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Fashion Wars 2 - Essarious Collection

I’ve been planning these posts for a while, as the minigame that is Fashion Wars is one of my favourite parts of Guild Wars 2.

So when I found out about the [BRUH] Guild organising a Fashion Week on Tumblr… well… I couldn’t help myself.

This isn’t in the requested format of one per day, and is more like an overall collection.  These are the characters of both myself and my partner, and some appear twice as they have multiple stat sets for various occasions and therefore multiple looks. (You can pretend they’re on a catwalk, my partner does every day)

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Specific details are in the caption of each image although I’ve only listed the skins.

Hi there, Tumblr!

In case you missed it earlier in the week, [RPS] will be hosting the Silverwastes and Dragon’s Stand on Saturday (the 3rd). Starting in the Silverwastes at 19:00 UK time (20:00 CEST), we’re going to be taking on the meta there… before heading over to Dragon’s Stand afterwards.

So if you’re just after the loot, need items for your legendary, or have never even completed the meta events on these maps before, I invite you to come along. So long as you can listen to instructions on Discord (we’ll give out the invite on the night), then you can help make this event a success.

We have the commanders. We have the plan. We have the drive to kill the Mouth of Mordremoth.

All we need is YOU!

So if you’re on EU servers, have a well-geared level 80, and access to Discord, alongside the starting waypoints in the Silverwastes and Dragon’s Stand, then come along and get some loot!

Message me directly on Duke Witherheart at 19:00 UK time on Saturday 3rd June for an invite to the right instance and a link to our Discord channel. You’ll be assigned a squad from there.

For more information, check out the (quite successful) Reddit thread:

Thanks all, and hope to see you Saturday!

(Cheers to @rebelmaren for the poster!)

nippedsleeves  asked:

hey can you help me find this ao3 fic where dan is at some guild wars event thingy and he meets this girl and he live texts their "date" to phil who's away dealing with tatinof stuff and phil gets jealous

Half Step and a Tumble -  Dan doesn’t have a date, and Phil won’t answer his phone.

- Eliza

I’m looking for friends :(

Since one (and my only) friend is gone due to a horrible accident a few months, I’d like to meet someone new… 
I’ve seen too many going away recently and I just need atleast swomeone at my side… 
I want someone like me. 
I really want someone I can talk with (wether it be GW2 or other stuff), I can do stuff with ingame (Please be on EU for that because I’m having trouble transing to NA), someone who atleast likes Trahearne (You don’t have to love him but please don’t hate), someone who could help me out sometimes, someone who just spends some companie, someone who can believe in me, someone who can protect me (I tried to do that so many times but I failed. What are you going to do if you have a whole lot of haters who tries to push you down even if you say the truth? Right. Fail…), someone who could cheer me up from time to time and someone who can stay there for me… 
I’m desperate in finding someone as friend who doesn’t hate Trahearne. Please help me out. 
If you want to contact me, please do so. If you know someone, please share.
Thank you

shufuta  asked:

Are we talking VAs here? I find it cute that a twin sibling in Granblue Fantasy, namely Feower and Tien is voiced by Akira and Makoto's Japanese VA and even have in-battle shoutouts to each others when put in the same party. Too bad they're hard to get in game (need to do lots of effort in the Guild War events)

Granblue Fantasy is the mobile game, i think? That must be really cool to hear, especially if it takes ages to get.


“Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King”

Lukka loves Halloween since it is one of the festivals where he can let out his anger on everything in Mad King Thorns Labyrinth without having to worry about a thing.

Total working time: about 10 hours
References were used for Lukka and Mad King Thorns head
Painted in Photoshop CS5

Official Artwork for GW2COMMUNITY.DE

[Submitted by shadowmakerserenity]

There’s a Small Hidden Event in Harathi Hinterlands

You may not know about this unannounced event around Arca Lake in north-west Harathi:

You’ve probably noticed a supply ship sitting in the docks there, which you can climb about on.

But what you probably don’t know, is that this ship actually travels around Arca Lake, and out of the map.

Unfortunately, you can only climb on the ship (boat, really) when it’s in dock.

When it does dock, it spawns a hidden event which causes bandits to attack the settlement… including a veteran with a good chance to drop items for the current bandit champ world event!

Afterwards, it’ll head off around the lake again!

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On March 28th, 2015, the Vigil, the Order of Whispers, and the Durmand Priory all set out from their respective headquarters in order to uproot the evil growing in the Silverwastes. To do this, they were told to travel across Tyria and meet up with colourful characters. These are the Marching Orders of the Priory. [Part 1 can be found here.]

Goren Atomhammer had pointed us towards the Iron Marches, where Stormchaser Zappa supposedly was researching a cluster of crystals. There was of course nothing contrived about this, and once again, we set out to find one of our scholars. As it turned out, Zappa was sitting in the Chaos Crystal Caverns, and promptly started to lecture us. Eventually, we succeeded in interrupting her, and she agreed to accept her new orders. Time was of the essence, and to get to the Silverwastes as soon as possible, we sought out Pathfinder Naomi, who would tell us the fastest route. 

Naomi was perched on top of a cliff, near some griffon nests. Her idea of rapid transportation involved a set of wings, made out of hundreds of feathers. Convinced in her brilliance, she jumped down - only to find the earth approaching at a rapid speed and with considerable force. Several helpful Priory Scholars jumped after her, to prove her wings did not affect gravity in the slightest. Instead of flying, we travelled to Ebonhawke, and took the Asura Gate to Divinity’s Reach. After that, is was a simple matter of heading South and West and link up with the Vigil and the Order of Whispers.

We were ready to prune the Vinewrath.