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Merry (belated?) Christmas 2017

I almost didn’t forget to post one this year because reasons lmao. So here it goes now, punks.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from one and only ME! And so do I want to tag these awesome people to let them know I wish them the best (tagged by the order of who came into my head first):

@sailorrick @eurovisionopinions @airrkidd @crushed-andpulverised @threedona (if you still active) @atthetopofthestars @starfast @rolllinginthefridaydark @eurovision-ruined-my-life @hardcore-muser @feingold-lizard @ori-ofpanda @markhoppwhat (I miss you that much Molly gurl ;( ) @soupgeist @ryckuano @calzork @itsrainingrevolution @titowam @smithboyy @official-lithuania (su šventėm!) @stuartkreilly @jorambea @miniidrones @blu-car @daily-cup-of-milkycoffee @guiding-lightning-strike @love-a-song-and-love-the-singer @poriel @sudenmorsian @neogenic @zweedsanimatiepoppetje1 @i-hate-matching @incestuousboringduetballad @hellom8s @hysteriastation @normajohnss @kylieistumbling

Big kisses from this one little Eurovision fan, Muser, Coldplayer, Placebista (yep I will call Placebo female fans like this), Marina’s unpolished and grotesque diamond and Archiver ^^

anonymous asked:

congrats on hitting over 200 songs!!! i'd like to suggest i belong to you (+ mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix) by Muse for consideration. Keep up the great work!!!

How much pain has cracked your soul?
How much love would make you whole?
You’re my guiding lightning strike

Thank you so much! 

Yes, that many people follow me, I don’t know how or why. I’m so shocked, but grateful at the same time

This is a Follow Forever of sorts, my way of saying thank you for making my time as a muser a fantastic one here on Tumblr. Here I have friends, mutuals and blogs I enjoy seeing on my dashboard. If you don’t follow any of them, do it now!


@amazinq-muse @arabellamys @aweepingdoctor @becausemuse @blackholesandmattbellamy @blissfulparanoia @blissfullybellamy @bookshelf95 @bw-muse @chriswolstenholme @chriswolstenholmes @chwis-save-me @clubmuserstuff @conspiraciesunwind @dailychriswolstenholme @drcned @dronessupremacy92 @drones-of-cydonia


@eternallyblackout @exogenetics-symphony @fuckyeahmusegifs @fuckyeahwolstenbeast @fyeahmuse @guiding-lightning-strike @globalvst @glorioused @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @hoverboard-howard @hullabahoodoo @hullabaloons @hypermuse @hyper-muse-music @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @isolated-muse @i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful @i-wolstenholic


@joysemuse @killedbydrcnes @knights-of-invincible @knights-of-wolstenholme @littlemissmuser @maffoo-bellamy @mattbellamyhateclub @mattbellamyruinedmylife @matthew-baellamy @microbellamy @micromuse @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @mori852 @musclemuseums @musedotmuofficial @museinmyshoes @musenewses @museophilia @muserconfession @muserconfessions @museruniverse @musessed @musesteem @musewithhearts @muse-at-some-point @muse-ftw @muse-is-my-life @muse-stole-my-ass @muse-updates @muser-bliss @musicaddictlucy


@nolongerafraidtowalkalone @peace-will-arise @plug-in-citizen @psychoofcydonia @pwoper-dommeh @pwoper-trash @p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n @randommusedoodles @relatablepicturesofthemuse @rocket-baby-dolls @sing-for-muse @spiral-static @spiral-statistics @supermassive-muse @tagtra @themusesalley @thewolstenbeast @the-origin-of-absolution @uglybellamy @vincent-vangogurt @weirdmuse @when-darkness-faalls @wolstenhome @youngmusemattdomchris-blog-blog

And thank you to all my followers. You mean a lot to me, and I’m glad to have you all! <3

Heya, everyone! Well, firstly, I want to say that I simply cannot believe and realise that i could reach this phenomenal (for me) number of followers and I’d like to thank you all. I am grateful to every single of you for your support, love, for all those cute messages I ever got from you! I thank my dear friends here who ever helped me through my darkest times. I blush everytime you tell me that you like my covers or that I am one of your favourite blogs. I don’t know what I would do without you and this blog, I am proud of being a part of this amazing, wonderful, funny, dedicated, sometimes, no, always, crazy fandom. I’ve made so many friends here and I thank God for them soooo much, because you, guys, bring light to my life. 

So, yea, 1200 FOLLOWERS!!! (oh my god) Without thinking twice, I decided to make a follow forever post! Bolded blogs are those precious human beings whom I concider as my close friends and mutuals here, while italicised ones are my favourite blogs on Tumblr, and, finally, bolded and italicised blogs are my ULTRA FAVES. BUT! Not bolded or italicised ones, don’t even dare to doubt that I love you with all my heart an soul!


@2ndlaw@aaronsaxon@abbeymuse@absolutesymmetry@amazinq-muse @annotherdeer@arabellamys@bellamyfan@bellaringew@bharmatt@black-holes-and-panic-stations @blackholesandmattbellamy@blissfullybellamy ♥ @bluehairbellamy@blueskywlkr@boomdafunk@butterflies-and-muse@chatterbox-21@chriswolstenbeast@chriswolstenholmes@conforming-on-a-monday@crazydiamond24@cydoniamajesty@cydonianassassin@dcminichoward@deadstarworld@dedicatedbunch@domfuckinghoward@dont-adore-me-dont-ignore-me ♥ @drcned@drkshines


@endlessly-chasing-the-starlight@eternallyblackout@exogenesis-442b@forevermusesbitch@frie-nds@fuckingbellamy@fuckyeahmattbellamy@fuckyeahmuse-live@fuckyeahmusegifs@fuckyeahwolstenbeast@fuzeus-caesar@globalvst@gothicplagueofficial@guiding-lightning-strike @hanogz@hardcore-muser@hibernating-heart@hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station@hoverboard-howard @howardswife ♥ @hyper-muse-music@hyperagitatedcydonian13@hypermuse@i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful@ibelongtopanicstation@icantgetitright-sinceimetyou ♥ @im-batt-mellamy @ink-fills-silence@isolated-knight@itshhfan


@killedbydrcnes@knights-of-bellamy@knights-of-invincible@lilyimnotlily @littlemissmuser@m-m-m-m-mathness@maffoo-bellamy @makoyana@makoyanastryingtodraw @mapofcydonia@mapofyourhead99@mattbellamyruinedmylife@matthew-baellamy @may-whore-es@micro-cuts-in-my-brain@microbellamy@miniidrones@moigraine@moncoeursouvreatavoixx @mori852 @mttbellamy@musclemuseum99 @musclemuseums @muse-ftw@muse-stole-my-ass@museaphilia @musedementia@museisallmylife@museismyobsession@museruniverse@musesaveme @musesongs@musesteem@musifications@my-band-is-better-than-yours 


@neutronstardelusion@nolongerafraidtowalkalone @notacitizenfuckinerased@ohbelldomismine@ohhellbellamy@orchestralmonster@originofbliss @originoftrash@orignofsymmetry@p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n@panic-station-drones@peace-will-arise@pizzazzer@plug-in-citizen@prettybellamy@pwoper-dommeh@pwoperbitch@pwoperhullabaloo@queen-of-the-superficial ♥ @random-muse@rasberryhall@red-glitter-god@relatablepicturesofthemuse@ripglitterati @rocket-baby-dolls 


@sh0wbiz@showmeyourmercy@sing-for-dansolution@sing-for-muse @sing-of-bellamy@socks-and-phone@souls-wont-be-exhumed@spiral-static @starlight-of-cydonia@starlightdeadstar@submarx@swiss-manson@tagtra@thatcrazyfangirlwhohasnolife@the-first-law@the-infamous-muser@the2ndpaw @thekiereneffect@thislovestoogoodtolast@thoughtsofadyingneil@timkork ♥ @twentyonemusers@uglybellamy@unintendedmattness@unintendeduprising @univerze @wolstendrones@wolstenamazing@wtfisdomhowardwearing@xblissx-universe@your-death-creates-success@your-heart-and-your-soul@yuri-777@zomuse 

Here is my 3k + follow forever [1k version]

A special thanks to my friends isolatedhysteria celinestarkdowney decayotherainbowpetyr-aran ily so much  ❤


amazinq-muse  arabellamys  arcticmuser  becausemuse  bellaringew  bellvmy  black-holes-and-panic-stations  blissfulparanoia  bohemian-alien  boomdafunk  celinestarkdowney  chriswolstenbeast  cydoniahype  cydoniandrones  deadstarworld  decayotherainbow  drcned​  enorasuperwholock freemefromthishysteria  glorioused  guiding-lightning-strike  hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station  hypermuse hyper-muse-music  


icantgetitright-sinceimetyou  interstellar  isolatedhysteria  kinastya live-long-and-pwoper  lubricates  mathew-stb  microbellamy  miniidrones  mori852  motp  muse-ic-is-my-life  musesteem  mydeardom  my-separate-sky  nouratan  petyr-aran  potholes-and-revelations  prettybellamy  pwoperbitch


reading1992  reaqers  rustyravenna  saremo-invincibili  shield-your-beliefs  so-easily-forgotten  starlightdeadstar  strangewaysofmuse  timkork  uglybellamy  your-ass-belongs-to-me  zomuse

I’m just so thankful these blogs actually exist. Check them (i may have forgotten a lot them btw). 
I’m quite introvert but don’t hesitate to message me if you want to talk or something, that would be so appreciated

so almost two months ago i hit 2k followers which is HUGE and i never thought i’d actually have so many people following me so this is a way of saying thank you to you guys as i can’t make a giveaway or something

and since the date i hit 2k was kinda close to christmas i thought i’d make this into a christmas follow forever so we have two things to celebrate whoo

first of all, a super special mention to my besties spaceslayer and capwinters ily both a lot but you probably already know that <3

so here are the people whose posts i see every day or i simply like their blog
bolded people are rad


apocalypsemuse | aroseinmusesummer | bellamyfan | bharmatt | blessing-of-vivec | captainlumberjack | cvdonia | exobellamy | falloutbiscuit | feed-the-hex | furiousmuser | fweakofcydonia | guiding-lightning-strike | h-e-l-i-u-m3 | hyper-muse-music


intenebras | jamielovesmuse | jesuschristryan | kate-connors | kinastya | ladyvengers | li-la-lucifer | mapofmymuse | mattbellamysnipple | megaylomania | moomger | muse-ic-is-my-life | musephyxiated | muserakasupernaturaltribute | nebueli | originofbellamy2


prettybellamy | simonjpg | singforarabella | sit-the-fuck-down | swan–song | theeternallymissed | thewolstenbeast | thislovestoogoodtolast | thomaskirk | to-my-yeah-yeah | unceasinglyendless | whereisyourpippinnow | zeruse | zomuse

and if that’s not enough here is my blogroll too

thank you guys so much for following me and making my dash super cool 24/7 i love you all <3

When i made this blog a LONG time ago i couldn’t even imagine i would meet so many wonderful people and that i would reach this many followers, this is insane and y’all make me so happy!! Here is some of my fave blogs that I highly recommend to follow! Bold ones are my mutuals/ultimate favorites, y’all are awesome af and i wish someday i can be cool as you guys :’)

A - E

@a-sky-full-of-drones @amazinq-muse @arabellamys @becausemuse @bellaringew @blissfullybellamy @blissfulparanoia @bw-muse @chriswolstenbeast @danhowcll @dcminichoward @dedicatedbunch @domthedrummer @drcned @dreams-of-the-morrow @exogenesiis @exogenetics-symphony

G - L

@galifreys @globalistdrones @globalvst @glorioused @guiding-lightning-strike @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @houselannisters @hullabahoodoo @hullabaloons @hyper-muse-music @hyperxmusic @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @knights-of-absolution @lukecollxns

M - P

@marrythenightmp3 @mattbelllamys @mattbelloumy @may-whore-es @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @miniidrones @mmmothz @moigraine @musedotmuofficial @muse-is-my-life @museelo @museumofmuscle @musifications @numberers @orchestralmonster @peachbellamy @prettybellamy

Q - Z

@quagsires @rnattbellamy @rocket-baby-dolls @sing-for-dansolution @so-easily-forgotten @spiral-static @starlight-of-cydonia @starlightdeadstar @tagtra @the-vision-of-the-stars @thoughtsofadyingneil @timkork @unceasinglyendless


How in the world did i manage to get 900 followers!? I can hardly believe it! This is absolutely amazing, and i don’t have the words to describe how i’m feeling right now. I am all of my followers eternally grateful for following me and enjoying my blog! I do the best i can to make my trashy Muse blog at least a bit entertaining! When i started this blog back in November i would’ve never thought i’d manage to get to 900 of you!? LIKE HOW!? I never believed i was worthy enough for this. I thank Muse as well, for inspiring me to make this blog. If it weren’t for this amazing band i would have never gotten this far, and i would have never met all of my lovely tumblr friends!

I want to give a few people a special thanks, either for being a friend, being kind to me or bringing a smile to my face each time i see a post of them on my dash :

@starlightdeadstar @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @rocket-baby-dolls @thatcrazyfangirlwhohasnolife @miniidrones @exogenetics-symphony @tagtra @souls-wont-be-exhumed @nolongerafraidtowalkalone @orchestralmonster @youshallcallmesquishy @coffeensympathy @lovecoffeeandmuse @may-whore-es @spiral-static @mathew-stb @muse-stole-my-ass @muse-is-my-life @jean-geniee @killerdrones @peace-will-arise @a-twentieth-century-bitch @citizen-falling-down @sing-for-dansolution @transcendentalsouls @matt-bellambooty @rasberryhall @the2ndpaw @pau093 @microbellamy @ripglitterati @the-screamager @dissociative-hysteria @pizzazzer @thekiereneffect @im-batt-mellamy @drkshines @matt-smellabee @aweepingdoctor @originoftrash @musifications @gothicplagueofficial @1001141029hey @orignofsymmetry @hyper-muse-music @killedbydrcnes @vanishingborders @heiko-landers @pwoperhullabaloo @nightliam @green-day-dad @chriswolstenbeast @a-sky-full-of-drones @cydoniasnewborn @knights-of-absolution @bluesketcher @hullabahoodoo @endlessly-chasing-the-starlight @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @mori852 @uglybellamy @themproject00 @swiss-manson @athenalovespie @bellamyhandler @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @twentyonemusers @dwatson @haveabiscxitpotter @showbizuno @knights-of-invincible @randommusedoodles @dronesforhands @why-should-i-make-a-username @xxyasuxx @starlight-of-cydonia @lovedominichoward @alienmancy @ink-fills-silence @eternalweirdfeeling @eternallyblackout @makoyana @muser64 @chwis-save-me @ohbelldomismine @cydonianleo @howardswife @aaronsaxon @shrinking-dark-shines @timkork @panicstaticn @panic-station-drones @dome-howort-2020 @mttbellamy @followmetocydonia @cakelocked99 @deadstarhowell @drones-of-cydonia @guiding-lightning-strike @i-only-dream-of-you-my-beautiful @moigraine @phantasmfairy @submarx @mary6873 @raxicon @wolstendrones @weirdmuse @toxicwritr and of course @musedotmuofficial

it seems like demon matt is happy too

I hope you’ll continue sinning with me!

*hugs* have a great day/night all of you! <3

(editing is not my cup of tea)

Okay, so, exactly one year ago (24-06-2016), my Muse obsession reached the point where I decided to dedicate an entire blog to these three dorks. As soon as I launched “musearemyresistance78” (yupp, that was my url back then), I got sucked into the supermassive black hole that is the Muse fandom.

This is not an insult - quite the opposite actually. The Muse fandom is, hands down, the best fandom I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is so sweet, friendly, caring, and there is zero hate. We are definitely a dedicated bunch.

In the past year, I’ve made some wonderful friends and gained almost 600 followers. This is my way of thanking my favourite blogs for making the Muse side of tumblr a better place.

Here’s a list that simply includes blogs that I have talked to/am talking to, that create beautiful or just hilarious content, long-term mutuals that always show up in my notifications, and just some blogs that are always filling up my dash with their endless reblogs :).

I didn’t mean to exclude/forget anyone, so if you’re not listed here it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I love all my mutuals. every. single. one. of. you.

# - i

j - o

p - z

Thank you!


Fidanka says that 

will have a fabulous new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and also that

will visit your country in 2016!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year, ma chickens!!!! @amazinq-muse @aaronsaxon @bellaringew @blissfullybellamy @captiangoo @cherrylng @crazydiamond24 @drcned @dorkshines @destroyingdestroyers @dommmeh @domthedrummer @endlessly-chasing-the-starlight @guiding-lightning-strike @hyper-muse-music @hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station @icantgetitright-sinceimetyou @knights-of-absolution @live-long-and-pwoper @makoyana @may-whore-es @miniidrones @myauraisglitterred @moigraine @mori852 @massivelyhumongoustale @muse-is-my-life @microbellamy @micro-cuts-in-my-brain @mmmothz @nolongerafraidtowalkalone @newborn-of-hysteria @peace-will-arise @pwoperbitch @pwopermuser-stirlingite @p-a-n-i-c-s-t-a-t-i-o-n @rocket-baby-dolls @souls-wont-be-exhumed @spiral-static @starlightdeadstar @starlight-of-cydonia @tagtra @timkork @uglybellamy

yo see this glitter hat yo see huh?????

i hit my first goal since i remade so i decided to make a shitty edit of “great” pics of some of my fave people and name some rad people who i’ve been following here (and on my old blog) and whom i’ll probably be following forever omg:


actuallynothigh, aesthetit, agent-limon, alexturnerfromstatefarm, angrybellamy, arcticmuser, bharmatt, blissfulparanoia, cankle-porn, cxrolyn, dorkshines, egg-king, exogenesizer


fixmebellamy, flightvelocity, floccinaucinihilipilifications, forkspoonknifeparty, galaxydweebs, guiding-lightning-strike, hitchin-a-ride-to-panic-station, hunkhogan, hypernova666, iloveknuckles, ilovemysonzayn, inanimateobjects, infinitesimol, jdrox


kuedzu, likeabirthsqueeze, lilianaborges, lovewirt, madgetto, mattfrikinbellamy, matthewbaellamy, meganomaniamsyorke, musearchangels, musemoji, oranges-of-symmetry, origin-of-drones


pluginstarlight, pollylovesmuse, potatojarl, qdq, richardstallmanvevo, rnattrnurdock, rollerdino, strangewaysofmuse, takeabowbowbowbowbowbowbow, thoughts-ofa-dying-atheist, unceasinglyendless, wolstenbeastswolstenholmejpg, zomuse

if i missed any of you i’m sorry!! i have crap memory but i love you all :-)!!