Jellal Fernandes

Since I adore Jellal, I decided to draw a picture in his honor, also because I really like his new outfit. I hope you enjoy!

If you want to see Jellal student-version, CLICK HERE!!

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I’ve never felt that I have actually been part of a guild. I’m just jumping from guild to guild for the perks while playing alone and I’m so tired of that. I want friends that I can enjoy the game with but I always feel left out because everyone already has eachother.

Syn - I know the feeling. There were few times in the years I’ve spent playing where my guild really felt like a family and usually after a short break they’ve always disbanded. I’m currently guildless and it sucks, you just have to jump until you find the right group that fits you. 

World of Warcraft has always been an escape for me. As someone who doesn’t have many irl friends, and find myself lonely a lot, WoW has given me a way to meet new people and have a lot of friends. We laugh and do cool stuff together and I’m not lonely because I have my guild I can talk to and they’re really cool and understanding, much more so than people I’ve met irl