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Have some gifs I made while doing the heart in Briarthorn and a screenie of my new Reaper, Erisdea! I’m totally in love with her color scheme.◝( ♡ᴗ♡ )◜


Well I’m out of characters that I officially have in game, but I can share my recent concept for a frosty sylvari. I wanted him to look both frosty and a little aurora borealis like; he also really makes me think of the Japanese Painted Fern (very neat plants).
Aside from the base design though, I don’t have anything else, not a name, I couldn’t even put together an outfit that I felt fit his design. I guess I’ll have to work on designing him outside of the game (which is okay cause I also have that ogre out of game).


This is not bunny related, but I thought I show you the work I recently did. This was the birthday present for my boyfriend. It is his character from the MMORPG @guildwars2. It is a completely self-made 3D-Figure. Self-modelled with blender, printed, reworked with “greenstuff” and painted. The whole thing took about 80 hours of work (60 printing, 20 actually working). In addition to that, as a Designer, I created a package which is based on a package of Rytlock I saw. The whole thing was an awesome experience for me and I’d love to create more stuff like this with a 3D-printer (Unfortunately I don’t own a 3D-printer, but maybe I got one at disposal). 

I hope you like it anyway, even this is not one of my regular posts. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

If anyone feel the need of reposting this somewhere, I’d like if you ask me for permission or mention me. Thank you!

[edit]: Click here for finished piece :)
Ahh what the hell. There. Glint - work in progress. So much experimentation and play with crazy textured brushes, but I am having fun with it so far ;) Trying to enjoy it as much as possible, without pressurizing myself about techniques. Just tools, fun and mess :D

To every RPer.

Mini HUGE rant on Roleplay Manners and courtesy… and things I think most of us wanna see more of.

YES… those are a thing… Something to consider for a better functioning well greased community.

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I have noticed a lot of tension between antagonistic and protagonist guilds lately same for “Hero” and “Villain” character players.  

More often or not the “Hero” shows up out of nowhere to save the day and the damsel in distress, playing the white knight and so on and so forth. There rarely is a legitimate reason for them to be there at that particular time on that particular day in that particular spot. There is rarely a legitimate way for them to have knows what was happening and what the context of the scene was before they come barging in swinging their swords or what have you, and that is an issue.

People shouldn’t have to do all their solo RP in instances just because you can’t keep control your urge to be the good guy.

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And so the ley line conumdrum continues-

Quite recently there’s been a new ley line event added to all the maps that had one previously. Ela Makkay doesn’t point out the new ones- so I’ve put a little cut out of the map to show their general location. Like the first ley line events, these new second ones have a two stage event of defending ley line energy and then later fighting a champion coalescence for a reward of a couple champ boxes. 

Guild progress part deux. [Replies]

gamer-redr said: I am on it! Maybe i cant stay all the time (because i have another guild) but in the night i can get some time and help a little :3

No problem! :) It’s definitely not going to be an exclusive guild, so you can just pop on whenever you want to. ^_^ I’m sure I’ll need help, but I’m not sure what for yet. X)

naiyathistletail said: Let me know if you want any help! I might be handy at something. XD

Thank you! :D Oh yes! Once the guild is open we’ll need some officers if anyone is up to the task ahah. Otherwise I’m sure I’ll need help in other ways too (heck, even suggestions for what you’d like to see in the guild  would be a great help)!

winterwolf-25 said: Completely missed the previous post about you making your own guild. >_< If you ever need any help with anything, you’re always more than welcome to shoot a message my way about it. ;3

Haha no problem~~ Thanks a lot! <3

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*O* A chance to found a guild alongside Calico-senpai and friends? It’s a chance I’m willing to take!

(If anyone has any suggestions for what you’d like to see in the guild, let me know! Also I don’t mind answering any questions if you’re curious about anything ^_^)

So, since we’re pretty close to getting Glory of the Firelands Raider, we decided to start really chugging away at achives for it this week

We already have Baleroc’s, so we did Shannox’s and Rhyolith’s and got ¾ of the parts for Alysrazor (some stupid shadow priest messed up on the tornadoes.) We just have to get the Beth'tilac and Ragnaros achieves, and kill heroic Baleroc and we got it.

I still have to kill Alysrazor on heroic too, but as a guild we already have that boss down so i’m sure i’ll get it sooner or later.