guild receptionist


Debating as well, on my next Monster Hunter related cosplay, I have one I’m planning which is top secret, but I’m thinking of one that’d look really nice and extravagant that hasn’t been done. But here’s some photos of my previous Monster Hunter cosplays I crafted througout the years. I have some MHX cosplays in planning. Just need to get money and a new job somehow first. 

Male and Kirin Armor (2010) First Cosplay
Female Yukumo (Male Yukumo armor not shown) (2011)
First attempt at foam and cardboard armor - Orig. Rathian Gunner (2012)
First attempt at quick sewing - MH3G “Cathy” Guild receptionist (2012)
Second Attempt at quick sewing - Naruga Armor (2013)
Frau the “Haxta” from Monster Hunter Frontier (2013)
Gobul X Gunner Armor (2014)
First Cosplay made in one day - Yukumo Bath Set (2014)
MH4’s Guildmarm “Sophie” (2015)
Yian Kut-Ku Palico (2015)

You can tell which ones I put more effort into lol .


Okay now! Day 2 of the con, the heat was way worse than yesterday (it felt like in the sandy plains haha) but we stayed all day. Our group got a fantastic reception as well as my FE Awakening group, so, lots of photos, videos and  fun <3 i’m hoping to get the best pics soon since we had a complete photo shoot :)


Monster Hunter Gathering - Anime Expo 2014

There was a great turnout at Anime Expo this year at the Monster Hunter gathering! Here are some of my pictures that turned out good.

If you have any info on the cosplayers seen here please let me know so I can credit them properly.