Artyphiss, my fancy mesmer on Guild Wars 2 ! The little cherry blossom petals on the back are necessary.

The last time I use watercolor was more than a year ago ! I am quite happy to do traditional paint again <3

GW2 Character Diversity Appreciation Month

Yes! You! With your head cannons and interesting characters! I want you to share them with the GW2 community! I want to hear all about their struggles, or validations, for their gender expression/identity or their sexuality. I want to hear about how they are social minorities, or that they’re privileged amongst their own. I want to hear about their abilities, and disabilities! I want to hear how they deal with things!

Our community has a rich diversity amongst one another, and we all play the game different, as well as play our characters differently. Even if you don’t roleplay, I’m sure you have some thoughts or ideas for your characters that you’d just love to share! 

Trans*, gay, drag, asexual, blind, wheel chair bound, deaf, Elonian, Canthan, mixed, Asura college drop out, a suriving follower of Owl for the norn, a Charr Gladium, a sylvari soundless, someone who is learning-different, or suffers from chronic mental illness- whatever! I want it all! I want the full spectrum of anything that is considered ‘minority’ from the social norm. I’m no expect, and the ideas are limitless I’m sure to what you all can come up with or already have!

I want to cover the whole rainbow and pain the towns of Tyria with it! And I need you guys to do it.

So for the Month of June, I want you guys to crank out as much fan art, stories, roleplay logs, screen shots- whatever! Creative stuff with your creative characters to show that they’re not all card board cut outs. But that they’re interesting, with flaws and strengths, charms and social differences from the norm. 

I want to see discussion! I want to hear headcannons on what each society is like, and how they would react to your character. How your character grew up in that environment! I want it all for the Month! 

I’ll be tracking the tag: #GW2CDM

I hope to see your lovely creations, and that we all get to enjoy the multifaceted community that GW2 has here on tumblr! 

We start June 1st! 

GW2CDM 30 Days Promps!

So! I figured I would give you guys a few prompts that for you guys if you needed them! June has 30 days, so I’ll give you 30 prompts!

  1. What is/are your characters to work on this month? What makes them diverse?
  2. When faced with something/someone that is negative to who they are, how do they handle it?
  3. How does their diversity make them perceive the world?
  4. What do they do professionally? Why did they come to this occupation?
  5. Have they had problems in the past with their diversity? 
  6. Do they have problems now with their diversity?
  7. Do they have a loved, family member or close friend that supports them?
  8. How much does their diversity affect their every day life? How does it enhance?
  9. Do you find it hard to relate to your character sometimes? Or easier to relate?
  10. What inspired you to make your character this way?
  11. Do you, the player, interact with anyone with your character with and share ideas about your character with? 
  12. How long has your character lived with their diversity? Or acknowledged it in their lives? 
  13. What validates your character? What invalidates? 
  14. Have you, the player, ever had problems with other people’s reactions to your character on an OOC level?
  15. What helps your character on those bad days? 
  16. Has your character’s own diversity helped another character? Or another player?
  17. If Anet could add anything you needed to get your character to look perfect for your head cannon needs, what would it be?
  18. How often does your character rethink things about themselves? Good and bad. 
  19. Has your character ever wished to be different? Or more social-norm?
  20. How does your character feel about people asking detailed questions about their diversity?
  21. Has your character ever been told they’re ‘wrong’ for how they handle their diversity?
  22. Have you, the player, ever experienced positive community building because of your character? (random walk ups, tumblr posts ect)
  23. What have you done to further your knowledge about diversity? 
  24. What has your -character- done to further their knowledge about diversity? 
  25. What kind of experiences has your character working with others with different background than their own.
  26. Are they proud of what makes them different? Ashamed? Why?
  27. Are there any groups that your character struggles to accept?
  28. What are your character's strengths because of their diversity? Weaknesses? 
  29. What’s your favorite aspect of your character?
  30. How would/do you use your character to create awareness? 
[MAP] is now Recruiting!

We are happy to announce that we are now recruiting people to our brand new RP guild! To join [MAP] follow these simple steps:

  • Simply send us an ask with your username (username.1234) and tell us a little bit about your character and if you’d like to set up an introductory roleplay into [MAP], and we’ll send you an invite and a response! 
  • Then, feel free to fill out this questionnaire to let us and other members know a little bit about your character! Tag it with ’#gw2rpmap’ and we’ll reblog it to the the [MAP] blog! This survey is completely optional!
    1. What is your username in GW2? (ex:alksdfjsa.2345)
    2. How did your character get hired by [MAP]? (either exploit, reputation, being the best in their field, the possibilities are endless! MAP has been hiring adventurers, smiths, scouts, merchants, ect.)
    3. Is your character apart of an Order of Tyria? (Vigil/Order of Whispers/Priory/Pact, they can be a loner, a warmaster, a magister, an explorer, ect..)
    4. If your character is a Charr, what legion are they from? Or are they a gladium? Are they apart of the Flame Legion? (skip if it does not apply)
    5. If they are a Norn, what spirit do they follow? Are they a son of Svanir? (skip if it does not apply)
    6. If they are a Sylvari what cycle are they from? Are they soundless? Are they from the nightmare court? (skip if it does not apply)
    7. If your character is an Asura, what college are they an alumni of? Are they Inquest?(skip if it does not apply)
    8. If your character is a Human, what God do they worship? Any associations with human organizations? (skip if it does not apply)
    9. If your character is apart of any of the antagonistic organizations (Nightmare Court, Inquest, Flame Legion, Son of Svanir, ect…) would it affect their social life in [MAP]? Would they tell anyone, or would that association already be known?
    10. Anything else we should know? (Important details not covered by this questionnaire)

This concept art contains property of ArenaNet or NCsoft.

Commissions.. I am doing them

OKAY GUYS, here is the thing. I am low on cash. And when I say that, I mean I have been eating the same bag of rice and the same bag of pasta slowly for the last two months, and I don’t have enough cash to pay my rent or bills because the money they gave me for being a TA this year + my student loan didn’t even cover all of my tuition for my grad program, let alone give me money for food and lodgings and internet. Which I totally get is better than a lot of folks have it, and I feel really like a complete jerkbag because it feels like I’m throwing a pity party and you’re all invited; but basically its a preface to explain why I’ve gone up a bit from my usual rates?

And I really hate doing this because I am always awkward about charging money for my art, but here I am charging money for my art. SO HERE’S THE DEAL:

For Character bust/portrait/whatever thingers I’m charging 8$ OR whatever you want to pay above that – I’ve had a lot of people prodding me for the usual 6 or 7 dollars I charged for those, so I figure this is a compromise that won’t have the same people smacking me for charging so little (I think it’s a lot? IDK what is art?!)


External image
External image

External image

External image

External image
External image
External image


BUT OKAY LIKE, I don’t just do WoW characters. I can do pretty much any character you got or want as long as you give me some sort of reference, whether its a screenshot or even a paragraph of explanation. I will draw Fan characters, I will draw your MMORPG characters (hey GW2 excitees, y'know you want it!), Your Dungeons and Dragons character, Original Characters from your own stories, Canon Characters from your favorite series, or I WILL EVEN DRAW YOU.

Basically these don’t take me very long to do, but here are a few notes: I am really quick about them, and will try to let you know about my schedule for getting them done and where you are if there is a line or whatever. HOWEVER, the size these are, well, that is the size I draw them in? So let me know if you want something larger or would like it in another quality file (People usually just want Jpegs from me, I have no idea, I guess other magic exists?). ALSO, if you want another person in there, like a scene or something, each extra person will be 6$. Which I know is a bit steep, so maybe talk to me about what you want and we’ll work something out! 

If you’re looking for something beyond a portrait just.. message me and we can discuss it? Honestly I choose the portraits as my main offer since they take me the least amount of time, and I am kinda… also working on my 60+ page Master’s Thesis at the same time, haha. So there’s that. 

E-mail: To send references and let me know you’re interested or etc etc

Payment: Ahhh at the moment I am only accepting Paypal unless I know you IRL and can take money out of your hands, haha. The paypal is I don’t accept payments until your commission is completed and you are happy with the results! 

Here they are, the trio pulling the strings for the AIC’s first conference!  

“Innovation is the mean by which transformation is impressed.”

– Vexx


 "Take some ingenuity, add some unconventional explosive components, and boom! Science.“



"By the Cogs of Creation, may each new day bring forth brave pioneers to spark the discoveries of tomorrow.”



We are less than a week away from the Asuran Ingenuity Coalition’s first conference!  We are still open to submissions if you have a device that the world must see!!  Do not fret, Scholars! We will do our utmost to ensure that you retain rights to your work, as we only wish to see what genius you have produced, and help reach its full potential!  

Vexx (Kohaneye.8432) would be most ideal to direct your inquiries (Asura only at this time!), including:

  • A name
  • What you plan to present
  • College or lab if applicable
  • Any additional information you feel is necessary

You may also reach Jummo (shadottie.4583 ingame or devoted-uguu on tumblr) or Keppi (duskbourne on tumblr -please pm privately for ingame handle) if our dear engineer, Vexx, is too elusive for you to contact.  Don’t we all have habits of running away with experiments?  

If you aren’t convinced that it’s quite alright to share your works in progress, you are more than welcome to attend and confer with those who have dared to brave the showcase!  Anyone is welcome to visit the lab and see the presentations(Invite your graciously taller friends even)!  We will be holding the very first conference in the bottom most level of the Hinterlabs in the Metrica Province. We couldn’t dream of a better place to foster creativity and growth! If you have troubles finding the place, do not hesitate to contact one of us!

Mark your calenders!  October 13th, 2014 at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST).  It’s coming quickly!



This is a roleplay event!  The purpose of this conference and its future gatherings is to foster ic community and roleplay. If you would like more information on the guild itself, as well as additional information to attend the conference, check out the link here!  

We totally anticipate having to ferry folks in to attend this event due to the Megaservers, but we will do what we have to so we can provide this conference! We’re really looking forward to a fun time for all, and hope that you can attend!!

Previous Tumblr Post on the AIC

Salad Club is a Guild that I made quite awhile ago for the sake of having a Guild. Despite this, I’ve decided to finally do something with this Guild.

Now, Salad Club is a RP focused Guild in GW2, welcoming anyone who is looking to get into RP or already in the RPing scene. If you’re looking for a place to find people to RP with or you’re nervous about starting RP, this Guild is the place for you!

This guild is in the American Region. (Thanks for the reminder, wise anon)

Also this isn’t a Sylvari only Guild, despite the name.

Whisper or Mail me in GW2 at Bolzen.8607 if you want an invite to the guild!

In Character Right Now [ICRN]

I started up a very smol rp guild btw. I got in a few members so if anyone wants to join, let me know. I have led many rp groups in the past that lasted a good while, and I plan on hosting events in the future and making it more fun. For now, though, it is a good way to simply hook up with other rpers. 

Nemmers and I had the idea because we like to play and watch the kind of casual rp that people do while also running around in game. The premise is if you are repping, that means you are in character. Of course, that isn’t a mandatory rule.

If you want in you can contact me here or at Pandactyl.4968 in game. NA!