guild wars 2

Looking for (Lighthearted) GW2 Blogs

Finally decided to unfollow some people who were just being dicks lately, even in tags. I read ‘em, I don’t want to see blatant negativity.

So I guess I’m looking for more GW2 content. Preferably more original stuff but I love seeing reblogs too. Reblog this post, please?

On a related note, if you publicly felt the need to belittle or deride either new items/memes (like the wings) or the people who bought/use them, bug off.
That’s exactly what I just quit. I don’t want anymore of that stupid negativity. Criticism/critique is obviously not included in that, tho.

Digital Deluxe Upgrade 75% Off

I didn’t realize that it was! So I’m just making this post so others do. It’s only 500 Gems (as opposed to 2000), presumably until the 8th.

Buying it now gives you the same (additional) perks as buying a brand-new Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Suit of Legacy Armor (Krytan/Primeval/Profane)
  • Mithril Box (18-Slot Bag)
  • 10 Experience Boosters
  • Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill
  • Miniature Rytlock
  • Golem Banker (usable for 2 weeks; each new alt gets their own)
  • Chalice of Glory (+5000 Rank Points in PVP)
  • Tome of Influence (+1000 Influence to current Guild)