can’t WvW or PvP with this character.

Other stuff

This challenge is to rediscover your love for the game and its world! Feel free to take lotsa screenshots and post them (you can tag me, I’d love to see them!) or keep an IC diary or something like that!
You can also do that with a buddy or two, have your characters form a DnD adventuring party! The possibilities are endless!

Ochara is a passive aggressive poisonous plant who has a problem with everything. The flower growing on the back of his head might or might not be parasitic but when Ochara’s adrenaline goes up it releases poisonous pollen. Ochara has some resistance to it so it’s not deadly for him but he still often loses consciousness because of it :>