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When, as a Mesmer, you finish off an enemy with a shatter whilst moving onto the next

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When, as a Ranger, you equip torch, flame trap and fire wyvern

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When, as a Warrior, you hit berserker stance

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When, as a thief, you set out to roam in WvW

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When as an Elementalist, you get the rotation JUST right

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When, as an Engineer, you stare at your player on the character select screen because you’re always an alt despite having awesome class mechanics

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When, as a Necromancer, another player uses a burst on you before you Death Shroud

When, as a Guardian, you’re doing a projectile-heavy instance

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When, as a Revenant, you post on Reddit about Raiding

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Okay but hear me out, Moto’s SAB got me thinking… What if reality as we knew it, was actually just a game? Obviously that would require an extensive knowledge of the Eternal Alchemy and imply that perhaps… There could be life out there surpasses us asura in intellect which, alone, is highly improbable. But still, a genius can wonder, can’t they? Which reminds me! Have I told you about…


Complete album with original music composed for each of the 10 (…wait, ten? Yep, heheh) Guild Wars 2 professions. My sincere expression of love for this amazing game, that has already become a part of my life. I also hope this will inspire people to play the game if they haven’t, or try some new classes if they already play.

[Submitted by Nickolas Kaedalus]

This is my guardian Skikru and her trusty Caladbolg Orchida! She uses this greatsword a lot because it reminds her of Trahearne. 💔 
Finished not perfect is the key for this. I tried to achieve this unrealistic perfection that I had in my mind and of course, it resulted in me working too long on this piece. But! I learned a lot from this and I’m overall happy with how it turned out.