guild wars: eotn


If you still have Guild Vars 1 installed, take a bit of time out today to check out the Annihilator quests available in Embark Reach from Corporal bane, by the Moahavk helicopter. He’s in full riot gear, standing beside another Corporal Bane, from a different time. Yes, this quest line is pretty much Terminator in pre-searing ascalon (The first one actually takes place during a Guild Var!), the first quest has you Protecting Sarah, Gwen’s mother (and Logan Thackeray’s great, great, great, (…) great, great grandmother, from another robot sent from the future through the Asura Time-Gate.  

(They’re also really good for leveling characters and vorking on the Ebon Vanguard title track, even if you dont have EoTN)