Pokemon Go player risks electrocution on SkyTrain tracks
'We know you gotta catch 'em all, but stay behind that yellow line when on SkyTrain'

Metro Vancouver’s Transit Police are warning Pokemon Go players to stay safe, after a player risked electrocution by jumping onto the SkyTrain tracks to capture one of the virtual monsters.

Two young men at a downtown station yesterday were on the platform when one suddenly jumped onto the tracks with his phone while the other recorded him on video, say police.

“He appeared to be playing the game. He jumped back up on the platform and the two ran out of the station before anyone could intercept them to speak with them,” said Transit Police spokesperson Anne Drennan.

“This is of great concern to us. Jumping onto the guideway is extremely dangerous. There is a 600-volt charge on the sides of the tracks and should this young man have touched this area he would have been electrocuted,” said Drennan.

The 20-second incident set off sensors that caused a train to emergency brake — putting other travellers at risk of being injured by the abrupt halt, she noted.

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