guiding energies

let’s talk about the northern lights

  here’s a real-time video for the starters.

Northern lights/Aurora borealis are called revontulet (fox’s fire) in Finnish. According to an old belief revontulet are born when a fox runs and swishes snow with its tail. Sami people have a lot of folklore concerning northern lights.

In reality, they’re a natural light display that appears when solar wind/magnetospheric plasma hit Earth’s upper atmosphere.  

Northern lights come in various shapes, sizes and colours: sometimes it’s just a dim green glow in the horizon, sometime’s it’s a rapidly moving multicolour splash that fills the whole sky. The most common type is probably a kinda blurry, yellow-green string of northern lights. Northern lights can also look like a defined string, an arch, an explosion…

The color depends on the atom and its energy (the guide below is extremely simplified!):

  • O (monatomic oxygen) -> green
  • O2 (molecular oxygen)-> red 
  • N (nitrogen) -> blue
  • yellow, pink and purple are mixtures of red/green/blue aurora

Many people who’ve seen northern lights (including me) claim that they make a sound. The sound is described as humming, clanking and/or clattering. Scientists have been unsure how it could be possible as northern lights appear around 100 km above the ground. However, Finnish scientists at Aalto University have discovered that the sound might actually be the same particles that cause the light phenomena, possibly as they hit physical objects closer to the ground.

Basically the more north you go, the bigger are your chances of catching some northern lights. In northernmost Finland they can be seen as often as the every other night. In southern Finland, however, only a couple of times a year - or not at all. (They do occur every year in the south as well, but are not always visible due to clouds and/or light pollution.) 

In the end, here’s a small video of two Finnish guys and their nightly northern light hunt.

“And when you know that physical reality is a mirror, a reflection, of your strongest beliefs, your strongest thoughts, what you believe is possible, most likely to occur, then you can use the outer mirror illusion reflection, as a guide line, a marker, a reminder, [of] what kind of thoughts you are having, what kind of definitions you are believing, what kind of concepts you are buying into. And you can use it as a feedback system to show you, whether or not you prefer to maintain those beliefs and those definitions. And if not, then to learn to change them and to see the outer reality reflection change along with the change within you.” – Bashar (Darryl Anka), 1998.

My Top 3 Witchcraft Tips

So I was thinking about what advice I would have given myself as a novice baby witch, and it really distilled down to these three concepts.

  1. If you have it you can use it.  Pretty much everything, from the herbs and spices in your kitchen to to the rocks in the dirt by your house have magic inside them.  Fancy ingredients are fun (and sometimes incredibly potent) but your magic is not limited because you can’t afford to order the fanciest, rarest ingredients. 
  2. Trust your gut.  Books and pre-made spells and correspondence charts are great beginner guides, but spirit and energy resonates differently with every person.  If your magic says one thing and a book says another, throw away the book.
  3. Science and magic can coexist.  Academia was my path to witchcraft and paganism, and the study of herbalism, chemistry, anthropology, and many fields of real academic and factual merit have a huge influence on my practice.  Don’t limit your scholarship to books that advertise themselves as witchcraft or pagan books.  Knowledge is power.

Writing your own spell can seem intimidating and complicated but following these steps will help you to create spells that can be just as effective as ones you learn from books or other witches. 

  1. Boil down the purpose of the spell to a word or short phrase.
  2. Find the ingredients suited to that goal like crystals, herbs, candles and incense (fin suitable ones with correspondence lists and resource books)
  3. Consider the best possible timing for the spell (moon phase ect)
  4. Decide if you want a verbal component (incantation). If so, write it in a manner that includes your components and goal.
  5. Bless all the items you will be working with (ridding them of any unwanted energies)
  6. Consider any actions that might help support the magick and where best to place them in the spell process (eg, lighting a candle at the outset to illustrate your intention)
  7. Focus your will and begin the spell, building energy.
  8. Guide the energy as far as you can mentally, the release it and trust the in the outcome
  9. Keep a journal of you successes and failures for future references and improvements
Hating you would require an emotional commitment, and I’ve got no time or energy for that.
—  Misono to Mikuni
🎇 Accio Item Finding Spell 🎇

a harry potter inspired spell for summoning lost items from their hiding places

🎇  gather: bay leaf, green string, cardamon, yellow candle, a wand

🎇  wrap the wand with the bay leaf and green string 

🎇  burn cardamon on yellow candle

🎇  gesture with the wand around the flame

🎇  chant “accio!” and blow out the flame

🎇   use the candle’s energy to guide you to the missing item, or wait for it to turn up. 

non-rebloggable resources

I’m placing some newbie resources/general info I’ve stumbled across while researching in this post for future reference:

Baby Witch 101:

Energy work:

Cottage witchery:

  • Lizzy’s guides 1, 2, 3

Spell Indexes:

Correspondences and guides:


I have completed my first free meditation and officially started a YouTube channel! Want to finally hear what my voice sounds like? Give this a listen. :D

The meditation itself will:

  • Relax your body
  • Cleanse your energy
  • Banish any ill energy from around you
  • Free you from egoic patterns
  • Bring you into the Universe and Akashic Records
  • Allow energy to move up your chakras (via the spine)
  • Bathe you in healing light
  • Connect you with your Higher Self
  • Bring compassion and love into your being and your life

Please consider commenting, sharing, or liking the video! I’m super excited about starting a YouTube channel so I’d love any and all support. <3

Manifesting in the non- physical

So if you are into the law of attraction or manifestation at all, you must have hear or read or been told that once you think of something it is already vibrationally done. 
What that means is even though you may not see it feel it or be able to hear it’s presence, it has already appeared in the non-physical. Or into a parallel reality existing at the same time as ours. 
This is why you hear there are parallel realities where you are in that stable relationship, have the best job you want, got that money you really needed etc. that you can shift into. Here on Earth, we experience time as a linear thing, where other entities don’t experience time at all! They experience all things happening at once! How could you not have your desire when you wanted it then and there, if time didn’t exist?
Just being in the knowing that what you desire is already in existence can really help you align with it and bring it into your life faster! I don’t know about you guys but when I think about something I desire as already existing I get pretty freaking excited! And that excited expectant feeling helps you align with that desire so much faster! Because instead of thinking “wow I really wish I was in love, or had enough money to pay rent this month but I don’t. Life sucks I never get what I want” you’re thinking “I am so excited that I am in a harmonious stable relationship and that I have more money than I need and I am always comfortable. It’s great to know I am always taken care of and all I have to do is enjoy the ride!” or something along those lines. 
So when you think about something you want think about the core feeling that it is connected to. We don’t just want money- we want abundance, we don’t jut want sec- we want a loving deep connection with another person, we don’t just want to be strong and fit- we want to radiate courage, and self discipline and beauty! But all of those feelings are a lot easier to tap into than you think.
It takes some practice but simply directing your thoughts to positive affirmations can make a huge difference in your mood and thereby what you are attracting.  
Feelings are not physical, they can create physical sensations in the body but they are not physical so you shouldn’t NEED an outside stimulant or situation to help you feel that. Because you ARE these feelings or frequencies, they are within all of us! We can choose to experience any one at any time! And if you tap into these feelings you will thereby ATTRACT physical manifestations in the world around you.
By allowing it to be non physical and enjoying it for what it is you will send out a message to the Universe that this is how you feel always or more consistently, and then they will send you more things aligned with those feelings or frequencies- like the relationship, the money, the smiles.. etc. 
So take a deep breath…. and smile
think of what you desire- and then think about what it really is (love, abundance, radiance, etc)
take another deep breath…. and relax…. and again… and relax… feel your body settle into itself….
another deep breath and feel your core self as you read this… 
the you that inhabits your body effortlessly.
Keep breathing…
And now allow yourself to open up to the feeling you want
How would that love feel? See it around you-
allow it to be in each and every thing around you! 
How do you feel when you experience this love? Are you smiling? Are you laughing? Do you feel your eyes bright with anticipation? Can you feel your love and beauty radiate for all to see? Feels great right? Let it flow right in!
Allow yourself to tap into that feeling more and more everyday until you are dominantly that frequency. You will be AMAZED what it attracts to your reality!

The Bear is a symbol of power, strength and healing. The Bear is held in high respect by all, as it is beloved as an elder family member of the human race. Protection, Childbearing, Motherhood, Discernment, Courage and Power.



  1. Keep your fingers loosely bent, put your finger tips together, palms facing, heels of your hands apart.
  2. State your intention to open the palm chakras. The ‘rock’ each hand so that first your heels touch (fingertips separate) the your finger tips come together (and your heels separate). Repeat the rocking motion five or six times
  3. Move your hands away from each other and focus your attention on your right palm and then your left. Picture the chakras opening like petals, and becoming hot and energised
  4. Bring your hands towards each other again. Stop when you feel the energy of two chakras meeting 


When you have finished your work, wash your hands or fold your finger inward to close the palm chakra


Crystals for Bear Totem

Bears are certainly a majestic and powerful creature. Bear totem brings compassion and strength. Bear knows when it is time to rest and when it is time to take care of their loved ones. When Bear comes into your life, it is time to set boundaries, act on creative urges, and acknowledge your inner-potential.

These five stones help you connect with this powerful spirit animal:

  • Stromatolite - earth energy, ancient wisdom
  • Pyrite - protection, grounding
  • Snow Quartz - inner peace, wisdom
  • Honey Calcite - joy, change
  • Septarian - confidence, centering
CunningCelt’s Beginner Guide #2 - Energy Work

When researching witchcraft you will of course come across and want to cast spells. Most spells make use of tools and ingredients, and commonly include a spoken component. But magic isn’t cookery; you cannot simply throw together a bunch of herbs, light a candle, chant a rhyme and expect a spell to work. What is crucial to making magic work is your energy.

Raising energy

There are many various ways of raising the energy required for your magic. The way I raise energy is to close my eyes and engage or tense every muscle in my body that I can. As you begin, regulate your breathing - breathe in through your nose nice and deep, hold the breath, and breathe out through your mouth, and just when you’ve breathed it all out, exhale just a bit further to get all of that oxygen out of your lungs. Continue this breathing as you begin to engage your muscles. Start at your feet by clenching your toes and tensing your feet. Travel up your legs, tensing you calves, thighs, and gluteus. Abs on nice and hard now, tense your stomach as hard as you can. Continue up the torso to your pectoral muscles, then up to your shoulders and traps. Engage your triceps and biceps, your forearms, and then finally tensing your hands and fingers. Hold This. Feel it. Every muscle in your body is engaged; your body is as taut and tight as a spring. Feel the energy, the tension in your muscles. Hear the blood coursing through you, pounding in your ears. It can help to visualise a glowing blue energy spreading throughout your body as you do this. Do not be surprised or disheartened if it takes you several tries at this before you feel successful. Practice it until you can feel the power surging within you. And above all, remember to keep breathing. Other effective visual methods of raising energy that I use are summoning and balancing the four elements within yourself, or to imagine yourself being filled with energy like water filling an empty glass. Other various methods of raising energy exist and are effective, but these are the methods that work best for me.


Now that you’ve raised this energy, what are you to do with it? Put it to work. Direct it toward your goal, into the spell. Hands down the easiest and most effective way to do this is visualisation. Eyes open or closed, see the energy you’ve raised flow into your spell to fulfil your goals. Physically push the energy out of your body. See it and feel it expel from your hands, see it bend and flow, and push it into where you want it to go. Use your imagination for this. You will not see this with your eyes, but rather with your mind’s eye. Imagine a coloured mist or light flowing out of your hands. Know that just because the energy has left your body that that does not mean it has left your control. You control the energy, it is driven and shaped by your will, your intent, and your focus. Again, you will not be perfect at this on the first try. The level of focus and the visualisation or imagination skills that are required will take time and patience to develop. Give yourself that time and be patient with yourself.


Sometimes even when you’ve directed energy into a spell, there will be some left in you, a residue or left-over. And if, as you should, you have raised energy without the intent of magic but rather purely for practice, you will want to dispel this energy. When you have raised energy you will likely feel elated, euphoric, tense, and light-headed; this is certainly what I experience. Grounding is a technique we use to literally send that excess energy into the earth and safely out of ourselves, similar to earthing electricity, which incidentally is a fantastic visualisation to use. Again, various methods, spells, and chants exist to ground yourself. For me, grounding is standing, barefoot on bare earth if I can but isn’t necessary, and pushing that excess energy out through my feet and down into the earth, where it is dissipated and nullified. Push the energy out of yourself, the same way as when you direct the energy into a spell. Visualise it flowing into the earth, deep into the soil, leaving your body. Feel yourself return to normal out of that heightened, energised state. It is not uncommon to feel somewhat drained after this. Sit down, have something nutritious to eat and drink, and let yourself come back down to earth.


A powerful and effective tool of protection using your energy and visualisation alone. Shielding can protect you from spiritual and psychic attack, and from the negative emotions and vibes of those around you. It is an effective and favoured tool for psychics, mediums, and empaths to ‘switch off’, so they are not constantly bombard by psychic information and influences. As with all energy work, visualisation is the key. You are erecting a shield of energy around yourself, a wall, a forcefield. Visualise that, see it in your mind’s eye. A glowing, powerful ball of light that surrounds you and protects you. Nothing can get past it, nothing can escape it that you do not desire. Raise your energy and push it into your shield, feel it pulse around you, feel your skin tingle with it. Shields are not permanent. Over time they will weaken and disappear, so it is necessary to keep coming back and repairing them, if you sill. Again, practice practice practice. You will not be able to shield if you do not try.

It is this energy, your energy, that is the true source of your magic. Tools, herbs, and crystals will enhance your magic, but without that spark that you prove, they are simply tools, herbs, and crystals.

DISCLAIMER: this is how I started as a beginner witch, not how everyone starts. A dozen different witches will give you a dozen different ways to begin. This is merely how I do things.