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My Norn crew is the beeeest.


Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week: Rustina Chaosbane

Because what’s better than spikes on charr heavy armor? Even more spikes!

This is one of two of Rustina’s armor sets. Her other outfit is here.

Head: Dreadnought Visor
Shoulder: Armageddon Pauldrons
Chest: Warband Hauberk
Hand: Armageddon Gauntlets
Leg: Dreadnought Tassets
Feet: Armageddon Greaves
Back: Mad Memories: Complete Edition
Weapon: Cobalt
Dyes: Gunmetal, Midnight Sky, Iron

Happy Valentine’s day all (and happy anniversary to my fiance! <3 ) So this is my guardian, Sebastian Gates with my fiance’s thief, Azther Blackwind from @guildwars2. I was originally going to wax poetic about how we met and the whole story we made up behind our toons’ relationship but… thought it was an even more appropriate story that this pic was almost destroyed by my harddrive corrupting part of it and it was saved by fiance finding a program that could fix it.  #Guildwars2 #gw2 #valentinesday #mushystuff


Main screen screenshots of all my five EU characters. I put Hadji on the first place because she’s my main, then there’s Fyndir - my first character, the rest is placed after the date of their creation. Names and professions are in captions.
Will do something like this after I level my second character on my NA acc. 


(Some screenshots were posted earlier here)

GW2 Fashion Week 2017 - Day 3 - Albinus Iceshield (Guardian)

Raised by the Lionguard, knows nothing about his background. And you know what? He does not care. He only cares about money, good booze and female company.  As a young adult he joined a Blood Legion warband to taste the life of a real charr soldier. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet his expectations - the warband was cruel to him and demanded him to win their respect, and the Legion’s discipline was too tight for him. He left after a few months and became a wanderer - or a mercenary, should I say. Need someone to fight for you? Kidnap someone? Kill? Escort? Find long lost treasure? Albinus is exactly the person you need.
Albinus Iceshield, though being a guardian, is not a very positive character. He’s brute, never controls his mouth and is disobedient to the High Legion’s law. He cares about the others, yes - but only for his own profit. Albinus is more of a bodyguard than a real, golden-hearted guardian. As long as you give him gold, he will protect you at all costs. Works as a mercenary and headhunter. Yes, he is a jerk and an asshole. Iceshield is definitely not a intellectual type of a charr. His favourite activities are drinking and brawling.
And yes, the only person he cares about is Alyeska Bloodgust, a well-known Blood Legion elementalist. It started as a physical relationship with lots of alcohol, then their spending time together became a habit. Right now, there’s a lot of compassion, care and love between these two.


  • Head: Adventurer’s Scarf
  • Shoulders: Gladiator Pauldrons
  • Chest: Barbaric Coat
  • Gloves: Leystone Gauntlets
  • Pants: Illustrious Tassets
  • Boots: Leystone Greaves


  • Mace: Corrupted Cudgel
  • Shield: Corrupted Bulwark
  • Hammer: Corrupted Sledgehammer


  • Midnight Ice
  • Blue Ice