guild wars 2 guilds

Yo, guess who finally finished twilight!

Finally Shrahivar gets to be the edgelord he was always ment to be, and I’m beyond happy!!

I could never have finished this thing without the help of @gw2-mal, who did all the fractal stuff in the precursor collection AND got me the gift of battle and gift of ascalon while i was away this is almost more her feat than mine holy shit 💖THANK YOU SO MUCH

And a HUGE thanks to @gw2-juriia who gifted me so many t6 mats!! I’m so grateful!! 💖


Itzel and Coztic grounds, Verdant Brink

My PC has an actual graphics card again, hurrah! And it’s modern enough that I can run the game in 4K mode at playable framerates, at least for screenshot taking purposes. I don’t have a big 4K monitor though so the whole game UI looks tiny and blurry. Not ideal for normal play.

Ah it feels so good to be playing on nice graphics again :D


Fasion Wars Day Four : Reed Swiftstrider ( Ele Alt )

So … yep, I have an alternate version of my main, Reed Swiftstrider, purely for the light armour charr cultural aesthetic. Whoops.

I love the ash feel of this armour set, and it was one of the driving things to push me towards making an alt of her - that and at the time she was creating the Legendary Staff ‘Nevermore’ ICly and the animation and use of it on Druid for PvE was … slightly lack-lustre.

So yes, I’m going to count this as different from last years’ Reed Swiftstrider entries ( one | two ) because different armour. It counts.

not gonna lie, very happy with those dynamic screens ( / v \ )

Head : Wreath of Cooperation ( icing, ash )

Shoulders : n/a ( always hidden with the top )

Chest : Archon Coat ( abyss, icing, abyss, icing )

Gloves : Invoker’s Gloves ( abyss, abyss, abyss )

Pants : Archon Leggings ( abyss, abyss, icing )

Boots : Seer Boots ( abyss, icing, abyss

Weapons : nevermore, xera’s scepter, the bard, calcite antique razor ( x2 )


Last time I recall even drawing Bruce, was when HoT came out, and he crashed in the jungle, so I apologize because what is this thing you call ‘consistency’ lol 

Anyways, he’s 26, jack of all trades, but more of a pharmacist, usually spending most of his time developing potions and/or gadgets/turrets that would help people in battles. Currently lives alone in a studio apartment, either in DR or LA, I haven’t decided yet. He also has heterochromia (eyes are different colors), which is a feature he loathes about himself a lot. When incredibly bored, enjoys solving incredibly hard mathematical equations. ALSO something I haven’t yet mentioned, but Cedrick is now a dad, and his son is named Aidan after my pre-searing mesmer, from GW1 (who is also Cedrick’s great-great-idk-how-many-more-great grandfather lol), which makes Bruce his uncle, since him and Cedrick are cousins (how the heck do you draw small children like ???)

Doodles from livestream, thanks for anyone who stopped by and kept me company <3


I say, I will draw Derpy, @eviru and here is she with Vecc :)

Actually I want draw she alone and as I finish the Pic(the second one) was I not really happy. Somethings… No, rather someone are missing. So I draw a second Pic with Vecc and Derpy ^^ I hope, I have give him the right eye color! ._.

First I want draw she sitting on the shoulder form Vecc. But then I reminds, the Asura shoulder are to small for a Owl. And at the top form the head… I think, this hurts, because of the claws.

At the second pic have Derpy Vecc’s glasses. I don’t know why, maybe Vecc lost the glasses and she bring it back to him.