iris&barry light {3x09}

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I will never let you go...

Sometimes I wake up at night thinking about the way Louis hugs Harry.
Like really hugs him!

The way he holds his back so tight with his hand.
Just holds it there for a while.. 

Then presses his thumb down hard… 

It’s like he’s saying “I’m here. Do you feel me? You are safe with me….

…I will never let you go…”.

And once you realize it’s always his right hand digging into Harry’s skin…
His right arm above his left. The same arm he’s got his rope tattooed on.
The arm where his compass is marked permanently into his skin…

So that press of his thumb is kind of like him saying “My rope will keep your anchor steady. My compass will guide your ship safely to shore.
I’m right here. I will never let you go”.

And that fucks me up a little to be honest…..

headcannon: barry always out does himself for the holidays. one year he got them a house, another he got them expensive trips, and iris always feels bad but barry never says anything. he actually loves all the gifs she gives him. in fact he used that wallet till it fell apart. so one christmas morning iris is happy cause she can finally give barry something. she tells him that she’s expecting.

The things going on in my head are worse than the downtown traffic; it’s so loud and there is nowhere to go. I just want a hand to help me cross the street or a shining exit sign to guide me home. The things going on in my heart remind me of stones in my pockets and feet edging against the shore; weighing me down but screaming that I won’t sink if I can just lighten up.
—  1 AM (K.P.K)
Neven's 9x18 Review - "Metafiction, a meta writer's dream"

Metafiction, also known as romantic irony in the context of Romantic works of literature, uses self-reference to draw attention to itself as a work of art, while exposing the “truth” of a story. “Metafiction” is the literary term describing fictional writing that self-consciously and systematically draws attention to its status as an artifact in posing questions about the relationship between fiction and reality, usually using irony and self-reflection. It can be compared to presentational theatre, which does not let the audience forget it is viewing a play; metafiction does not let the reader forget he or she is viewing a fictional work.

Our eighteenth episode saw Robbie Thompson (writer) and Thomas Wright (director) reunited in what can only be described as the most meta episode of anything I’ve ever seen (okay… maybe Spaceballs still has this beat). This episode dealt with several aspects within the metafiction genre:

  • A story about a writer creating a story (Metatron writing Supernatural fanfic)
  • A story about a reader reading a book (or in this case, Cas listening to Metatron tell a story)
  • A story that features itself (as a narrative or as a physical object) as its own prop (the Supernatural books which are based on “real life” Dean and Sam within the show)
  • A story containing another work of fiction within itself (see every pop culture reference Supernatural uses)
  • A story addressing the specific conventions of story, such as title, character conventions, paragraphing or plots (Thompson uses retcon and talks about continuity errors)
  • A novel where the narrator intentionally exposes him or herself as the author of the story (see our opening teaser)
  • A story in which the characters are aware that they are in a story (I’m just gonna laugh at this one)

As we can see, Robbie Thompson has single-handedly incorporated nearly every derivative of metafiction (note: this is not the same as “meta” that a fandom writes) in his episode of the same title in a clear nod to the fans that tear Supernatural apart. Never before has an episode demanded me to review it… So let me begin.

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Hold him tight, and don't ever let go<3

i really love possessive Louis, i love him letting people know that Harry is his and only his

i love the way he holds him, it’s so tender

holding him tight enough lou? pulling him close enough lou? making him happy enough lou?

Every ship needs it’s compass…<3

🌟Stars Guide Me Home Spell🌟

a celestial spell for when you are feeling lost and need a sense of direction in your life

🌟 gather: a sight of Polaris, a magnet, dandelion, and a bay leaf.

🌟 gently invoke the influence of Polaris, the North Star using its symbol 

🌟 draw the symbol on the magnet

🌟 under the starlight, burn the dandelion and bay leaf

🌟 rub the ash on the magnet. keep the magnet on your person as a charm.

🌟 wait for signs of guidance from polaris using the magnet. 

“let’s get friendship tattoos bro. I’ll get the ship and you get the compass cuz you always guide me home.”
“Brooo sick.”
“I’ll even get two birds and make one look like you to symbolise our everlasting brohood.”

“I’ll get the words and you get the quotes because we finish each other’s sentences.”

“I’ll get the heart and you get the arrow.”
“Why bro?”
“Cuz I love you bro.”
“Aww bro I love you too.”
“Wanna get married bro? To commemorate our palship?”
“Bruh. You had me at oops.”


“we’re s o m e t h i n g else to each other where you come from a r e n ’t we?  what?”
“its escaped d e f i n i t i o n”  
“but its l o v e, because this is what love feels l i k e
“since the d a y that i m e t you”

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